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Jane’s Walk 2022: A Sunset Walk Through Industrial Western Queens

After a two year covid hiatus, we’re back in sweet Queens!

Come explore the history of Vernon Boulevard, discuss the state of housing and development in New York City (especially in burgeoning outer borough areas), grab a beer at a local Long Island City brewery and walk through beautiful western Queens as the sun descends for Jane’s Walk 2022

Register here: https://secure.mas.org/np/clients/masnyc/eventRegistration.jsp?forwardedFromSecureDomain=1&event=7701 kids and bikes are welcome and water is available at the brewery (plus a bathroom!)

(Bring your camera)

See you there!



Hey Kermie: the LIC waterfront is more than Gantry Plaza State Park

Which my tour demonstrates


“The baby bottle emoji is a step ~*too*~ ~*far*~!!!!!!😤🍼😫”

I hope they do: they’re more than welcome to join
“C*nnie M*rray😤🍼😫”

“Ugh I haaaaaate her!!!!!😤🍼😫”


14 responses to “Jane’s Walk 2022: A Sunset Walk Through Industrial Western Queens”

  1. Det. McGuirk (Ret.) Avatar
    Det. McGuirk (Ret.)

    Will you be passing by the NYPD facility owned by Ben Carlos Thypin’s family? The Thypins are a major NYPD landlord.


    1. The NYPD facility near Smiling Hogshead Ranch? Omg, I had no idea that was also Thypin property, but boy does that make sense since it’s so close to World Thypin Headquarters. I had heard that area was being bought up by hedge funders so I guess it’s Thyfficial too😐


      1. Defund the police, except when you rent property to them. Defund the police, except when they’re needed to strictly enforce laws on car drivers such as 19-190 or reckless driving laws which urbanists are pushing to make intentionally overbroad. Defund the police, except when you want to use them as a Stasi to go after your perceived enemies.


        1. “Do not defund my landlordship!!!!!!😤🍼😫” https://fuelgrannie.com/2022/05/01/mighty-rich-thypin/


  2. Ben’s just jelly because you didn’t include his factory in the tour and the 5G wifi sentinel next to it.



    1. I suspect Ben was terrified the whole tour was about him😱


    2. A partial listing of Ben Carlos Thypin’s rich daddy’s portfolio: https://whoownswhat.justfix.nyc/en/address/MANHATTAN/108/EAST%2030%20STREET/summary

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This one single portfolio reflects ownership of 6 buildings containing 46 units: and that’s just this one portfolio. Notice too how Ben Thypin’s brother doesn’t always use his Thypin name, perchance to make it appear that he’s not part of this family. And these Thypin Steel heirs own plenty of other portfolios, containing hundreds of other units in numerous other buildings. Ben whines about how much he hates “homeowners😤🍼😫” on social media yet he is one himself, a thousand times over, the absurd hypocrite https://fuelgrannie.com/2022/05/01/mighty-rich-thypin/


  3. This may be the most passionate and most pro-censorship YIMBRO on that feed. He would not shut up and stop gaslighting.


    1. My favorite Bring20Tweets post: a guy taking a shit on a front door https://twitter.com/BringJobs/status/1150476970909732865?s=20&t=rxQIBRjJJsPJXshYmieeOQ

      BringJobs might be Guy Palumbo, an Amazon lobbyist. He doesn’t tweet that much anymore but when he does, it’s usually about me

      He’s kinda acts like @constans (aka Dean) and @yhdistyminen (aka Taylor Austin Kessinger) where he has the next three months to poorly and abusively argue one wrong point with you


      1. He sure tweeted like a hurricane when I accused him of censorship. He also called me a bad guy and accused me of not being working class. So sensitive. Maybe he should take karate classes with Spencer.


        1. He talks to you exactly like how he used to talk to me, starting back in 2019: 22 tweets in a row about how I don’t understand the birthplace of the skyscraper because I’m not a normal person while he refers to himself as “we.”


        2. That explains why I was confused when he was talking to himself after I muted him for 2 days.


        3. He called you a “coward😤🍼😤” because you weren’t a rapt audience member (“🥺😭”)


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