long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty

Sven Carlos Thypin

August 22, 2022

Quite the spicy banger, ain’t it, Svenjamin? Your new nickname?🥺😭

You claim it’s “antisemitism” but you did form Open New York, a real estate development lobbying group, along with your pals Stephen J. Smith (aka MarketUrbanism, a fellow co-founder of Quantierra, and your very own employee), Dan Miller and Jake Schmidt in 2015, didn’t you? Quite the power move, amirite?

And you had created Open New York to be a political machine which you had initially sold as a “tenants’ organization,” an absurd postulation which was quickly edited from your still wonky website.

(Oops, looks like bikey has now deleted his entire account: something I copy/pasted?🥺😭)

(I mean, for now..🙊)
Why, it’s hairy fuelgrannie, what else?🤗

And you, Bennie, are widely known for using the Open New York slack group chat to encourage your acolytes to Twitter dunk on any yimby dissenters. Just because you’re slouched, slit-eyed and flaccid, on your bong-water-stained leather couch when you make these commands doesn’t make you any less of a svengali. Slopgali, stonedgali, wellfedgali, sure, sure: also you. But svengali fits.

Ben Carlos Khytchin fits, too.

Turn that never-touched kitchen into a doorless non-private bedroom, yep yep yep, eh king?😭🥺

Generational wealth is a helluva drug.

In your case, it gets you so high that you ackshually think you’re the victim.

“Money lit on fire!!!!!😤🍼😫”

(kinda like Ben’s ads for REBNYlina🙊)
yimbys be mad
Edith Carlos Piafpin
Open New York endorsement = kiss of any campaign’s death
(who’s gonna tell yim?)
“I just got ~*shopped*~😤🍼😫”

Terrified to be public.

Hide all you want. But we still see you.

We’ve been unable to unsee you and your antics for years now: you are your own inescapable history, Ben Carlos Thypin.

And your history will never leave you or your organization: like your opponents, your history isn’t going away.


2 responses to “Sven Carlos Thypin”

  1. A Concerned Reader Avatar
    A Concerned Reader

    Please get help. You are obsessed with these people. Just delete the twitter app and move on.


    1. Please get help. You are obsessed with me. Just delete the WordPress app and move on.


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