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RIP Scherezade Momin: 1985 – 2021

At the start of 2021, a front-end developer powerhouse had begun the process of suing the company she had co-founded with Open New York founder Ben Carlos Thypin, MarketUrbanism himself Stephen Jacob Smith and engineer Sandip Trivedi for sexual harassment committed by Trivedi:

Front End Engineer Sues Scipre Analytics For Sexual Harassment After Drunken I Love You: Scherezade Momin sued Quantierra Advisors LLC dba Scipre Analytics for sexual harassment and discrimination. On April 21, 2021, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge John G. Koeltl held a proceeding. Momin was employed as a front end engineer for $38 an hour or $80,000 a year. Her supervisor Sandip Trivedi, she says, got drunk and told her he loved her. When she complained, her salary was cut to $65,000. The defendants will now file a motion to dismiss by May 14. The case is Momin v. Quantierra Advisors LLC, 21-cv-612 (Koeltl).”

But by late November 2021, the Pakistani-born, 36-year-old Momin, a model, “entrepreneur, scientist, designer, avid fashion hobbyist” and co-founder of Quantierra’s Scipre Analytics, had died in a New York City hospital.

But from what? How? I cannot find any details on cause of death.

And what an unbelievable convenient demise for certain parties.

Was Momin’s passing due to a rare and extreme late case of severe covid? Did she die by suicide, as a few had quickly supposed? Or could it have been via an intentional act committed by someone else, as a few others have speculated?

What would have caused the death of a perfectly healthy, physically fit, brilliant and beautiful young woman, especially as this court case, which had meant so much to her and her reputation, continued its journey towards trial?

Momin’s LinkedIn profile has already been disabled. By whom? LinkedIn?

It had been Ben Carlos Thypin who had reduced Momin’s salary from $85K to $65K, a 25% cut in pay. And he did this behind her back, as if to make her pay for having made such a complaint in the first place.

Thypin had also giggled to Momin that Trivedi was obsessed with her and then instructed Momin to keep her distance: this detail is in her legal complaint.

To emphasize: Thypin had instructed Momin to keep her distance instead of telling Trivedi to back off. Thypin had held Momin responsible for Trivedi’s harassment and inappropriate behavior, not Trivedi himself.

After cutting Momin’s salary, Thypin then fired her, again behind her back: Momin learned of the dismissal after accessing Scipre Analytics’s human resources tracking app where she saw she had been terminated, another detail in the legal complaint.

I had posted screenshots of Momin’s complaint on my Twitter account: I remember very well what that complaint had stated.

Momin died of unknown causes on Friday, November 19, 2021. By the following Monday, November 22, 2021, Thanksgiving week, a body almost still warm, the legal team for Thypin and Trivedi were already petitioning the court to dismiss the case.

Sometimes there is no justice for some people during their lifetime but that doesn’t mean they will ever be forgotten.

I won’t forget what Scherezade Momin had to endure. Not just the harassment committed by Sandip Trivedi but also the treachery committed by Ben Carlos Thypin, who had been her business partner for over five years. Momin deserved better yet the very existence of this case demonstrates who she was, as a fighter, as person betrayed and as a woman standing up for the justice she rightly deserved.

This case’s existence also shows, in glaring public brightness, the enduring mediocrity of Ben Carlos Thypin, an extremely wealthy landlord and real estate developer, and a strange, greedy enabler who enjoys hurting people.

But when does the hurt go too far?

Rest in peace and rest in power, Scherezade Momin: you will be remembered.

Scherezade Feroze Momin: 1985 – 2021 “Scherry designs, codes, and hacks. She is an entrepreneur, scientist, designer, and avid fashion hobbyist, who is also passionate about real estate, data and the internet (especially hacking it). Currently, she is a co-founder of Quantierra, a data-driven real estate investment platform. They use data and algorithms to source commercial real estate investment deals in New York City.
Gone too soon: no justice for Scherezade Momin
one screenshot from Case 1:21-cv-00612-JGK, filed 1/22/21
“As a real yimby, do you not have a problem with sleazy Ben and the allegations that he fires employees [business partners] who report sexual harassment?”
“…do it with some integrity, goddamit”
(when the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit supports another sexual harasser😑)
The case was dismissed because Scherry died, Ben

And you weren’t her “friend,” you complicit lying ghoul: you allowed her to be sexually harassed and then you fired her from the company she helped create because she had complained about the harassment

15 responses to “RIP Scherezade Momin: 1985 – 2021”

  1. What’s up Grannie, long time no see.

    anyway I tried to post this and this is what popped up. I’ve only seen this chicanery when I tweet your posts.

    The Urbanish are out of control but their narrative is getting weaker.

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  2. Word to the wise: always use “alleged” when stating details of a lawsuit.


    1. What lawsuit, “Franz?” Spoiler: Momin has died, there is no lawsuit🤷‍♀️


  3. Don’t worry, I’m sure all the members of Open New York will promptly distance themselves from their founder and funder, Ben Thypin. YEAH RIGHT! Don’t hold your breath on that one.

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  9. Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment because there’s not a lot of info online about Scherry’s death and others who knew her might stumble across this post. Scherry died due to complications from a long term chronic health issue. She was placed into a medically induced coma and died peacefully at the hospital.

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    1. I think there is evidence that there was foul play involved. It wasnt her immediate medical problems that put her in the hospital. Her ex was very shady. Investing in her vc then suddenly changing his tune. Trying to claw his money back. Trying to control her. Let’s just say he had motive and opportunity.

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  10. Scherezade didn’t deserve the mountain of crap that she endured in her last days. I’m sorry she’s gone. I pray her soul finds peace.

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