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Ben Carlos Thypin Is Down With PPP

August 27, 2022

Yeah you know he.

With all the current buzz of PPP loan forgiveness, it would be remiss to exclude the antics of Sven Carlos Thypin who, for his tiny quantitative real estate brokerage firm Quantierra, took out two Paycheck Protection Program loans in the past two years: one in April 2020, just one mere month into the pandemic, for over $50,000; and then another in February 2021, for a chaser loan of $100,000.

And let’s not forget that Quantierra was that infamous four-person operation, consisting of Ben’s friend and employee, Stephen J. Smith (aka racist liar MarketUrbanism); Ben himself; sexual harasser Sandip Trivedi; and Sandip’s target, the late Scherezade Momin, the latter who was already in the process of suing Ben and Sandip by January 2021.

Logic dictates thus that the “loan” to Quantierra for over $100,000 in February 2021 only went towards the salaries of three employees, who were actually also the company founders, the very dishonest Stephen Smith, the very wealthy Ben Carlos Thypin and the very horny Sandip Trivedi.

Perusing the federal site for PPP loans reveals amounts of a few thousand dollars for most businesses in the same Lower Manhattan zip code as Quantierra; many of these businesses were small mom&pops, struggling service providers like restaurants and dry cleaners, with more than a handful of employees, some of which did not survive, who received a tiny fraction of what Ben, Stephen and Sandip took while they “worked,” comfortably and safe, from their own homes, doing the super essential lifesaving work of real estate speculation.

Scherezade Momin died on a Friday in November 2021. She was only 36 years old.

The very next business day, the Monday of Thanksgiving week, Ben and Sandip petitioned the court to throw out the case.

They got their wish last month, in July 2022, when the unresolved yet obvious case was dismissed.

Were their PPP loan obligations also similarly dismissed? Or did they pay the loans back, which they all could have easily afforded?

From observing how these ghouls operate, my minuscule money is on the former.

And as always, rest in peace lovely and innocent Scherry Momin.

Ben Carrie Thypin
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Look what the cat dragged in, on this of all days….


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10 responses to “Ben Carlos Thypin Is Down With PPP”

  1. Hey Connie. Just curious, do you have a hairy cunt? Would love to know when I ejaculate to you next time. ❤

    Aslo, I'd you ever want a good cunninglingust to eat your pussy, I'm your man..


    1. Hey Ben,

      “Frankly I’m flattered” but I thought you only jerked off to Alana Sivin https://sivin4statesenate.com/meet-alana/

      Nonetheless thanks for giving me your IP address. Again.



      1. Alana’s updated website https://www.alanaforny.com/ (for the curious yimbcels😤🍼😫)


  2. So to understand what you’re writing about here, it’s basically that you don’t like these people and they got some PPP loans?

    Like, you imply there’s some nefarious business but don’t actually have any evidence of anything right? So this post is you saying “couldn’t you imagine if these people did a bad thing? wouldn’t that be bad?”

    Are you getting outside enough?


    1. Ok wait, IP address, lemme get this right: you’re okay with fraud?

      I’m not.

      That’s why my post is filled with, ah, “evidence.”

      So maybe you’re the one who needs to “touch grass!!!!!😤🍼😫”


      1. Still hope you’re ok Avatar
        Still hope you’re ok

        The only evidence in your post is for the fact that a business took out a loan. So, again asking to clarify, that’s the point of this post? “Guy I don’t like took out a loan?” Oof.


        1. No.

          Business, which is not essential, took out a $150k PPP loan during a pandemic: that’s fraud.



  3. That guy is a scumbag (can I say that…I just did). I live in the Bronx, in one of the last few areas comprised of single-family private homes. There is an upzoning taking place in the Throggs Neck section where a supermarket owner is now able to tear down the store and slap up a few buildings with over 300 apartments. In an area that is mostly 1 and 2-family private homes.

    Well, I found out that Thypin has an issue w/the TN area and those protesting against this – he called those folks racist. He calls people that he doesn’t know, never met and an area he knows nothing about racist. Because when there’s nothing else to fall back, call it racist.

    So I called him up. Found his cell phone online and figured WTF…I’ll call the scumbag.

    I was as cordial as I could be. I asked him what made these folks racist. I pointed out how he didn’t know them, doesn’t know the area, knows nothing about this location. I pointed out to him how he grew up in a million-dollar home in Princeton, attended an uppity private Princeton school, and attended Cornell. His best response was “oh, someone knows how to use Google”. Golly Ben, imagine someone from the Bronx knowing how to use Google.

    Needless to say, he wound up hanging up on me.

    He is an obnoxious privileged douchbag like all those in that Open New York organization.

    But let’s also understand something about those folks. They are dangerous. VERY dangerous. They will ruin neighborhoods and not give a rat’s behind about it. I know this Throggs Neck upzoning is going to cause a lot of issues in the community. I don’t need to see it happen – I know it will happen. I know what happens when low density areas are upzoned. Nothing good comes out of this.

    But here we have a bunch of transplants telling us what’s best and ruining one neighborhood at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I say the same thing: these guys are dangerous.

      They are out for the money to be made from all this development, which directly benefits them, but they are also out for the power: they want to rule over other people. They think they’re better than other folks and should thereby lord over them. They are about eliminating community voices and taking over political control.

      The rest of us must fight every second to stand up to these ghouls and to also continue raising awareness about who they are (a small group of mostly male, mostly white and mostly transient) and how poorly they operate.

      Your experience with Ben doesn’t surprise me: “someone knows how to use Google” is ackshually his worst nightmare. He hates how much people know about him and how he can’t hide from it.


  4. […] quote your lord and founder Ben Carlos Thypin, “buckle up,” tender yimbys as the path is […]


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