long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty

Spencer WhereWolf

What the heck happened to Spencer Heckwolf?

Weird flex that right after I got suspended, Open New York’s most jumpy member disabled his Twitter account.

And it has not gone unnoticed, either, that at just around that same time Sam Douche also changed his handle from @samdman95 to @sam_d_1995, still nonetheless thankfully keeping us all abreast of his birth year.

Why would these yimbys change their names or self-suspend their own social media accounts? Are they trying to make it more difficult to have their tweets searched?

Like, oh I dunno, like, say, this one?

Are the yimbys, like, embarrassed?

Because the yimby narrative, while wildly dishonest, remains nonetheless deliberate. Every move is intentional, even if it’s an incredibly foolish move.


So I had wondered over this past year if Spencer had been reprimanded or praised by Open New York for his public outbursts where he had challenged senior citizens to “talk to him outside!!😤🍼😩” Did the yimbros approve of Spencer’s repeated physical threats or did they tell him, quietly and earnestly, to maybe tone it down just a little?

Get on top of it, Spencie!

Because these yimbys don’t change names or delete accounts unless they perceive some profitable justification for such actions. There is a reason for everything yimbys do and don’t do.

Official milk carton pic🥺😭

For instance, Spencer never said his last name during his numerous public testimonies: perchance he was afeared that his full appellation was akin to that of a minor Disney cartoon character’s, maybe like Prince Charming’s annoying upstairs neighbor, the easily sparked Spencer of Heckwolf.

The real life version of Spencer, also easily sparked, can still be found doing sit ups and complaining about the elderly on Tiktok: for the meantime and for whatever reasons, the HellPuppy hath downzoned himself off of the bird app.


Sun’s out: ears and thumbs out


(*gasp* he’s baaaaaaaack!!!!!!🥺😭)
You are “too cowardly” to publicly utter your Disney villain last name, HellPuppy: we see you👋
What happened to your old account, Spencester?
(wait, which one are you again?)
Really should be the Ben Thypin stop lying challenge
“You’re a fanatic”


6 responses to “Spencer WhereWolf”

  1. Just saw Spency’s latest training tiktok video


  2. Sam Deutsch is a virgin urbanist Avatar
    Sam Deutsch is a virgin urbanist

    Sam Deutsch doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


  3. Spencer did not realize he was an unwitting ally, but over time, the Bros surely figured it out. https://twitter.com/TheKvetcher/status/1491928640745095198

    But they thought it was fine until we really framed his antics for everyone to focus on. This was a legit surprise to them, from Alaska (who openly supported his odious, cruel behavior) to the Broligarch. Because after all, “Bullying works!”


    1. Sam Deutsch is a virgin urbanist Avatar
      Sam Deutsch is a virgin urbanist

      How many YIMBY’s actually lost their virginity?


      1. “what, exactly, ~*is*~ sex anyway?!?!?!?😤🍼😫”


  4. […] Spencer Heckwolf (@spencerheckwolf) April 25, 2022 “Imma kick her in her neck, […]


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