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The Girl With The Neck Tattoo: An Answer For Quinn Mootz

January 25, 2023

You just can’t help yourself, Q.

You’re crying (“😭😭”) on your Twitter account for support and attention at the same time you’re snarking at me, not just once but on three separate occasions, in the comments of my blog post about the January 9, 2023 Open New York cookies and housing rally.

“sara wasn’t winning as soon as” you insulted all the Jews on the Upper West Side, Quinn: take responsibility for your own actions

Hypocritical, no? Also hypo-typical of you, as you seamlessly vibrate between victim and bully, Quinn Mootz.

Or is it Quinn Hansen? It’s a challenge to keep up with all your incarnations.

The girl with the neck tattoo has a temper and impulse control issues as well as ever changing appellations, including those for your main Twitter account, which has evolved from “gothtradwife” to “fieldtradwife” to its current moniker “turkeyslurp.”

You also employ numerous alt accounts, the usage of which you vehemently defend, as if everyone on the bird app behaves the way you do, as if it’s the most normal thing to use and share multiple anonymous accounts.

Which says quite a lot about your “online circles.”

Here in New York City, your real life circle will likely always include the hapless Sara Lind: you and Sara will always be intertwined because of how disastrous her campaign for city council was, some of which remains directly because of you.

That’s your reputation: both of your reputations, in fact.

And New Yorkers have long memories.

That’s why people are “still” talking about Sara’s campaign and still talking about you: that’s what your individual reputations, your own personal notorieties, created and perpetuated.

Your histories ain’t no mysteries.

Because the history of Sara’s race constitutes so much of her, and your, political legacy here in NYC: residents know her as the Open New York candidate with the volatile campaign manager who badly lost her race and went straight to work as a high earning executive at a lobbying organization.

And Sara just happened (like, omg, so randomly) to be at the super important ONY BrakeThrew rally carrying a “Moar Neighbors, Moar Fun!!!!!🥺😭” sign.

I mean, the minute I saw Sara there, I instantly recalled how she had blamed me personally for chasing her off Twitter (“death threats!!!!!😤🍼😫”) and ultimately causing her to lose her race.

A hilariously telling aside: Sara Lind claims to block people on Twitter who “aren’t brave enough to show their real face.”

Sara’s avatar:

Sara’s, ah, “real face:”

“stunningly brave!!!!!!!!!!!!🥺😭

Sara is a visible and not-very-liked, thin-skinned political figure here in NYC: that’s her reputation in this city.

Here’s your reputation, Quinn, because screenshots live forever:

(Fuelfluence fun fact: you had added “hot girl” to your Twitter handle because I and others had called out Sara for referring to herself as a “hot girl,” a misstep which won her no votes but to which you had angrily attached yourself because you, like your fellow yimby Hayden Barkin Dogs McClarkin, have never met any fight you didn’t like.)

Like HayHay, you lack introspection and perceive yourself to be superior to others: you behave as if it is your place to judge others while you remain having no true idea how you come across.

I remember when you used that @throwawayikea alt to tell me to die while calling such a threat “light cyberbullying

“I was told to come here!!!!!!!😤🍼😫
“yeah absolutely I made an anonymous account😤🍼😫

You then pretended to be two different people, posting screenshot texts with yourself.

This account shows your whole hand by revealing how you had pretended to be more than one person as well as your stubborn inability to filter your inappropriate, impulsive and contemptuous outbursts.

Posting fake texts is so deliciously obvious: you are indeed the bull gift which keeps on china shop giving because you have no introspection, no clue.

It’s your very reputation, Quinn.

You also created “fueigrannie,” yet another one of your alts:

Another of your alts is @cancelcultrclub where you assume I’m an heiress, kinda like your buddy Flickole Murray, ironically.

It’s true: my great grandfather was a wealthy inventor who died a century ago.

Also true: I never got a dime of his money.

That’s how it works in some families, especially large and contentious families. I understand the simplistic assumption that I live in wealth but the truth is, I don’t, and many of my extended family members also do not live in luxury because they also never received a dime of our great grandfather’s riches.

(I’m not “well-off😤🍼😫,” Quinn: why do you resent the comfortably housed? Isn’t that what you yimbys are allegedly fighting for?)
I have no generational wealth🤷‍♀️
(don’t play dumb, Quinn: we see you👋)

Maybe consider estate laws and family feuds before assuming anyone has wealth you cannot substantiate.

And as far as me “dunking” on you for making note of what you have prominently displayed on your own body: you made the choice to get a neck tattoo so aren’t you proud of such boldness?

And you must be proud, right? I mean, your background pic is a screenshot referencing your tattoos.

And you have a face tattoo, too?

Huh, Post Malone, I can’t see it.

The girl with the neck tattoo has the reputation she herself created: a reputation of being thoughtless, impetuous and dishonest; a reality which can never be lasered away.

She has a reputation which has snaked itself around her very personhood; a reputation which follow her no matter where she may go.

Because as we all know, you included, Quinn, it’s not the neck tattoo which is the worst part of you.

It’s the bull which never leaves the china shop. It’s the fact that your very own actions reveal your character and that you are your own worst enemy.

All the rest of us see that way more than we see any visible body paint.

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  2. What I am curious about is whether Gale Brewer (or Mark Levine) will reappoint Sara Lind to CB7?


    1. I wonder if either Gale or Mark is aware of the petition by residents to remove Sara from CB7: she remains so unpopular with her own constituency https://www.change.org/p/borough-president-gale-brewer-demand-brewer-rosenthal-expel-sara-lind-from-community-board-7-now


      1. I’d say Lind is mostly unpopular with the moderate crowd. But I’ve heard that Gale Brewer isn’t thrilled about Sara Lind either, especially after Gale Brewer lost out on the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club endorsement (a club that Mitchell Draizin is a part of and also endorsed Ryder Kessler over Deborah Glick last year).

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  3. I want to also point out and I can’t repeat this enough, it will be those pushing for resident parking permits who will play right into the hands of Open NY and those around them. Let’s say someone works on the UWS and lives in Westchester, NJ, CT or LI. The “common sense moderate” would oppose a UWS rezoning and wants all remaining street parking to be for residents only; on the other hand Sara Lind supports removing more parking, supports rezoning the neighborhood to build more housing and groups Lind is around like Riders Alliance don’t really care for transit riders either. In that case, this is how moderates will struggle with people because if I can’t park on the UWS either way and will be forced to use transit that is inadequate, at least Lind ran on a platform to build more housing and those who work on the UWS MIGHT get housing set aside for them and affordable for them in a hypothetical rezoning of the UWS so they don’t have to deal with subways, the LIRR or NJT. Say what you want about her and Open NY, but the people behind Open NY are not stupid, as you mentioned before Open NY is aware of their diversity problem and are trying to address that. I wouldn’t put it above Open NY pushing a rezoning and working to make sure that “affordable” apartments are set aside for those who live outside NYC but work in the area. This will be the problem for those opposed to Open NY and those opposed to Open NY and bike bros will have to hold the line otherwise they will continue to be out organized and be the loudest voices in the room.

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