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Jane’s Walk 2022: A Sunset Walk Through Industrial Western Queens

After a two year covid hiatus, we’re back in sweet Queens!

Come explore the history of Vernon Boulevard, discuss the state of housing and development in New York City (especially in burgeoning outer borough areas), grab a beer at a local Long Island City brewery and walk through beautiful western Queens as the sun descends for Jane’s Walk 2022

Register here: https://secure.mas.org/np/clients/masnyc/eventRegistration.jsp?forwardedFromSecureDomain=1&event=7701 kids and bikes are welcome and water is available at the brewery (plus a bathroom!)

(Bring your camera)

See you there!

Been doing this MAS tour since 2016, developer, landlord and real estate development lobbying group OpenNY founder Ben Carlos Thypin: you’re six years late with your tired and lazy rage (“😤🍼😫”)
(Dear reader, you’ve been warned🥺😭)
Hey Kermie: the LIC waterfront is more than Gantry Plaza State Park

Which my tour demonstrates


“The baby bottle emoji is a step ~*too*~ ~*far*~!!!!!!😤🍼😫”

I hope they do: they’re more than welcome to join
“C*nnie M*rray😤🍼😫”

“Ugh I haaaaaate her!!!!!😤🍼😫”

I still do, Aaron Carr 👋