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Michelle Kuppersmith: A Doxxudrama

July 20, 2022

Yes, Ben Thyp.., er I mean LES3025, I did dox Michelle Kuppersmith.

I did that on Halloween last year and, yes, it was the one incident with which I agree per Twitter where I did deserve a 12-hour suspension of my account due to my carelessness.

Not because I want to kill Kuppersmith, who remains, some two years later, miraculously still fully alive.

But because the general public deserves to know that she, as an Open New York board member, is the owner of a million dollar (frankly, closer to two million dollar) Manhattan apartment.

I had posted a screenshot last October, just like this one, displaying the late 2020 purchase of Kuppersmith’s present home on the Lower East Side (the, ah, LES), at the time worth over $1.6M, so to substantiate that it was homeowning yimbys who supported the SoHo NoHo rezoning and not the elderly stabilized renters who those yimbys were striving to displace, via lies and slander.

Michelle Kuppersmith bought a home on the Lower East Side during the height of the pandemic for $1,616,000

Late last year, you yimbys had been maligning the aging hippy artists who built SoHo NoHo into an internationally adored tourist destination as, ah, Ku Klux Klan members.

(oh look it’s Sylvia Liar)

Who only wanted “white neighbors!!!!!😤🍼😫”

Scam Deutsch

When in reality, it’s actually white people like Michelle Kuppersmith and Eric Goode and Ben Carlos Thypin who are the homeowners in Lower Manhattan and who had been drooling in earnest for that gratuitous rezoning.

Because the old white ladies slandered in this post fear literal housing displacement not “new neighbors!!!!😤🍼😫”

Most of these residents are middle income retirees and many are renters.

Unlike you yimbys, they’re not rich homeowners.

Meanwhile, as demonstrated by easily accessible public information, Michelle Kuppersmith’s home on the Lower East Side is worth a cool $2 million. Kuppersmith is an Open New York board member.

Then there’s Eric Goode’s insane triplex garden penthouse, which has gotta be easily worth over $20 million at this point, maybe more. Goode, a producer of Tiger King which his brother Eric directed, is an Open New York member.

Chris Goode, a multimillionaire film producer whose equally wealthy brother produced Tiger King, owns a garden penthouse triplex, is on the right
“Won’t you be my neighbor?!?!?? You only need like twenty million bucks!!!!!😤🍼😫”

And who knows just how much real estate Ben Carlos Thypin and his immediate family own and how much all that real estate is worth and how much income it all creates for Ben, his brother, his father and his mother in all those many Thypin clan portfolio companies: who knows? Probably millions and millions of dollars. Ben Carlos Thypin founded Open New York in 2015.

You’re likely a homeowner, too, “LES3025.”

And you’re a long established infamous and vociferous defender of both Thypin and his vanity project Open New York.

You insist on staying anonymous which draws even more attention to you (unwanted?🤷‍♀️).


Maybe you’re not Ben Carlos Thypin after all.

Maybe you’re Michelle Kuppersmith herself.

Still alive and still a wealthy white homeowner

3 responses to “Michelle Kuppersmith: A Doxxudrama”

  1. Being forced out of NYC Avatar
    Being forced out of NYC

    Property ownership for me but not for thee.

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  2. Virgin Urbanist Avatar
    Virgin Urbanist

    I have a secret crush on her and want to ask her out but I think that David Friedlander will have a couch sesh with her before I can even go up and talk to her.

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