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Tfw Fuelgrannie Shows Up To Your Rally

January 10, 2023

There were no yimby tears.

But Open New York was nonetheless none too pleased to see my large rear end waddle up as I crashed their “Housing BrakeThrew😤🍼😫” rally, held yesterday morning across the avenue from City Hall in lower Manhattan.

I brought signs, Love Actually inspo.

I arrived a smidge late and stood next to a fair-sized crowd of about 30 yimbys as traffic heaved and coughed down Broadway. New York City tour buses comically parked noisily right in front of the 11:00am gathering. One tour bus even offered to lend a sorely needed microphone to some of the barely audible ONY speakers.

I may have remained silent but, along with my simple black and white signs, I was instantly noticed.

Sara Lind, of all people, nodded over at me with an achingly practiced smile stretched over her Wisconsin-born face. I could have sworn she had accused me of murdering her but there she was, still quite alive and tipping her chin towards me, grinning wildly, as if to will herself the confidence to face me, the lone person who apparently ruined her entire race for council seat in 2021.

(Spoiler: it wasn’t me who nuked her run but rather Sara’s neck-tattooed-bull-in-a-china-shop campaign manager, Quinn Mootz, whose globally infamous antisemitic breakdown ensured Lind would never make it into office.)

And it wasn’t just Sara who I recognized.

Dan Meelar was there. I only saw him from the back but I bet he was staring at the sky.

(Update! Meelar, the wheelar dealar, was alooking at me after all!!🥺😭)

Middle East Peace expert Andy Zhang was there so Israelis and Palestinians could breathe a collective sigh of relief. The Omni Zaddy who alleges to be a “freelance performer,” controlled his shaky nerves enough to stagger through a severely unrehearsed speech, written on index cards and seemingly belying any regularity of professional audience-facing by him. Mariah would be unimpressed.

As Zhang sputtered along, ONY’s “director of organizing,” Asia Thomas, grimaced at me like I had stolen her pet.

Update: Andy has since disabled his website (was it something I said?) so, sadly, his headshots are no longer available for public consumption but at least these bangers still exist:

After the rally ended, Samir Lavingia, a former senior software engineer at Twitter, despaired to me that he is no longer employed, a fact not yet reflected on his LinkedIn page. Samir had spoken at the rally but had difficulty projecting his voice, ergo the mic offer from the tour bus. I could barely hear what he had to say yet remained distracted by his cute outfit, especially his snazzy mustard-colored scarf (or was it a muffler?) and was glad for the opportunity to actually talk to him afterwards; he had ambled over to offer cookies and to “give feedback” to a fellow beholder of the rally.

Is it really my racism or is that a totally nice winter coat and mucho cute mustard cowl?

As Samir relayed his tragic unemployment situation, I was reminded of ever-victim and almost homelesstwiceHayden Clarkin: here’s another six-figure-earning whiner. I assured Samir he likely wouldn’t remain unemployed for long. I didn’t even know he had been at Twitter (that explains a lot, amirite?) but he was a well spoken and obviously very highly educated young person who wore really nice clothes.

“I can tell just by looking at you” I relayed to him in reference to his polished presentation as he had initially thanked me for my support of his circumstances.

But my referring to his appearance as an evident professional and as a higher earning individual was conveniently condemned by Samir as “racism” and he relievedly stormed off.

The entire exchange was captured on video, below: the viewer can determine and weigh for themselves my actions and words.

I, Karen🙆‍♀️

As Samir rejoined his dwindling pack of fellow yimbys, they all laughed, which is an odd response by friends of someone who just endured hate speech. No one came over to defend Samir or to condemn what I had said, furthering weakening Samir’s accusation.

Racism update: hate crime victim Samir got a new job.

I had predicted he would have been reemployed by Valentine’s Day 2023 but, in fact, Samir got a hired a week even more quickly than that:


Before my interaction with Samir, the new executive director of Open New York, Annemarie Gray, approached me to reprimand me for my signage. I had met with Annemarie previously, in November 2019, after I had requested a meeting with the NYC Economic Development Corporation, the dreaded EDC, to discuss community concerns about the now dormant Sunnyside Yard project.

Yesterday I asked Annemarie to meet again and, after a brief hesitation, she agreed; video below.

I hope we do meet: yimby and nimby need to start building bridges between them.

Because if yimby remains incapable of interacting with any people other than yimbys that will be problematic in building power and gaining public momentum. ONY is already aware of this issue which is why they started hiring women in 2021 (one whole century after the suffragettes).

And it’s certainly true that yesterday morning there was only one of me and a score and a half of them but that was the largest gathering of yimbys I’ve ever seen outside of an Open New York happy hour. The screaming truth is that there are just not that many of them. And almost all of them showed up yesterday, one of their first public-facing events ever.

To quote your lord and founder Ben Carlos Thypin, “buckle up,” tender yimbys, as the path is long.

And me and muh signs will follow you wherever you may timidly wander⬇️.

I arrived right after Sachi Takahashi-Rial had started to speak: Asia and Sara can be seen looking over at me; Asia is seen checking her phone (did someone text her that fahyoolgrannie showed up? halp!) and Sara can be seen nodding and smiling towards me #pokerfacefail
(when your own “director of organization” can’t correctly remember your website address)

25 responses to “Tfw Fuelgrannie Shows Up To Your Rally”

  1. I came to read this post after seeing some of the clips on twitter. This is far better than the posts where you write about yimby tweets, which I don’t find interesting. I would like to see more of this type of reportage. The writing is good and it’s interesting. Open New York is horrible. I was surprised you mentioned nimby vs yimby do you consider yourself a nimby? I’m not very fond of nimbys or yimbys.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I identify as anti-yimby and I appreciate your feedback. I’m trying to raise awareness about the scams of yimby and that the movement’s strategies clearly are not working, especially for the populations who most need cheap housing. There are cranes and brand new empty buildings all over the place here in New York City and no one’s rent has ever dropped.

      I write about yimby tweets (and yimby tweeters) because I can’t tweet about them anymore and because Twitter is the broadest reach for collective public information and discourse: even from outside of Twitter, I seek to manage back on how much yimbys control the housing narrative, something which Twitter has allowed them to do for years. I respect you’re not interested in those pieces but I certainly am as I aim to continue to shine a light on all the harm yimbys do.


      1. And we will never build enough housing fast enough to see rents drop. One of the things that I will point out in a neighborhood like the UWS is that street parking is the safety valve that allows the character of the community to be maintained. If we had to build enough housing so that everyone who wants to live on the UWS and everyone who works on the UWS can afford to do so, that will likely result in the loss of historic districts on the UWS. Let’s face this reality, during COVID, there were MANY people from Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood, Brooklyn, Queens, LI, Westchester, New Jersey, Hell’s Kitchen, LES, even the UES flooding the UWS looking for apartments because apartments on the UWS finally became more affordable. All of this was happening despite the controversy of the homeless shelters. If you think the Soho rezoning fight was bad, wait until the UWS gets an upzoning. Aaron Carr is already setting up the arguments for this by saying that historic district landmarking is bad because it shuts people out of a neighborhood. Much of the UWS is a historic district. People would be wise to unite with workers/business owners who commute to the UWS to preserve street parking as adequate public transit that’s well run + ample street parking is the best defense against gentrification and preserving the character of the community, especially on the UWS where many people admire the charm of the brownstones and pre-war architecture.

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        1. Aaron Carr has been falsely claiming that Manhattan is 30% landmarked since the SoHo rezoning: it was also also Aaron’s “data” which was used to lobby the city council by assuming that all these $900/month three bedrooms would be created by this rezoning (spoiler: not one unit like that will likely be created).

          Aaron and all the rest of the bro’s better, ah, buckle up because anti-yimby sentiment and organization continues to grow: New Yorkers are onto their scam and we fight better than they do.





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    1. Omg Andy Zhang’s five-year old videos are bangers!

      SadZad claims a “reel” is “coming soon” but that was in 2018: we’re still waiting, Dadders, where is it?🥺😭 https://andyzhangofficial.com/filmtv

      Andy singing Toxic with an oddly British accent is my personal fav out of the three available options: https://vimeo.com/727959071

      Andy’s audition concerning vaginas seems to have been filmed next to the school gym https://andyzhangofficial.com/filmtv

      Don’t forget to check out OmniHacky’s headshots, too: https://andyzhangofficial.com/headshotresume-1


  3. So Samir worked at twitter, if I would have known that I would have asked a lot more questions. Explains a lot about why this tiny YIMBY cult has such a massive platform on the social media’s microblog monolith. And it might explain predatory real estate’s own role in controlling narrative on Twitter just like how the FBI did regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop and vaccine information (and probably paid Dorsey and his fauxgressive censor farm a cool million to do it too)

    I’m sure he and his pretty scarf will be able to get employment soon


    1. Samir may have had something to do with my suspension, who knows?

      But he did himself no favors with that taped interaction with me and now he has to live with how dishonest and hypocritical he showed himself to be.

      He (and his cute expensive fit) will have another tech job by month’s end, I suspect. Samir’s unemployment will end but awareness about him and his little bland band Open New York only continue to grow #mustardmufflergang


      1. I didn’t know he worked at twitter until you exposed him. It really makes sense now. Glad to see he was part of Elon’s cleansing of the twitter cesspool at the Chelsea offices.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. And he’ll have a new, and likely even higher paying job by Valentine’s Day: he was trying to bucket himself in the poverty category to us on Monday when that could not be further from the truth because he oozes advanced degree tech hipster (Hayden Clarkin and his 25-page portfolio anyone?).

          And the anti-fuelgrannie movement internally at Twitter probably (definitely?) included him so the irony of his whining to me about it is kinda delicious. He’ll land back on his feet in a matter of weeks, bless his overdramatic heart.


  4. Speaking of Sara Lind, Jeffrey Omura’s canvassers would take down Sara Lind posters and literature despite the fact that Lind and Omura cross endorsed each other early on. I’ve also heard rumors that there were people inside her campaign that weren’t pushing too hard to get her elected.


    1. Sara herself wasn’t pushing too hard to get elected: every time she canvassed, she whined on Twitter about how hard it was and how much shit she got from people on the streets (hi, no one likes you, cheese). She posted every insult she and Quinn received (“they called us fat c words: halllpppp!!!😤🍼😫”) and then “quit” Twitter in a self-victimizing huff until after she had lost her race and likely already had the offer from Open New York, er I mean, Open Plans, Open PLANS (tough to tell these groups apart).

      There’s even a Change.org petition to get her removed from Community Board 7 with over 1100 signatures https://www.change.org/p/borough-president-gale-brewer-demand-brewer-rosenthal-expel-sara-lind-from-community-board-7-now.

      No one likes Sara Lind.


      1. Heard about the divorce last year?


        1. No!

          But I did hear the chatter about her husband cheating on her (and not just with the two family cars).

          That’s sad, I hope her kids are okay through all this.


  5. Sara’s husband initiated the divorce.


    1. I am not surprised to read this.

      Wonder who got custody of their cars?


  6. Frankly the most upsetting thing about this article is you went for the easy shot with the neck tattoo. The face tattoo is much trashier imo and the fact that it’s my star sign opens me up to so many dunks. HUGE missed opportunity on your part tbh


    1. Hey Quinn,

      You ruined Sara Lind’s already terrible campaign because you can never resist opening your tattooed mouth and putting your big tattooed foot in it.


      But keep blaming other people for your own actions: you never miss that repeated opportunity.


      1. Yeah fine whatever it’s been two years I don’t care if I played a part or not, it’s over and I can’t change the outcome of the race.
        The point of my comment is that you missed an incredible opportunity to dunk on me. I have so many stupid tattoos and you want for the easy neck tattoo dunk? You’re losing your spark, Connie!


      2. Also, to be fair, i may have contributed to her losing but one of us is still gainfully employed and the other is writing paragraphs upon paragraphs about someone who ran for office two years ago smiling at you


  7. The bigger threat isn’t Sara Lind in the city council, but Pablo Zevallos in 2029. Sara Lind was just there so that the woke developer bros can get their feet wet. Pablo Zevallos was part of the New Leaders Council, part of West Side Dems, is a housing attorney at Legal Aid Society and is a Democratic District Leader on the UWS. He’s being groomed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pablo Zevallos gets Open New York, Aaron Carr and a bunch of establishment and progressive establishment figures out in favor of him being in the City Council to replace Gale Brewer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaron Carr and Pablo Zevallos both attended New Leaders Council, along with Émilia Decaudin and Crystal Hudson: NLC is a shady, seemingly Republican-money-backed training camp created to produce fake “progressive” candidates for politics and the nonprofit world so to infiltrate (entryism, anyone?) with their neoliberal centrist agenda https://twitter.com/doom_looming/status/1400875837151404035?s=20&t=_fBO6ZRI8J31BQ0c3x06nw

      I do believe Pablo is a threat but I also witnessed how the Upper West Side coalesced solidly against Sara and Open New York in 2020/21: that neighborhood remains aware of yimby tricks of pushing expensive shelters over supportive housing for the homeless, trying to remove landmarking and the ulti goal to rezone the UWS like SoHo. Pablo won’t have an easy path and, like other ONY-endorsed candidates like Ryder Kessler and Carlina Rivera, could likely fail: New York City doesn’t like yimby and cannot stand Open New York.


      1. The difference with Pablo Zevallos is that he is now a Democratic District Leader. Being a District Leader is most often the stepping stone to higher office. How many would coalesce solidly against Open New York in 2029 when Gale Brewer isn’t running? Shaun Abreu got an Open New York endorsement and won neighboring District 7 in 2021. Maria Danzilo was the anti-shelter, law & order candidate on the UWS in 2021 and 2022 and she couldn’t win or come close to winning. Brad Hoylman wouldn’t even engage Danzilo last year. I believe it will take a proposed rezoning of the UWS to get people to really coalesce against Open New York. The one thing that moderates and those opposed to YIMBYs do have going for them is the people who supported the UWS homeless shelters in 2020-21 who jumped ship and are all now rallying against vaccine mandates and against masks and are now voicing concerns about crime, the bike bros, other progressive policy etc. in 2022 and continuing now.

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