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Private Yimby

September 19, 2022

What’s with all the hiding, yimbys?

Open New York New York founder Sven Carlos Thypin currently cowers behind a locked account, along with his komrade, Democratic Socialists of America paid staffer Snickole Murray, and their peer, paranoid Philadelphia chaos-maker Taylor Kessinger.

And Open New York member Émilia Decaudin, another DSA payroll recipient, won’t have conversations about yimbyism in the open air (her “DMs are open😤🍼😫,” though).

Émilia uses Twitter to claim that Twitter, to her, is a “haze.”

Public scrutiny and any subsequent engagement remain difficult for the “pro-housing not pro tenant” zealots because their agenda is easier to propagate from behind closed doors and away from prying, overly educated and community-aligned eyes (aka, “haze😤🍼😫”).

Private yimbyism will only build a limited amount of public support, especially here in New York City, from within their tiny, cushy, quiet yimby safe spaces where no one can criticize any neoliberal ideas or ask any relevant questions or demand any transparency: yimbys continue to prove how much they abhor accountability in this accountability-happy town that is NYC.

And this sad yimby strategy doesn’t fool anyone, as proven by the pointed quote tweets to Émilia’s proposal (she limits replies because “free speech” drives her French derrière crazy🥺😭).


Upzone your need to hide, Émilia: you’re an elected official as well as an alleged “socialist😤🍼😫.”

Stop being so scared of actual discourse: your capitalism is showing. And we all see it.

14 responses to “Private Yimby”

  1. Fuelgrannie can suck my girldick!

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  2. Ask Emilia about Mitch Draizin!

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    1. Let’s also ask shady nonprofit profiteer Aaron A. Carr (aka, Émilia’s mentor🥺😭) about Mitchell Draizin https://twitter.com/doom_looming/status/1400875837151404035?s=20


      1. I guess they have a thing for Westchester. Emilia is from Westchester. Katelin Penner who doesn’t seem genuine is from Westchester.

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        1. Yimbchester yimbfection: Open New York’s newly former Exec Dir, Will Thomas, is also from Westchester. What’s in the water there? Neoliberal hydrogen?


  3. Westchester tends to be more left leaning than Nassau County. Its not as culturally conservative as Long Island.

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  4. Hey Connie, I’m curious – have you ever engaged in a single real life conversation with anyone who you would cartoonishly vilify on this blog? If this stuff is so incredibly important, then I would think you’d be spending less time shouting into this echo chamber and more time actually interacting in the real world with people involved with these issues. Has making enemies out of basically everyone helped you advance your cause? Thanks in advance for answering!


    1. Sure, IP address one example was when I tried to speak to Open New York’s former Executive Director Will Thomas after last July’s CB2 meeting in Lower Manhattan but he ran away from me, terrified.

      Curiously, “this stuff” must be somewhat “incredibly important” enough to you for you to have written comments to me, not just once but twice today. My “echo chamber😤🍼😫” must hold some attraction to you, I reckon.

      And I’m extremely active in my community, in person and online, and have only made “enemies” out of anonymous yimbys like you; and anonymous yimbys, like you, are not “basically everyone,” especially here in New York City. It’s just you guys: terrified, pissy and self-conscious.

      Thanks so much for all your time and attention!


      1. Do you think it reflects poorly on other people or on you that they want nothing to do with you?

        I imagine you think you’re avoided because people are afraid of the salient points you might make to crush their worldview. I’d encourage reflection on what some other more intrapersonal reasons might be!


        1. Who “want[s] nothing to do with” me? Open New York members? Fragile yimbys? Why are they so afraid to engage, oh those timid private yimbys🥺😭? https://fuelgrannie.com/2022/09/19/private-yimby/

          You lack impulse control, IP address you can’t quit commenting on this blog while disparaging it; I wonder if you consider how you prove the criticism against yimby is warranted by your very own actions


  5. Urbanism is a cult. Urbanism is urban MAGA.

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    1. Proud Boi Yimbees: and we see em👋


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