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Open Sesame: The Leaked Open New York Board Potentials Spreadsheet

Huh that tweet of yours from 2019, like, aged, like, didn’t it, Open New York founder Ben Carlos Thypin?

Your real estate development lobbyist vanity project has now hired three employees, including last year’s fundraised hire, Open New York executive director Will Thomas, and your recent recruiting of two new director roles, one for organizing and the other for “politics,” whatever the latter might mean.

Yet your posted 990 form remains spare and woefully outdated: why?


It’s 2022. Your group Open New York is a nonprofit which, at this point, has executed numerous years of fundraising. Open New York has now hired three different roles, all at director-level salary. In short, Open New York is making money and it is spending money.

And, like, like it or not, Open New York as an “incorporated nonprofit😤🍼😫” is still legally obligated to publicly display both how you guys make that money, by revealing your donor names and the amount they have donated, and by publicly disclosing what all your employees earn, aka, how much out of your donations are paid to them.

Again: you’re legally obligated to publicly provide this information, Ben, especially when you receive those tasty tax breaks as a nonprofit.

And surprise, surprise: Open New York, a real estate development lobbying group, is also spending money by engaging its own (~*wait for it*~) lobbyist! The lobbyist’s lobbyist is Millennial Strategies’ Jeffrey Guillot, a terrible professor at a questionable firm.

Guess you kinda need a lobbyist, what with your reputation and all, Benzurlito.

And this leaked spreadsheet divulges your and Open New York’s true intentions to gain power and attract money, all while pretending to care about the homeless and low income populations whom you continue to exploit and disappoint. In this document there is no mention about tenants’ rights, lowering livability costs or the protection of vulnerable people: it is all about money, money, money and building political muscle.

You don’t care about people: you only care about yourselves, you think you’re better than other people and should thus rule them. This is why despite loathing community boards, Open New York is actively pushing its membership onto community board seats so to thereby disable those boards. You incorrectly believe that it is your place to lead others.

Quite a tall order, Ben, in a city like New York, where your organization and flimsy movement remain unpopular and under a cloud of suspicion.

page 2
page 3
page 4

Shout out to the no-longer-existing account of “Bob O’Shaughnessy” who had dm-ed me the Google docs link for these board potentials, because, unlike the legally required posting of Open New York salaries, this spreadsheet had been *public*😳(🤣): huge ups, also, to a Slack chat sighting (“😤🍼😫”)!

“fuelgrannie drools!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
ok “lordYIMBY😤🍼😫”
“tech philanthropy!!!!!🥺😭”
Ew, Ben Carlos Thypin: you’re such an obtuse sexist pig

16 responses to “Open Sesame: The Leaked Open New York Board Potentials Spreadsheet”

  1. So what if Ben Carlos Thypin is rich? So what if Open New York hires lobbyists and courts rich donors? That’s the way the game works, Hater! While you are eating bodega crumbs Ben is macking out on the ladies and drinking the finest spirits at the best restaurants. We live in a capitalist society. Don’t hate the play, hate the game. Open New York Rules, Fuelgrannie drools. #YIMBYforever!


    1. “bodega crumbs?”

      Yikes, yimby: this is why no one likes you


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  3. Wellington Marcial Avatar
    Wellington Marcial

    Jeff Guillot is an interesting hire. He’s worked as campaign manager for campaigns on Long Island where Open NY wouldn’t be welcome.


  4. What is your take on Emilia Decaudin probably becoming assemblymember?


    1. Decaudin faces an uphill race: voters remain disappointed by her alignments, reticence and dishonesty


      1. Yes but these interests are too entrenched in DSA and other leftist organizations. Even candidates who’s campaigns seem genuine and sincere warm up to folks like Aaron Carr and Sara Lind. Take a look at Eliza Orlins’ DA campaign in Manhattan. Despite having the support of folks like Lauren Ashcraft and Doreen Mohammed who doesn’t support more gentrification, I’ve heard she has a good relationship with Aaron Carr and Sara Lind.

        Liked by 1 person

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  7. Interesting that Diana Reyna is Suozzi’s running mate and Suozzi is more moderate with politics in opposition to Open NY. I wonder what happened between the time Diana Reyna was on the Open NY shortlist and when she became Suozzi’s running mate?


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