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Not My Vote, Kristen Gonzalez

August 9, 2022


When it comes to the voter decision to pick a senator for New York State’s newly designated District 59, it’s the company you keep, amirite, Kristen Gonzalez?

🚩 + 🚨 = not my vote

As I had attempted to explain to you in person this past Memorial Day on Broadway in Astoria when disability advocate Marc Safman and I had met you by chance during an anti-InnovationQNS canvass: Brad Lander as squad = not my vote.

I remain grateful nonetheless for that opportunity this past May to have been able to express to you my apprehension about your connection to yimby interests and to Democratic Socialists of America, DSA:entryism!!!!!😤🍼😫”

(And now that we’re in August, my hunch has been proven right.)

🚩 + 🚨 = not my vote

You had asked me then for my phone number and said you would call me that following week so we could talk more, an odd declaration which turned out, unsurprisingly, not to be true as my number was instead used via text by your staffer looking for a campaign contribution. Apparently, asking for phone numbers, pledging to personally call and then never following up is your habit (pro-tip: you should break that).

Marc Safman, who has literally drafted bills and developed legislation for handicapped populations, was also promised a phone call from you which also never came. And you should have networked with him, Kristen, I don’t understand why you didn’t: Marc is well known to many New York City pols and it would have behooved you, as an able-bodied human, to better understand issues concerning this city’s disabled persons as there are so many of them. They vote, too, you should know.

You then insisted to both Marc and me that you were not aligned to DSA; you had clarified instead that your allegiance was to Working Families Party, WFP.

In retrospect now, that doesn’t seem exactly true, does it?

🚩 + 🚨 = not my vote

I then asked you that day about your relationship with Open New York and you pretended, very badly (“Open New Yowhat? Ummm who?”), to not know who they are.

🚨 + 🚩 + 🚨 + 🚩 + 🚨 + 🚩

Your alleged lack of awareness is inexcusable to me, especially as I presently write this some three months later: how can you not know who Open New York is? Everyone in Western Queens knows about Ben Carlos Thypin’s vanity project cum lobbying organization , most especially political hopefuls.

So why don’t you?

Or were you lying when you claimed ONY ignorance?

Why would you lie about something like that? What are you trying to hide?

And as I relayed to you that day, Kristen, I am a nobody, certainly no influencer, and all I can offer to any pertinent political candidate is my one mere vote. My opinion is just my opinion: I remain sure it doesn’t count that much at all.

And that Memorial Day, in meeting you, I had just wanted you to be aware of my issue with voting for you: I can’t fully trust you because of the company you keep.

I mean, ask your own team.

They hate me.

So I bet they must be relieved my vote won’t sully your tally: that’s the result they wanted, isn’t it? My lost vote is a consequence they themselves created: a happy L they must be thrilled to take, bro.

I prefer that the candidate who does end up receiving my one lowly tiny vote will actually know about Open New York (or at least admit to it, hello) and is already standing up to their shady real estate development machine instead of pretending not to know who they are (Juan Ardila, annnnyone?).

k but your checks are from Open New York👋

Another covetous machine which makes me similarly nervous is comprised of the ironically self-described “socialists” of DSA leadership, who act more like condescending, arrogant clout-chasers than true embracers of social and economic parity: they’re too obtuse to comprehend that they publicly present as a small, closed, mocking clique of entitled and excluding fops.

Aka, the literal antithesis of socialism.

Again, not muh vote.

entryism incels

Like many recently disillusioned Queens voters, I acknowledge the membership of DSA is not the same as its leadership: the former reflects a mass of seemingly well-meaning folk while the latter can’t stop staring, lovingly and enchanted, at their own reflection.

Because my biggest fear about you is that, like Tiffany Cabán, you won’t listen to your constituency and will instead defer to a limited group of haughty, power-craving asshats who are barely of legal drinking age, and who also don’t live in your district, for direction, counsel and validation.

I suspect you won’t serve District 59 at all but instead will solely serve the agenda of the corrupt douche sacs in DSA’s upper tier.

And it’s that presumption of power by DSA flamfluencers which is so off putting, perchance not just to me. It’s also those deep yimby alliances, the direct and blatant ties to Open New York, which repel thoughtful and educated voters. We deserve better than being ruled by self important popularity hounds looking to unhouse us in the name of social and racial justice.

But, hey, what do I know? I’m just a simple nobody.

Who won’t be voting for you.


DSA leadership *is* in the pocket of Open New York and REBNY (see: Cea)

DSA membership not so much

It’s the head of the snake you have to worry about, not the body☝️

3 responses to “Not My Vote, Kristen Gonzalez”

  1. Brad Lander is also involved in a massive conflict of interest along with his wife who’s a lobbyist for “non”-profit homeless service providers for the most dangerous shelters in NYC and probably the nation. A truly disgusting followup to his Park Slope neighbor and worst mayor ever Bill de Blasio who’s wife also stole billions from a fake mental health office that was meant to help mentally ill homeless people

    All of these fauxcialists give justification to make obtuseness a felony.

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    1. Brad Lander = Ben Carlos Thypin: when either endorses anyone, run in the opposite direction


  2. None of this surprises me about the #amexsocialist. The more I see things, the more I see these socialists and progressives as the new political machine that will do anything and everything to maintain their power. Tiffany Caban being criticized as non responsive doesn’t surprise me either. It’s almost like she wants criminal justice “reform” in order to sow chaos to drive “unwanted” people out of NYC.

    I’ll also point out that I earned my first blue checkmark block by Eliza Orlins (who ran for DA as a progressive then endorsed Ryder Kessler) when I called out the fact that her own volunteer who dealt with police abuse of power got radio silence when they wanted her to listen to their concerns about police abuse of power.

    When progressives do all of the above, no wonder why people are shifting to the GOP and the tide is turning against progressive values (some of which might be necessary).

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