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Sylvia Li, the Liar of DCP

Residents of Lower Manhattan, as well as New Yorkers and observers from all over, do not criticize New York’s Department of City Planning’s senior planner Sylvia Li because she is Asian: they do so because Sylvia Li lied to them.

Li was recently nominated for the Ibo Balton award for “community planning” from the creepy Citizens Housing Planning Council (with its Jessica Katz infamy), for having brought “equitablescams to SoHo NoHo. Since my tweets about Li’s dishonesty are currently hidden, here are screenshots of them from over a year ago which demonstrate Li’s cruel dismissiveness towards downtown elderly residents, her blatant favoritism of Open New York members, none of whom live in the rezoned area, and her unabashed dishonesty.

City Planners paused the meeting for their own five-minute break less than half an hour into this sham meeting: why did they need to talk privately during this barely “public” event?

Sylvia Li laughingly referred to displacement while calling elderly New York City residents and their homes “relics:” she was insulting, dismissive and cruel

That’s why so many people have a problem with Sylvia Li, not because of her ethnicity
Sylvia Li wants to degrowth the artists and replace them with tech bros pretending to be artists
Sylvia Li hogged the call, rambling on endlessly, eating into public engagement time: and she did that on purpose
Pete Davies, a long time SoHo renter (not a homeowner👋🗣), calls out the years of lies told to the community by Sylvia Li
Sylvia Li is a cold cruel liar
Sylvia Li does not care about these residents: they are an impediment to her career growth
But guess who is given “privilege” and “priority?”

Open New York

Displacement is their jam
This was a sham and we all saw it
Shame on you, Sylvia Li
Submitted questions by the public for the October 2020 Zoom ULURP call, the initial of four such public engagement sessions during the height of a pre-vaccination global pandemic: “almost no support for the rezoning”

My requested question was #354 on DCP’s list, on page 38 of individual queries, so I didn’t get to ask it

Funnily enough, though, Open New York’s Will Thomas was called on to speak by Sylvia Li. And going forward, he was allowed to speak on every other call, too, despite his not being a resident of SoHo NoHo and despite hundreds of other people having signed up to comment and who were turned away, which is immediately suspicious and potentially corrupt because of the obvious cronyism

Again, it ain’t your ethnicity or race which your critics abhor, Sylvia Li: it’s your blatant favoritism and your dishonesty

We’ve never not seen it

People hate your lies, Sylvia Li, not your skin color.

But keep collecting your gratuitous, crony, clubby awards and pocketing our taxpayer funding as your six-figure salary: we will all remain watching you.

(Also: all these tweets of mine about Sylvia Li, as well as this very blog post itself, are still missing all that alleged racism which I supposedly express at all given moments: weird flex, huh?)

Because Sylvia Li is the liar of the DCP


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