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The Case of Ben Carlos Thypin as @LES3025

“come on think about it😤🍼😩”

Ok coz I ackshually have been thinking “about it,” “@LES3025.”

And thinking about your “shitty 17 follower burner account.”

Not just because such an admission reveals how all of you yimby incels use ten accounts apiece as you connive an attempt to dominate the housing narrative on Twitter.

But also because your followers are quite a select crew to support such an allegedly “shitty” account.

I mean, how “shitty” could your account really be, you know, in yimby terms, when both OpenNY founder Ben Carlos Thypin @SoBendito and yimby chaos maker Taylor Austin Kessinger @yhdistyminen each follow you?

Taylor has over twice as many followers than accounts he follows but he still follows your little tiny “shitty [now 18] follower burner account.”

Weird flex, amirite?

And you admit this @LES3025 account is one of your alt “burner accounts” as you defensively embrace what you feel is your right to anonymity.

And, of course, “@LES3025,” you certainly do have every right to present as an anonymous entity.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t receive scrutiny for not only your flawed logic but also for your stubborn insistence on staying anonymous.

I mean, to use your own words, “think about it.”

Because why be anonymous when you’re right?

Why hide when you’re correct?

That doesn’t make any sense.

C’mon think about it.

Conversely none of your adversaries are anonymous nor do they use numerous anonymous accounts.

So, is it because of the fact that you have all these other anonymous accounts that you’re literally ashamed to fully come out about them and yourself? (Are you an embarrassed catfish and is this a case for Nev and Max?🥺😭)

Why is it all your opponents, all these “nimbys😤🍼😫,” have no problem being public with who they are? They are all clear and transparent about their identities, including me.

In contrast, all you yimbys not only have numerous accounts on top of your “mains😤🍼😫,” you also publicly admit to that practice and excuse the strangeness of it, as if this is how every Twitter user operates when it’s only all of you: a bunch of angry yimbys hiding behind fake names and anonymous accounts.

Like, for example, Taylor Austin Kessinger (@yhdistyminen) who likely enjoys passing as a yimby female perhaps because there are so few yimbellinas. Kessinger’s academic main account @nashintasapaino remains vanilla and unpopular as he spends most of his social media time, in months-long conversations at points, via the ambiguous @yhdistyminen account with its thousands of followers, occasionally posting filtered pics of himself as a “very pretty😤🍼😩” female.

(Why did you delete your tweet, Taylor?)

Then there’s long-winded Amazon-HQ2LIC-stan as abusive-anonymous-asshat @BringJobs who refers to himself as “we” so to attempt to appear as some sort of official “group of concerned citizens😤🍼😫.” (He also claims Twitter has a “20-page report” on me but he is likely referring to my own appeal which is sadly longer than 20 pages as it substantiates in great detail how suspiciously weak Twitter’s case is against me.) All the people @Bringjobs pretends to be in his “group” still all remain anonymous. He might be Amazon lobbyist Guy Palumbo or he might be wealthy landlord and restauranteur Sam Musovic but he is definitely not a “we” and he’s terrified of being known for who he really is.

Equally verbose and similarly infuriated, classist, racist sealion @constans, a highly paid SoHo homeowner, used to display his real first name, Dean, in his bio. No more: he currently insists on anonymity in his never ending engagement. Makes it easier for him to play SuperSecretAgentGuyPersonWhoKnowsEverything.

Yep yep, we all understand why Dean loves being anonymous👋

Just because the tender dick white cult members of yimby try to present as mysterious and très très importante doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t see right through the charade.

Because we recognize you, all of you, through your anonymity.

Despite your anonymity, in fact.

We all see you while you pretend to not be what you clearly are: because you are all the same.

Aside from physically resembling each other, you all talk alike: you employ the exact same propaganda, the exact same words, over and over again.

When I had first started becoming aware of yimby back in the summer of 2019, when OpenNY member Justin Potter had briefly and halfheartedly attempted to run for senate (on a pro-Amazon platform, aka, high level clown shit), I observed the conversations you all had with each other: the exact same people, the same surly avatars, the same names, the same condescension, the same insults, the same lies and cruelty and mocking, over and over and over again.

And nothing has changed in three years.

It’s easy to see you. It’s easy to identify you, even if you’re anonymous: you’re all the same.

You reveal who you all are, whether you are using your “alt😤,” your “main🍼” or your “burner😫.”

Don’t you fathom that, “@LES3025“?

Don’t you understand that others witness you?

Because why wouldn’t others notice how you and your account behave?

Why would we not take notice of you and your “shitty” account?

Think about it.

You’re being witnessed and observed just like you have witnessed and observed others.

See how that works?

And because you are so prolific in your written content, “@LES3025,” you’ve been observed a lot: your own actions have brought you attention.

Think about it: you’ve piqued people’s curiosity.

You had piqued mine even before you had tweeted that you were “honored” I had mentioned you in a post which had reminded me of that time when Ben Thypin had declared he was “flattered” by my criticism of his vanity project, real estate development lobbying group Open New York, from which Ben is presently trying to distance himself for, ah, whatever nefarious reasons. You express yourself like Ben, “@LES3025:” you sound like him.

And you are so prolific that you demonstrate this similarity frequently.

That’s what happens when one is so verbal with one’s false narrative propaganda: attention is drawn.

Drawn attention increases with your insistence to remain anonymous, even on the comments of almost every Village Sun article. No one else hides there: why do you?

Come on.

Think about it, Ben.

We all have.


Ok, so then who exactly are you, “@LES3025,” and why am I such an idiot for guessing?
K but I’m not anonymous, Ben: and you are

Why be anonymous when you’re right?🤷‍♀️

Think about it (👋)
Must be nice to be a landlord of scores of NYC units, Ben: “most of us don’t have that luxury😤🍼😫”
“People think…about it”

Mighty Rich Thypin

Oh ho ho, now that is mighty rich, mighty rich Thypin.

“My family owns literal buildings but you baby brain clowns with just ~*one*~ home? Ha! You red-nose losers have, like, a degenerative ~*brain*~ disease. Not those of us who, like, you know, own hundreds of homes, nope, not us: we’re immune!!! But you guys?!? Omg you are so mentally ill!!!!😤🍼😫”

I mean, how many homes do you own, Open New York founder?

In, like, all those buildings that you and your family own?

In all those portfolios you and your family have?

“by ~*my*~ ~*house*~!!!!😤🍼😫”

(k but, like, <which> house of yours, Lordpin?🥺😭)

Your family owns scores of buildings and properties.

Doesn’t that, like, you know, make you all homeowners, or landlords, a hundred times over? What a veritable Thypin sea of “degenerative brain disease,” huh?

You, mighty rich Thypin, a steel heir, disparage other people for daring to own *one* home when you and your family own enough real estate to house a small village of humans.

Maybe that’s the real “disease” here.

Because, really, Ben Carlos Thypin, is an average homeowner’s behavior truly a “degenerative brain disease” or is it just your own sociopathy

(Except your sickness is times one hundred.)

I know an investor, too: Ben Carlos Thypin’s very own Quantierra

(Thypin himself is also a landlord, many times over)
That time when Ben Carlos Thypin’s Quantierra employee, @marketurbanism Stephen J. Smith, tried to con black property owners out of a fair price
“I am a landlord: my buildingSSSS earn me income”

(saying that loud part out loud loudly, Benzolito👋)

“It’s pretty hypocritical to be a yimby and be a landlord

Dare you to do it, OpenNY 🤷‍♀️
If it’s “NIMBY city😤🍼😫,” then maybe you should move someplace else
But before you move, show your 990 form: we triple dog dare you👋
(you’re not alone, “BCT😤🍼😫”)
K but just how many homes do *you* own, Forehead? You’re a homeowner a hundred times over, you ridiculous obvious hypocrite 👋
Do you mean how many does Ben Thypin own, Cea Weaver, you ridiculous lying hypocrite?



Like, don’t you, like, get it?

Like, if you’re trying to have, like, a public kiki with MarketUrbanism, you’re going to be, like, perceived by the New York City renter class, some 70% of NYC residents, as, like, the enemy.

Because MarketUrbanism, aka Stephen J. Smith, is, like, literally employed by Open New York founder (and landlord of multiple buildings) Ben Carlos Thypin.

And Stevie Jay and Bennie Cee broker multimillion deals and also buy their own million dollar properties, for, like, fun: kinda like this “🤝” (hahaha, get it?) but, like, with much much much much more money.

So, like: why are you so chummy with these guys, Cea?

@ceaweaver 🤝 @MarketUrbanism + @SoBendito

See, ah, how that, like, works, Cea?

Don’t you understand what you look like when you give respect and priority to two literal real estate development vultures while you simultaneously shut down discourse with housing advocates who are attempting to get you to clarify your seemingly purposefully vague stances on housing?

You titter and giggle with MarketUrbanism and SoBendito right in front of all our faces. You amplify the bad guys while you try to shame and silence the good guys, the people who are literally, or perchance supposedly, on your very side.

“Good god!!!!!! Don’t you ever ever ever criticize me ever!!!!!!! You don’t ~*know*~ me but I’m your leader so stop observing what I do, gawd!!!!!😤🍼😫”

Like, wait… is it your side?

Are you even on the side of renters and tenants, Cea? Were you ever?

Or does DSA stand for “Don’t Say Anything?”

You rebuke Zeke Luger and Doreen Mohammed for daring to speak to you. No criticism of you is ever allowed or tolerated by you: you demonstrate a repeated pattern of pretending not to understand the criticism and then dismissing the critic.

We see ya, Cea 👋

Why is that, Cea? Maybe you deserve criticism. Maybe you should listen to criticism instead of shutting it down. Or gaslighting other people. In front of us all.

Cea. Like, don’t, like, do stuff like this

But, like, you’re the real victim, amirite?🥺😭: “pweeeeeese send hallllpppp!!!😥

Don’t you see what you look like?

“Like, like, um, ‘like,’ so um, like”

Don’t you see-a, Cea?

You need to open your eyes to Open New York or are you pretending that you do not fully know that Open New York is a real estate development lobbying initiative which pushes for harmful expensive scammy development.

Open New York is the enemy, Cea.

Stephen Jacob Smith is the enemy.

Benjamin Carlos Thypin is the enemy. And a landlord himself, many times over.

Everyone else knows this: why don’t you?

Unless you’re pretending not to know exactly what you are doing by supporting harmful yimby platforms, groups and voices, a plausible, popular yet nonetheless dystopian theory about you.

“Hey, ha, ooops, Open New York is awesome, hahahahaha, like, seriously!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

So, like, maybe prove that theory wrong: stop kissing up to Stephen, Ben and Open New York.

Because maybe that’s, oh I dunno, a bad look for someone who is allegedly fighting for tenant rights.

Because maybe, just maybe, all that sucking up makes you look like you’re not really fighting for tenant rights at all and that you are instead, like, fighting to protect the developer interests.

And you playing funster at my expense is Huge-Ma-level lazy: you keep revealing what your true alignments are. You are aligned with Open New York. You are aligned with Ben Carlos Thypin and Stephen Smith. You covet knowing real estate developers, landlords and their paid lobbyists while you dismiss housing advocates: it is an appalling betrayal to witness.

“I’m, like, joking: it’s, like, you know, a, like, ~*joke*~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Mask off, scrunchie on: we, like, see you, Cea.

You complain about how bad you are at what you do by begging for pity and validation publicly.

It is offensive for you to scoff at your own accountability: you had resented that people were onto your literal gaslighting so you then go and cry to your followers for them to soothe you and to encourage your toddle-esque whining for things to go exactly the way you want them to.

Do you not understand what you look like? Especially to the renters who need for you to be a strong, reliable leader: they see you instead as a whiney, over-privileged little white girl from Rochester who is regularly promoted by The Real Deal and evidently cares more about herself than the vulnerable people for whom she alleges to speak.

(“I can’t believe what you say because I Cea what you do” ~ James Baldwin, sorta)

Like, why did you never connect with any of the renters in Lower Manhattan who are worried about displacement? Why don’t you speak to them and learn about all the varied types of NYC housing in which they reside? Why are you so disconnected from real people in real situations and potential real crises? Are you here to learn, Cea, or to pretend that you have all the answers and that no one should ever demand accountability from you?

“I am, like, soooo bad at this: haaaaaalllllllppppppppp meeeeee!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Did you learn anything from that infamous stumble or nah, Cea?

“Nah!!!!! I learned nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Because it’s evident by your tweeting, your own whining, where your priorities lie: with you and with your high comfort threshold and not with the alleged advocacy you do.

When you cry about having endured a hard time (“😤🍼😩”) after literally gaslighting a NYCHA tenants association president and being called out for it, you reconfirm that you are no ally but are rather a self-important, self-pitying, self-fawning fop.

You cry for yourself. Publicly. So you can then temper-tantrum for the narratives you want to have. You. You are about you and you alone.

You are not about broadening your own knowledge or being introspective or taking accountability. Or even just explaining yourself in a cogent, clear and understandable manner: you appear deliberately incapable of that.

I don’t believe Good Cause is any good because so many crappy people support it and cannot properly defend it, let alone properly define it. And such a bill will likely eliminate even more stabilized homes in this city, a yimby agenda you should not be supporting.

I’ve said all along that I suspect you do this all on purpose: it’s all an act and you play dumb to try to win people over (it doesn’t work: we see you) so that you can then push a destructive agenda. You then whine for people to leave you alone when you are called out for obvious agenda-pushing.

Like a typical Aaron Carr– and Ben Thypin-worshipping yimby, you shut down discourse instead of encouraging it and engaging with others: this is why no one trusts you.

You whine and beg for validation when you are justifiably criticized, chthonic to behold: why can’t you take any criticism? You are in the wrong city if you can’t take what you deserve.

If it’s too hot in the NYC kitchen for you, Scruncherella, then get out: downzone yourself and your topknot.

“Haaaallllpppp!!!! Ugly old people are calling me fat and they can fuck off!!! Haaallppp!!!!😤🍼😩”
(bullet dodged 😅)
(for the whinerellas👋)
“the socialist upzoner is a problem” and we Cea it
No: “being in leadership” is energizing for those leaders who are telling the truth, Cea. Look at Volodymyr Zelenskyy: he may be tired as balls but he’s full of energy and doesn’t complain like, oh I dunno, some spoiled, overly privileged, trophy generation brat who cannot tolerate any deserved criticism or suspicion (cough and hello)

You are weighed down by the heaviness of your shame and your own choice to trick and connive. That’s why you’re so “emotionally taxed😤🍼😫,” Cea: because being a totally full of shit liar is exhausting, especially during that critical moment when you get publicly exposed for all your bullshit

So maybe stop doing it👋

If you don’t know “what😤 the f🍼” social housing “means😫,” then why are you promoting it so heavily?🤔

“gender is fake, just like meeeee!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Like, is this a, like, ad for both, like, Apple and Omny wrapped in, like, a pretend complaint so to, like, normalize the, like, hahaha, ~*alleged*~, like, dystopia which, like, doesn’t exist for people who earn, like, $5k a month, ha?!?!?!? Ooops!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Haaaaaallllllppppppp!!!! I’m a top NYC ‘housing advocate’ therefore no one should ever talk to me!!!!!! Like, ever!!!!! Especially on social media!!!! Seriously, like, leave me alone, I’m the ~*victim*~ here, okayyyyyyyyy?!?!?!? And for the record, I do ~*not*~ ~*have*~ cankles!!!!!! Gawd!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Haaaaaaalllllppppppp meeeee!!!!🥺😭”
(lead by example, SeeYa👋)
“Haaaaalllllppppppp!!!! Me n muh friends are on a power trip and you guys can, like, see it!!!!! UGH!!!!!! Omg I hate it here… leave us alone: we’re the ~*leaders*~, okayyyy?!?!?!? We tell ~*you*~ what to do so stawp being meanz to us, we’re the ~*~*leaders*~*~, we run shit, not you plebes!!! Be thankful, you mean stupid assholes, have some ~*gratitude*~, you landlord clowns!!!! You’re welcome!!!!!! Haaallppppp!!!!😤🍼😫”

This blog post, about what a suspicious, untrustworthy and purposefully obtuse figure you are in the NYC housing landscape, is only 1600 words long, SleeYa.

And your recent tweet to your bff Open NY founder (and landlord himself) Ben Carlos Thypin only proves it right.

So cue the refrain: we see you, Cea 😐



Open Sesame: The Leaked Open New York Board Potentials Spreadsheet

Huh that tweet of yours from 2019, like, aged, like, didn’t it, Open New York founder Ben Carlos Thypin?

Your real estate development lobbyist vanity project has now hired three employees, including last year’s fundraised hire, Open New York executive director Will Thomas, and your recent recruiting of two new director roles, one for organizing and the other for “politics,” whatever the latter might mean.

Yet your posted 990 form remains spare and woefully outdated: why?


It’s 2022. Your group Open New York is a nonprofit which, at this point, has executed numerous years of fundraising. Open New York has now hired three different roles, all at director-level salary. In short, Open New York is making money and it is spending money.

And, like, like it or not, Open New York as an “incorporated nonprofit😤🍼😫” is still legally obligated to publicly display both how you guys make that money, by revealing your donor names and the amount they have donated, and by publicly disclosing what all your employees earn, aka, how much out of your donations are paid to them.

Again: you’re legally obligated to publicly provide this information, Ben, especially when you receive those tasty tax breaks as a nonprofit.

And surprise, surprise: Open New York, a real estate development lobbying group, is also spending money by engaging its own (~*wait for it*~) lobbyist! The lobbyist’s lobbyist is Millennial Strategies’ Jeffrey Guillot, a terrible professor at a questionable firm.

Guess you kinda need a lobbyist, what with your reputation and all, Benzurlito.

And this leaked spreadsheet divulges your and Open New York’s true intentions to gain power and attract money, all while pretending to care about the homeless and low income populations whom you continue to exploit and disappoint. In this document there is no mention about tenants’ rights, lowering livability costs or the protection of vulnerable people: it is all about money, money, money and building political muscle.

You don’t care about people: you only care about yourselves, you think you’re better than other people and should thus rule them. This is why despite loathing community boards, Open New York is actively pushing its membership onto community board seats to thereby disable those boards. You incorrectly believe that it is your place to lead others.

Quite a tall order, Ben, in a city like New York, where your organization and flimsy movement remain unpopular and under a cloud of suspicion.

page 2
page 3
page 4

Shout out to the no-longer-existing account of “Bob O’Shaughnessy” who had dm-ed me the Google docs link for these board potentials, because, unlike the legally required posting of Open New York salaries, this spreadsheet had been *public*😳(🤣): huge ups, also, to a Slack chat sighting (“😤🍼😫”)!

“fuelgrannie drools!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
ok “lordYIMBY😤🍼😫”
“tech philanthropy!!!!!🥺😭”
Ew, Ben Carlos Thypin: you’re such an obtuse sexist pig

RIP Scherezade Momin: 1985 – 2021

At the start of 2021, a front-end developer powerhouse had begun the process of suing the company she had co-founded with Open New York founder Ben Carlos Thypin, MarketUrbanism himself Stephen Jacob Smith and engineer Sandip Trivedi for sexual harassment committed by Trivedi:

Front End Engineer Sues Scipre Analytics For Sexual Harassment After Drunken I Love You: Scherezade Momin sued Quantierra Advisors LLC dba Scipre Analytics for sexual harassment and discrimination. On April 21, 2021, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge John G. Koeltl held a proceeding. Momin was employed as a front end engineer for $38 an hour or $80,000 a year. Her supervisor Sandip Trivedi, she says, got drunk and told her he loved her. When she complained, her salary was cut to $65,000. The defendants will now file a motion to dismiss by May 14. The case is Momin v. Quantierra Advisors LLC, 21-cv-612 (Koeltl).”

But by late November 2021, the Pakistani-born, 36-year-old Momin, a model, “entrepreneur, scientist, designer, avid fashion hobbyist” and co-founder of Quantierra’s Scipre Analytics, had died in a New York City hospital.

But from what? How? I cannot find any details on cause of death.

And what an unbelievable convenient demise for certain parties.

Was Momin’s passing due to a rare and extreme late case of severe covid? Did she die by suicide, as a few had quickly supposed? Or could it have been via an intentional act committed by someone else, as a few others have speculated?

What would have caused the death of a perfectly healthy, physically fit, brilliant and beautiful young woman, especially as this court case, which had meant so much to her and her reputation, continued its journey towards trial?

Momin’s LinkedIn profile has already been disabled. By whom? LinkedIn?

It had been Ben Carlos Thypin who had reduced Momin’s salary from $85K to $65K, a 25% cut in pay. And he did this behind her back, as if to make her pay for having made such a complaint in the first place.

Thypin had also giggled to Momin that Trivedi was obsessed with her and then instructed Momin to keep her distance: this detail is in her legal complaint.

To emphasize: Thypin had instructed Momin to keep her distance instead telling Trivedi to back off. He held Momin responsible for Trivedi’s harassment and inappropriate behavior, not Trivedi himself.

After cutting Momin’s salary, Thypin then fired her, again behind her back: Momin learned of the dismissal after accessing Scipre Analytics’s human resources tracking app where she saw she had been terminated, another detail in the legal complaint.

I had posted screenshots of Momin’s complaint on my Twitter account: I remember very well what that complaint had stated.

Momin died of unknown causes on Friday, November 19, 2021. By the following Monday, November 22, 2021, Thanksgiving week, a body almost still warm, the legal team for Thypin and Trivedi were already petitioning the court to dismiss the case.

Sometimes there is no justice for some people during their lifetime but that doesn’t mean they will ever be forgotten.

I won’t forget what Scherezade Momin had to endure. Not just the harassment committed by Sandip Trivedi but also the treachery committed by Ben Carlos Thypin, who had been her business partner for over five years. Momin deserved better yet the very existence of this case demonstrates who she was, as a fighter, as person betrayed and as a woman standing up for the justice she rightly deserved.

This case’s existence also shows, in glaring public brightness, the enduring mediocrity of Ben Carlos Thypin, an extremely wealthy real estate developer and strange, greedy enabler who enjoys hurting people.

But when does the hurt go too far?

Rest in peace and rest in power, Scherezade Momin: you will be remembered.

Scherezade Feroze Momin: 1985 – 2021 “Scherry designs, codes, and hacks. She is an entrepreneur, scientist, designer, and avid fashion hobbyist, who is also passionate about real estate, data and the internet (especially hacking it). Currently, she is a co-founder of Quantierra, a data-driven real estate investment platform. They use data and algorithms to source commercial real estate investment deals in New York City.
Gone too soon: no justice for Scherezade Momin
one screenshot from Case 1:21-cv-00612-JGK, filed 1/22/21
“As a real yimby, do you not have a problem with sleazy Ben and the allegations that he fires employees [business partners] who report sexual harassment?”
“…do it with some integrity, goddamit”
(when the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit supports another sexual harasser😑)

“On This Day, We Are All Fuelgrandchildren😤🍼😩”

News of the suspension of my Twitter accounts @fuelgrannie and @QueensStomp gassed up the Twittersphere yesterday, prompting not only the name fuelgrannie to trend (continuing into today, even) but also sprouted a new parody alt, the slyly monikered @fueIgrannie (“the ‘L’ is ~*secretly*~ an upper case ‘i,’ bruh!!!”), a peppery complement to the already existing saliferous parody @gruelfannie.

Relief and delight upzoned the spirits of density bros and their few fellow avocadgals: fuelimination got uninformed boyfriends talking, created bright revelry in a dark Omicron world and hatched Fuelkanda forever as a tender memorial to the demise of my presence on Twitter.

Memes about worshipping at the church of fuelgrannie just might go to my head and the curious support of folks who hate me and had blocked me years ago is coconut-pecan icing on a German chocolate cake.

Yimbys are understandably concerned about the social media censoring of sarcasm: after all, salty, spicy, sarcastic takes stack on top of each other as vertebrae to form the spine of yimby engagement: if my unwell, homophobic, whack job racist self can get banned for irony, well, then maybe we are all at risk for such consequences.

We’re all fuelgrannie now.

(Or is it fuelgrandchildren?)

But more yimbys than not still decry the whole “defend fuelgrannie” thing, with the more savvy ones obscuring my name so to discourage any topic trending; the most important result for them is that I have been banned and I need to stay off and away and silent. They had tried once before to permanently shut me up and hopefully this time it will ackshually stick.

Yet I’m not really silent, at present, not like I was the last time around. I wasn’t blogging much in 2019 and my name certainly never trended back then. I’ve had more traffic on this particular site in the past 48 hours than I had for most of last year and my relevance on Twitter oddly persists, despite the fact that my account is hidden and I am unable to engage.

So I’m not really gone, am I?

I mean, you’re reading me right now, aren’t you?

Fuelkanda forever, baby.

Open Your Eyes to OpenNewYork

Just who are these Yimby lobbyists behind the push to rezone Soho and Noho?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s call to rezone Soho and Noho seems more like Blaz’s desperate, last-year-in-office, attempt to appease his real estate developer donors more than it does any sincere step towards providing truly affordable housing to working New Yorkers.

And this rushed push to upzone two industrial, historical and particularly unique downtown Manhattan neighborhoods has found its ultimate cheerleader in Yimby [“yes in my backyard”] group Open New York.

But who exactly is Open New York, aka ONY?

Self-describing as an “all-volunteer group advocating for abundant homes and lower rent,” ONY certainly presents itself benignly enough as it implores, with sad dog eyes, for you to be its neighbor.

But the barest scratch beneath the ONY surface reveals a laser-focused real estate development agenda steered by a vigorous yet small troupe of garrulous and snippy professionals who are mostly men, mostly younger than middle-aged and majority white.

Initially naming itself “More New York,” Open New York was “started in a basement in Murray Hill in 2016” by “Quantitative Real Estate Investor” Ben Thypin, and grew into an incorporated nonprofit in January 2020, making it eligible for tax-exempt status with New York State (although no 990 filing appears to be currently publicly available regarding the group’s not-for-profit viability).

Perchance to strategically distance himself, founder Thypin has since stepped down as a founding ONY board member, but on paper only, as the optics of him having such a seat might begrime that ONY fallacy of equitable housing and “lower rent.” Born into steel industry wealth, Thypin arranges multi-million-dollar real estate deals as a developer and landlord of multiple buildings with a penchant for Lower Manhattan properties, like his company Quantierra’s management of the $30 million sale of 64 Washington Street.

And what exactly is Yimby?

Yimby is the pro-gentrification movement and clapback to its older Nimby opposition, composed of what used to be the 1960s/1970s “not in my backyard” racist Archie Bunker stalwarts opposing any potential real estate development in their area. The Yimby movement, not just in NYC but nationally too, claims to be about housing equity thus the potential insidiousness lies in its promoters flying under the radar as well-meaning “housing activists” who portray themselves as cute, fun and accessible. Twitter usernames include avocado emojis (“hey! healthiness!”) and/or bike emojis (“hey! small carbon footprint! awesomeness!”) to enhance this manipulated semblance of niceness and/or normalcy.

These members and supporters work diligently, while not always that successfully, to present a neutral and friendly front despite their thick, obvious, and undeniable ties to the real estate industry which belie their alleged better intentions; their act has fallen so flat with others that the frequently-employed avocado has been viewed as a “political emoji.”

A false narrative perpetuated by Yimby is that all Nimbys are wealthy, elderly, elitist and racist homeowners, but in truth the modern Nimbys’ cultural alignment has morphed more into what the hippy artistic 70s Yimbys of yore used to be: Nimbys now are politically progressive, socially open and include many renters, including older, working-class-income creatives with stabilized leases.

I first came across ONY, and subsequently Yimby, only last year during the spring and summer of 2019 when its membership had cultivated and promoted the campaign of Long Island City resident and ONY member Justin Potter, an openly pro-AmazonHQ2, pro-development candidate for Queens District 12 State Senate, challenging infamous “Amazon Slayer” Michael Gianaris. Potter, a 20-year-voting Republican, had changed parties so to run against Democrat Gianaris but the former’s quiet and inconsequential campaign ended with Potter dropping out even before the race’s June 2020 Democratic Primary.

But what had stuck out most in Potter’s lackluster crusade were his honkingly loud Yimby supporters, including the real-estate-industry-aligned consortium ONY: a Greek chorus of earnest urbanists mocking Jane Jacobs; advocating to turn NYC into a modern Asian municipality and scoffing at concepts like “neighbor character” and “historical value.”

Although mostly not from NYC, ONY affiliates nonetheless claim that New Yorkers “view themselves as separate from and superior to other Americans.” They even have a snarky book club where they enjoy “salty” discourse about supposedly “characterless” brownstones: they even publicly cheer when NYC brownstones are demolished.

I was stunned to read such discourse.

My NYC childhood had been heavily peppered with the squawks of adults who had never gotten over what had been the recent destruction of the old, iconic, airy Pennsylvania Station, occurring the year before I was born. The former Penn Station’s demolition horrified NYC (and rest of the world), and birthed the local landmark and preservation movement the year after I was born. I have always been in love with New York City and have long felt protective of its old, glorious structures, appreciating their history, significance and beauty along with the fathoming that once something beloved is gone, it is gone forever.

I had figured preserving New York history, especially its architecture, would never be threatened again.

But then along came NYC Yimby Daddy Nikolai Fedak.

It was Fedak who coined the concept that NYC preservationists were selfish: “There’s a lot of hatred of development out there,” he declared about Nimbys in 2014. “But generally it comes from selfish people who don’t want to lose their views.”

Selfish is a purposeful and deliberate word choice and is also the hook upon which every Yimby persists on hanging their primary argument: they are “hated!” by “selfish people!” By alleging it is not sentimentality which endears people to their environment and physical surroundings but rather narcissism, self-absorption and an absence of empathy, Yimby attempts to pivot the aesthetic appreciation argument to a character flaw. The tactic depicts Nimby as lacking decency, being morally inept, even racist, simply because Nimbys enjoy and celebrate specific places and neighborhoods; this enjoyment is viewed as selfish and perpetuating prejudiced practices.

This is the only way Yimby and ONY know how to defend their argument for development: their opponents are immoral while they, themselves, are not.

The argument against aesthetics is an unworthy argument. Winston Churchill celebrated the delight of humans experiencing architecture: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

Because aesthetic appreciation, or the lack thereof, is a matter of taste, not morals. It is a perception, not a moral flaw, by where one conceives of preference and of appeal: aesthetic inclination is more opinion than feeling; it is what a person likes and to which they are drawn and cannot be utilized in good faith against any person because none of us have any control over what we love.

We cannot help to which we react, to which we are attracted, those sights we love, the places which inspire us. ONY and Yimby strive to use that against us. So if you find yourself fancying a building for your entire lifetime or being awed by the expanse of sky or feeling a strong, primal attachment to a geographic area, you are perceived, strategically and deliberately, by this small group as “being selfish.” An intentional and purposeful strategy: you are selfish while they, by default, are not. The Yimby “I’m good! You’re bad!!” strategy also allows for the morphing of the accusation of “selfish” slapped onto Nimbyism to start wearing more sinister coats: “horrible” is commonly used by this faction as well, as are “immoral,” “racist,” and “classist.”

A fight for the city’s architectural posterity is neither “woefully out of touch” nor an “extremely myopic prioritizing [of a] sense of aesthetics over other New Yorkers’ housing.”

It is not selfish nor trite nor superficial to experience aesthetic appreciation: it is human. But ONY narrowly depicts its Nimby opposition, as all “wealthy homeowners who… seek to maintain ethnic and class composition [while] selfishly trying to thwart development… over parochial concerns like aesthetics and shadows.”

It is bad faith to either blame, or read more into, the human inclination of the appreciation of beauty.

But bad faith is all that Yimby, and Open New York, bring to the table.

It shouldn’t matter that ONY and their supporters are, like Potter and Thypin, mostly in their 30’s, most male, mostly white and mostly not from NYC, but that materiality is nonetheless their own glaring reality. Composed solely of highly educated, multi-degree-earning individuals, ONY is deeply aligned with NYC real estate development although it hotly protests not to be. Thypin even plays defensive victim crying poor when confronted on his background and financial success.

The smokescreen ONY creates, and then hides behind, is an alleged advocation of housing and a claim there are not enough homes for NYC residents, which is complete balderdash. They pretend not to be wealthy and privileged while whiningly accusing any opposition of being exactly that: wealthy and privileged. Deliberately and strategically, they falsely characterize Nimbys to be old, white, wealthy, cheap, immoral, selfish and racist: all Nimbys are the same to them, one big tenet in their quite flawed argument.

And with ONY, it isn’t just their insincere platform: it’s their conduct. Bad faith arguing is born out of desperation, which can be tough to discern when the manner of conduct is so brash and confident.

ONY board members include the easily annoyed Jake Schmidt, good cop/bad faith debater Will Thomas, native Illinoian Dan Miller and recent Columbia University public affairs grad Kyle Dontoh. Its more vocal members are the sanctimonious and damning Pennsylvanian native Mike Cherepko, the aforementioned New Jersey native founder Thypin, Southern Californian transplant Spencer Heckwolf, Philadelphia-raised Stephen Smith, aka Twitter urbanist celebrity Market Urbanism (who is also Thypin’s employee), and their lawyer, Sullivan and Cromwell land use attorney Charley Dorsaneo.

As a lobbying entity, ONY presents a threat to New York City historical landmarking and preservation as they aim to abolish landmarking preservation in the name of racism. But ONY’s motivation goes way beyond standing up to racism just like the issue of racist housing practices spread way beyond redlining and historical preservation.

It is the behavior, comportment and type of engagement exhibited by the ONY crew which screams louder than their anti-racist rhetoric: they are, as individuals and together, a group of purposefully impatient, condescending, exaggerative (dishonest) bullies with no productive, civic or good faith engagement.

Cherepko, long known for his bad attitude (of which he is quite proud) and his moral judgment, doesn’t care if the proposed Elizabeth Street Garden replacement housing stays affordable in the future: which is odd for the guy who’s fighting for it, all in the name of affordable housing.

ONY board member Miller’s piece to support urban density rests on his sole argument that Nimby objections to gentrification should be answered with a toddleresque and astonishingly obtuse retort of “tough.” No logic, no facts, no math: just “tough.”

ONY knows me, too: founder Thypin grumbled about my speaking at the January 2020 Manhattan Community Board 2 meeting and took issue with my presence at the meeting but had no comment on what I had specifically stated; I was faulted solely for having attended. Waterfront developer Thypin had no defense for what I said, he was only angry that I said the words, that I showed up.

I had also dared to confront ONY board member Schmidt on Twitter about a resoundingly abhorred project in Sunnyside, Queens, the notorious Phipps proposal at 50-25 Barnett Avenue, only to experience the signature and oft-practiced pile-on of a dozen Yimbys jumping in to accuse me of hating poor people and of being an immoral person. It was a conversation which started at 9am and lasted through the whole day until after 8pm: that is how they operate; they’ll take hours working on one person, trying to exhaust them, trying to get a bad reaction out of them, deliberately and habitually.

City officials have also sparred with ONY members. Lower Manhattan District Leader Paul Newell’s tweet thread on Thypin’s history and behavior is gloriously thorough and revealing. Committeman Ben Yee called them out for the same pile on treatment I received.

ONY and Yimby are intrigued by the idea of being perceived as thought leaders and world changers and they are eager for a substantial win: knocking down the Elizabeth Street Garden is seen as important and urgent to them. They don’t care how much the community loves this space: they care about winning; they crave a psychological conquest and they want to be victorious over Soho. This has never been about what the community wants for them: they loudly advocate that the community shouldn’t even have a voice (they feel they should have a voice but not the residents who actually live in the area).

One challenge we do not need now, especially as we endure the covid19 pandemic, is a Yimby apocalypse. The last thing we need are more new buildings, more empty luxury tax-break structures and more of the exasperated youthful white males who support their construction.

We face extraordinary times and we need perchance very un-American approaches, like a socialist methodology for emergency housing needs along with rent and mortgage forgiveness and universal basic income. These are uncomfortable constructs: I appreciate how traditional capitalists balk at such concessions but we still need to consider them because rampant construction has never been the answer.

ONY and Yimbys come up short on any answers for NYC, especially regarding its historic districts. ONY’s flimsy claims about creating less racist living standards are revealed as false by expiration-dated affordable housing which will revert to luxury units within one generation. The effort to upzone Soho by angry young transients is not what NYC architecture and history needs or even deserves.

Open your eyes to Open New York: New York City can do so much better.

Postscript: It seems I misunderstood Ben Thypin’s mention of his “ancestral homeland of LIC:” how foolish of me to have drawn the conclusion that he was, indeed, from Queens. Mr. Thypin, is in fact, not from New York but rather New Jersey, a detail which I have amended above. But the fact that Thypin, along with the rest of his small knot of Yimby proponents, is not from NYC even more weakens and diminishes his argument to destroy this city in the name of his own profit.

“pretty hypocritical
Why, Open New York, do you rich people need even more money?🤔

“This Person Just Schlepped”

Guilty as charged, Ben Carlos Thypin.

I did indeed “just schlep all the way from LIC” on January 23, 2020 to attend and address Manhattan Community Board 2: but it wasn’t to “just shit all over Open New York.” And it certainly wasn’t much of a “schlep,” either, Mr. Thypin: it’s ackshually called a “direct subway ride.” Perchance I am out of the loop on just what exactly a schlep entails but a trip to Soho via New York City mass transit is especially quick and easy from Long Island City.

To clarify, I did not attend that CB2 meeting to shit all over you: I don’t need to do that because you and your fellow ONY members and supporters do a sufficient job of defecating all over you and your “organization” all by yourselves; your own words and actions reveal that.

If anything, you all make your critics’ work easy: all we have to do is shine a light on your words and actions.

The simple truth is I “schlepped” that night to CB2 out of love, to be another voice speaking up for historic preservation and to stand up against the way ONY operates, especially its deplorable age-shaming habit. I believe ONY’s pro-rampant-gentrification slant, condescending attitude, sporadic deceit and poor judgment do not serve any New York City neighborhood or community, especially one like glorious, unique and beloved Soho.

Again, I made this trip, I executed this “schlep,” out of love.

New York City, my hometown, is my first and most enduring love and I will always feel compelled to fight for it. I do what I do in Queens out of love and I said what I said at CB2 out of love. Last year, I stood up to and spoke out against Amazon HQ2LIC because Seattle warned New York that, among other aspects, Amazon “[hasn’t] been the best civic neighbor” and I care about who moves into my neighborhood, especially when they appear to be a global bully with a shady land deal. As a former executive search industry researcher and knowledge manager, I know a poor corporate culture when I read about one and Amazon reeked and acted like early 2000s Walmart: I wasn’t about to let an abusive tyrant just slide on in, using public land (our land, our city land) via a secretive, vague and breakable deal, without saying something about it. I love where I live: I will always stand up for it, out of my love.

There was no other reason for me to do this. This isn’t about my hatred of wealthy people or my need to be popular with radical groups: this is about how much I love my city, my enduring, magical, extraordinary city. Downtown Manhattan was where this country was born and for centuries now has never diminished as the city’s center: the whole area, most especially the airy lofts of Soho, deserves special consideration for preservation. Development is neither desired nor necessary in this area; repurposing is a better option and running an inventory of all unused spaces and apartments, especially chronically empty luxury apartments, is a logical next step.

I had no idea such a movement as yours existed until last year, when ONY member Justin Potter ran his quiet, inconsequential campaign against Senator Mike Gianaris before unsurprisingly dropping out earlier this month. Aside from supporting a skittish monopoly, Potter’s pro-Amazon supporters also advocated for the destruction of landmarked buildings, the elimination of historical districts and the demolition of brownstones: I was surprised such sentiment existed and was saddened to see it. The logic employed had some reason to it, though, even I had to admit that much: the promotion of a carless society in cities by increasing residential density near mass transit. But there was a brusqueness to this group’s engagement, a snappy impatience, an eye-rolling mocking snarkiness, a trigger-happy tendency towards insults, condescension and even sanctimoniousness.

Back in mid-2019, I was so unassuming when I first stumbled across ONY on Twitter that I had started following the account; I naïvely assumed too quickly that ONY was a pro-tenant organization because of the reference of wanting to be a neighbor in its Twitter bio. This implied ability to partner was soon revealed as conditional and ultimately insincere.

As I had witnessed with its pro-Amazon peers, I observed Yimby in New York to be a small group of easily identifiable and loquacious personalities; I became quickly acquainted with the tiny cadre of troupe players and what I suspected was a strategic and deliberate style of social engagement, and with which I was already familiar having witnessed Justin Potter in action. ONY members and supporters conduct themselves in a ridiculing, impatient, snarky and disrespectful manner.

Deliberate bad faith is consistently used by ONY: mockery is tossed as bait to throw off the main focus of discourse; derision is hurled in what seems a desire to get a reaction; words are purposefully twisted and nontangential accusations are created to deflect from the point at hand. This is a repeated pattern, seen in numerous public interactions, all by the same players, this same small group.

Good, fair and productive arguments include respectful debate, a reasonable and generous attitude and a sense of peerage and deference to the other person. Not with ONY members and supporters, though: you guys arrive at the ready with impertinent (and false) accusations of racism, classism and depravity. A pattern of accusations, the same accusations, over and over.

And that, Mr. Thypin, is what I strove to “shit all over” at CB2 on January 23: the repeated behavior, the insults, the bad faith engagement. I shine a light on it. You wish it was shit: because feces isn’t see-through. And what you all do and say is very easy to see through: it is all clear and self-evident to everyone but you and your small group, it seems.

Another tidy little fact in all this is that you, sir, in particular, stand to make a profit in the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan. And you already have, Scion Thypin: your family’s wealth expands way beyond real estate.

And I mean, if your tactics are fair, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when you receive criticism, right? You should be proud of how you operate: you don’t have anything to hide, do you?

And of course, I can express myself publicly, just like you can express yourself in such a fashion: that’s only fair, isn’t it? It’s only right, isn’t it?

Because, to me, two sides expressing their viewpoint seems like the crux of democracy: you have your opinion and I have mine and we both get to express our own opinions. No matter what our opinions are or how disparate they may be, they get to be expressed by us in public forums: that in itself is a beautiful thing; a democratic declaration.

And I don’t put you down, Mr. Thypin, for having an opinion, no matter how much I take issue with what you say. But what I *do* do is take issue with your opinions, aka your words. I then form specific arguments against your opinions, against the words you say. I use my words to express my issue with your words.

You, in turn, use your words to express your issue with me opening my mouth but you quite never get around to the part of specifically critiquing what comes out of my mouth: you only take issue with me expressing myself.

You never address what it is that I say, instead you disparage me for opening my mouth. Conveniently, though, you ignore what I say.

Someone from ONY must have filmed the speakers at that January 2020 CB2 meeting: you have a history of photographing community speakers. I wonder if I was videotaped, if my words were captured. And if so, I wonder why no one posted what I said: I mean, it must have been absurd and untrue, right? I must have looked like a crazy person, I am sure.

Funny that what I *said* was totally disregarded.

How come you never directly address what I say?

Because that’s what I do with you: I cite your own words and actions to depict how you and your ONY cohorts conduct yourselves and how you chronically treat other people. I seek to raise awareness about it: I wonder why you are not open to such relevant and fair criticism. And it’s not slanderous, either: if I am showing your own words and your own content along with published media about you, how can that be considered defamatory or even insulting? If you wrote it, you should be able to stand by it: all of it.


Like the sweet nothings you tweet to me.

Or your rejoicing in the destruction of brownstones in my neighborhood.

Your words and actions represent you: I assume you are proud of them. So it’s problematic how defensive you are about your own words or your real estate business and family legacy. It’s problematic how snarky, quick-tempered, overly dramatic, condescending and insulting ONY members and supporters are. It’s especially problematic as this behavior appears to be strategic and deliberate: even city officials have noted this obvious and clumsy conduct. Lower Manhattan District Leader Paul Newell’s tweet thread on your own history and comportment is gloriously thorough and revealing. Committeman Ben Yee called ONY out for something I experience for one whole day: the pile on. My own pile on lasted 12 hours where I was falsely but deliberately accused of hating poor people and of being immoral. It was so obvious what you all were doing in that conversation with me: it was so telling. It shows who you all are.

At the end of that discourse, as I am wont to do, I asked you out for a cup of coffee. I am known for coffee terrorism: I have a reputation for wanting to meet people in person so to create a better rapport, to build a bridge and for me to learn more.

But you never took me up on that offer from a half a year ago. I wonder why.

Maybe because it is difficult for you to truly face any of the shit you do.

You most likely will never take me up on it, Mr. Thypin but my offer still stands.

(“But I haaaaaate schlepping anywhere!!!!!!😤🍼😫”)

Weird flex that you are a landlord too.