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Hayden Clarkin’s Breakdown

January 5, 2023

Looks like the_transit_guy derailed. Choo choo boi go boom.

Recent Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority hire Hayden Clarkin, aka “the transit guy,” whose Twitter account had garnered over 65,000 follows during 2022 alone, found himself called out for creepiness and racism as this new year dawned.

After apologizing for these publicly aired direct messages, Hayden had made his account private, seemingly stewing behind closed doors, maybe like Glenn Close in the final scene of Dangerous Liaisons: furious, caught and ashamed in a mess of his own making.

(He has, just this very afternoon of post publication, made his account public again. I knew he couldn’t stay away.)

Hayden blamed his “personal trauma” instead of “Hayden” for his racist, aggressive and arrogant behavior on social media.

The_avoiding_guy never takes responsibility for his own actions: Hayden is always, and ever, a victim.

Because how could we forget that Hayden’s “personal trauma” and “own pain” basically amounted to the sickness and subsequent rapid recovery of another human being: somehow Hayden’s boyfriend’s quick stint with cancer affected Hayden way more than the boyfriend himself.

Hayden has accused me of saying “vile things” about his boyfriend in this very blog yet in reality I’ve merely noted how brief the cancer experience was and how much Hayden had used it for attention and self-validation. Perchance it’s Hayden’s own obvious desperation which is more vile than my having witnessed and reported on it.

A loved one enduring (then apparently being fully cured of) cancer in a matter of weeks isn’t some draining “personal trauma:” rather, it’s a speedy miracle.

And none of us can forget Hayden calling tenant advocate Mariama James “sis” and mocking her follower count, as if his higher follower number somehow made him more credible, reflected his own deep and grave ignorance.

In his typical Hateden fashion, he has since deleted that tweet:


(screenshots live forever, KKKden👋)

Mariama is also active in this city, active in showing up and speaking out; active with real people in real conversations in real rooms. But Hayden isn’t. Hayden barely enters real rooms.

Hayden will complain about the real rooms. But he won’t enter them.

Take, for example, the December 26, 2022 Twitter space hosted by NYC Planning Commissioner Leah Goodridge which drew over 550 attendees, me included.

(Me n HayHay sitting together at the Twitter space😃😀😄)

On Christmas Eve, Hayden had tweeted to Commissioner Goodridge that he would attend.

But then, quite conveniently, Hayden soon dismissed Goodridge as an antisemite and disparaged her hosted Twitter space during the same time its attendees were calling out the lies of yimby propaganda. The speakers at the space were overwhelmingly anti-yimby.

Hayden had been so offended to have been referred to as a “proud boy of real estate” that instead of participating on Goodridge’s space and confronting his critics, he subtweeted the event from under the warmth of his weighted blanket of followers to express his consternation in a now deleted tweet:

(Dunkin Donut🙋‍♀️)

He’s all talk, zero action ~*AND*~ he would like an apology, like, right now, ok? Gawd…

Hayden was too terrified, one must guess, to voice these sentiments directly to his critics and to Commissioner Goodridge herself when he had the opportunity.

But the entire space of hundreds of people did witness Hayden using the tears-laughing emoji as speakers testified to their housing struggles: a voiceless Hayden mocking people who are braver and stronger than his self-entitled spoiled brat ass could ever be.

Meanwhile, this other angry proud boy, er I mean yimby, could neither shut up during the space gathering nor could he stop from purposefully misgendering his opponent over and over and over again as the seven hour conversation paced on: there was plenty of room and space for Hayden, and any other yimbys, to express himself. Yet Hayden never did.

Instead, Hayden is known for his dm’s. He’d rather take it private than put it on main.

“Are you this crazy? I mean, I’m rationing meds but I’m, like, sane so”

I even got a cute message muhself.

By his own actions, I cannot help wondering thusly, who would be seen by law enforcement as the aggressor here: the person who sent an email in early April or the person who threatened to call the police in late October after the former had never contacted the latter again.

Hayden never missed any opportunity to fight.

His Twitter stint saw him spending more time in arguments than he ever did in posting Google maps of all the places he had never been to so to thereby complain about and criticize them.

And while he had remained quite active on The Big Bird App, he was notoriously inactive in the real world activist community.

As *the* transit guy based in Long Island City, Queens, Hayden lives “steps” from the NYC ferry, a form of public transportation he never took or even bothered investigating. On a sunny day in 2022, after years of living next to it, a squealing Hayden finally took a boat ride. He had a glorious time, snapping pics and hating car use, but he never rode the ferry again, never researched who funds ferry nor who uses it regularly.

Some transit guy.

Then this past Christmas, because Hayden had bought too many Christmas presents (including, I kid you not, two weighted blankets), his own father infamously drove to NYC to pick Hayden up in a car and escort him back up to Rhode Island.

Hayden can’t afford health insurance and is “rationing meds” but he’s simultaneously also Santa busting at the seams with too many gifts for public transportation use.

Again, a real transit guy wouldn’t do this: they wouldn’t act this way.

(Nor would their father: TransitDad only drives🙊.)

Hayden has currently privated his website but one can still access his pompous 25-page “experience portfolio” here and his now outdated résumé here.

Hayden also runs the seemingly paused TransitCon for which he receives corporate funding and of which he claims to be a poverty-stricken part time CEO. TransitCon occurred in January 2021 and then again in January 2022 but there is no announcement for any such event happening this month; perhaps Hayden was too busy arguing this past year to put together such a conference. And TransitCon’s website is just a bunch of YouTube videos with almost no sight of Hayden (likely on purpose) with zero analysis or summary and almost no written content.

Another transit guy fail.

I did giggle at one of the speakers at 2022’s TransitCon event, a doctoral history candidate, who thought President John F. Kennedy was still alive in 1968 when in fact JFK had been assassinated five years previously, in perhaps one of the most memorable political events in this country during the last century. Ain’t nothing like history to require accuracy of dates but I guess I’m a persnickety stickler, unlike the transit guy.

TransitCon update, Jan 13, 2023:


(Oops maybe not: another deleted HayTweet🤷‍♀️.)

Hayden also hasn’t touched his Substack in over two years (“follow him!!!!!😃😀😄”). He doesn’t write. He only tweets. And fights.

So will Hayden Clarkin be back after his public meltdown?

I bet he will. He likes the spotlight too much to stay away long.

(Spoiler: five hours after this post went live, Hayden removed the lock on his account. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is back in the building.)

Will he show up more humbled, with lessons learned?

I highly doubt it. Hayden’s already shown us who he is. He makes yimbys look bad, a tall order, as he remains his own worst enemy.

I suspect Hayden will do what he always does: he’ll delete every single one of his tweets, he’ll apologize for the trauma that he himself has had to endure and he’ll beg for attention.

Hayden and his breakdowns are like a train arriving on time: predictable.

Update: after a whopping three whole days, PickMe is back.

(But his website is still locked.)


Why’d you delete this tweet, HayHay? Because claiming to be homeless was a huge lie and you got caught again?

We see you.

And that high speed rail running through your, ah, logic.

“Follow me!!!!😤🍼😤 Love, Hayden🥺😭
Congrats, HayBlend!!!!!😃😀😄
“Love🥺, SouffléDen😭
(we’re all watchin, PlayDen👋)

“H*yd*n Cl*rk*n” as search term (🙊)

3 responses to “Hayden Clarkin’s Breakdown”

  1. Hi Fuelgrannie!

    Hayden claims to have worked on ‘Alameda “Complete Streets” Corridor Redesigns.’

    Was that one of the “Complete Streets” that Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan was killed by a car on Alameda Island several years ago?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh good question, Marcos!

      Hayden lives in this blog (I should charge glass tower rent!) so he already sees your question but will likely not respond on here (or anywhere I reckon) about any dangerous project with which he was involved. If there’s a responsibility to avoid, HayHay is all over it!😃😀😄

      How unbelievably sad about Supervisor Chan: she is missed every day https://www.sfchronicle.com/eastbay/article/Alameda-County-Supervisor-Wilma-Chan-struck-and-16590231.php


  2. […] his tragic unemployment situation, I was reminded of ever-victim and almost homeless “twice” Hayden Clarkin: here’s another six-figure-earning whiner. I assured Samir he likely wouldn’t remain unemployed […]


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