long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty

“Buckle Up!!!!😤🍼😫”

November 2, 2022

It did not go unnoticed when a cold shivering Sven Carlos Thypin came out of hiding just as Elon Musk officially took over Twitter.

Thypin had made his account private for weeks and had not posted even one tweet during his self-imposed early autumn exile.

Had that been because Thypin was so embarrassed by Open New York’s futile (expensive?) support of obvious real estate hack Carlina Rivera and her epically failed campaign?

Or was it because he hates having his tweets accessible to the general public? (🫣🙊👋)

Could be a combo of these suppositions.

And currently, to no one’s surprise, Svenjamin is back to being private.

Update: he’s back! (I mean for now….)

Upper update: back to private.

(Ooop and he’s public yet again: getting whiplash in the past few days trying to keep up with his opening and shutting access to his Twitter account.)

All while he’s a-hatin’ on democracy, like the neoliberal centrist he pretends not to be.

I suspect Thypin naïvely and arrogantly could not even fathom how upzoned this yimby hill was going to be here in New York City back in 2015 when he launched Open New York in the basement kitchen of one of the many buildings his father Richard Thypin owns in midtown Manhattan.

The younger Thypin likely assumed, some seven years ago, that he would have had no trouble in assuming the reins of NYC real estate by controlling the political narrative. He had somehow not counted on being observed for the blatant power grab he is still attempting to pull off. He had surmised, it seems, that he could just fly under the radar, away from any scrutiny, as he schemed to control public policy, public discussion and city-owned public land.

(This is all aside from the hundreds of units and multiple acres of NYC property that he and his steel heir family own.)

And now Open New York is pretending to be a “woman-led [sic]” organization while it’s still Thypin driving every aspect of ONY, from the strategizing to the check signing.

Ben Carlos Thypin never fathomed the reality of human memory especially as it pertains to his own actions and history: he had never understood what his reputation was becoming; he had never factored in that he was being witnessed the entire time.

Like any obtuse yimby, the criticizer couldn’t conceptualize the very criticism he ended up bringing upon himself.

“I’ve been everywhere, man, and racism is the most craycray at the Walmart pharmacy😤🍼😫”

He could never recognize the power other people might have: the power of opposing voices; the power of community activism; the power of actions and words.

The power of eyeballs upon him.

The power of truth.

That sheer screaming power of undeniable truth.

New Yorkers love truth, much to every yimby’s bottomless chagrin.

And, at this point in the Big Apple, the hill of truth has never been steeper for the liars, grifters and con artists.

So maybe it’s ackshually Ben Carlos Thypin who needs to “buckle up.”


“Our ~*portfolio*~!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”

(buckle up 👋)



“I’m unfunny pls date me🥺😭”

2 responses to ““Buckle Up!!!!😤🍼😫””

  1. This is all a zero sum game of dominance…

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  2. […] quote your lord and founder Ben Carlos Thypin, “buckle up,” tender yimbys as the path is […]


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