long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty


Ben Carlos Thypin has quite the reach.

Todd Fine’s Twitter account promptly received a 12-hour suspension this morning for his having posted a link to Thypin’s $2900 contribution to New York City District 10 congressional candidate, and Open New York darling, Carlina Rivera.

Steel heir gonna steel heir

Meanwhile unpopular Carlina Rivera, destroyer of the East River Park, remains to voters an ever obvious puppet for real estate development interests like landlord Thypin’s vanity project, the real estate development lobbying group Open New York: yimby can try hiding, oh I dunno, literal public financial information (thanks to complicit Twitter) yet the truth of who they are, and where all their money goes, still screams.


No one is stupid here, Ben Thypin: silencing other people only continues to draw the very attention you hate.

The money tells the story

While the truth follows you around like a ghost you can’t shake.

“A lot of young white men
packed jar of mayonnaise (“😤🍼😫”)
You retweeted a sentiment literally directed at you, Einsthypin
spoiler: Twitter is a yumbo 👋
… and Carlina ain’t no ally
“yimby maven” (🙊)
jon mcmillan” is the SVP of development at TF Cornerstone but pretends to be a “little landlord” on Twitter


Post-primary update (yimbees be mad):

4 responses to “Benspension”

  1. Doesn’t surprise me. The same reason white men love AOC is the same reason white men or toxic bros of all colors love Carlina Rivera.

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    1. They used to hate AOC, too, because they’re all Amazon bootlickers who got their panties in a twist when Bezos quit his unrealistic and unpopular HQ2LIC proposal in Queens in 2019. These yumbots are now all pretending to be pro union, even lying slumlord Earl of Thypin: but we still see them for exactly what they are👋


      1. Also maybe the Amazon vs. Google war has simmered down. That’s why I think AOC got involved with Amazon.

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  2. […] memory especially as it pertains to his own actions and history: he had never understood what his reputation was becoming; he had never factored in that he was being witnessed the entire […]


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