Mighty Rich Thypin

Oh ho ho, now that is mighty rich, mighty rich Thypin.

“My family owns literal buildings but you baby brain clowns with just ~*one*~ home? Ha! You red-nose losers have, like, a degenerative ~*brain*~ disease. Not those of us who, like, you know, own hundreds of homes, nope, not us: we’re immune!!! But you guys?!? Omg you are so mentally ill!!!!😤🍼😫”

I mean, how many homes do you own, Open New York founder?

In, like, all those buildings that you and your family own?

In all those portfolios you and your family have?

“by ~*my*~ ~*house*~!!!!😤🍼😫”

(k but, like, <which> house of yours, Lordpin?🥺😭)

Your family owns scores of buildings and properties.

Doesn’t that, like, you know, make you all homeowners, or landlords, a hundred times over? What a veritable Thypin sea of “degenerative brain disease,” huh?

You, mighty rich Thypin, a steel heir, disparage other people for daring to own *one* home when you and your family own enough real estate to house a small village of humans.

Maybe that’s the real “disease” here.

Because, really, Ben Carlos Thypin, is an average homeowner’s behavior truly a “degenerative brain disease” or is it just your own sociopathy

(Except your sickness is times one hundred.)

I know an investor, too: Ben Carlos Thypin’s very own Quantierra

(Thypin himself is also a landlord, many times over)
That time when Ben Carlos Thypin’s Quantierra employee, @marketurbanism Stephen J. Smith, tried to con black property owners out of a fair price
“I am a landlord: my buildingSSSS earn me income”

(saying that loud part out loud loudly, Benzolito👋)

“It’s pretty hypocritical to be a yimby and be a landlord

Dare you to do it, OpenNY 🤷‍♀️
If it’s “NIMBY city😤🍼😫,” then maybe you should move someplace else
But before you move, show your 990 form: we triple dog dare you👋
(you’re not alone, “BCT😤🍼😫”)
K but just how many homes do *you* own, Forehead? You’re a homeowner a hundred times over, you ridiculous obvious hypocrite 👋
Do you mean how many does Ben Thypin own, Cea Weaver, you ridiculous lying hypocrite?
(it was, you sick strange asshole)
In NYC, yimbys *are* conservative property owners

Yeah and then there’s you, Ben: a guy who owns scores of buildings and is thus a landlord of hundreds of homes

Do you ever, like, look at yourself?

Because, um, we do👋

11 thoughts on “Mighty Rich Thypin

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    1. fuelgrannie Post author

      The lawsuit claims Aaron Carr’s profitable nonprofit Housing Rights Initiative (HRI) endured “bodily harm😤🍼😫” by the defendants, a laughable assertion, typical of dishonest, victim complex, white savior yimbys. Aaron, who is a “capstone🥺😭” at shady republican pac org New Leaders Council, has also claimed he has “over a hundred screenshots” of my tweets, demonstrating how much of a racist homophobic bigot I am. But poor ol Aaron can only seem to find the same one screenshot of one single tweet where I called yimbys “twinks and bears” and which he has repeatedly posted as “proof” of my “hatred.”

      For years at this point, I have asked Aaron Carr to show those other “hundred” screenshots and I am not alone in still waiting for him to do so https://fuelgrannie.com/2022/01/20/freefuelgrannies-screenshots/

      Aaron lies about everything.

      He cannot be trusted in any way, the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing. One of his biggest backers (aside from so-true-bestie landlord/developer and OpenNY founder Ben Carlos Thypin) is Mitchell Draizin.

      If you want to know more about Aaron Carr, do a deep dive search into Mitchell Draizin: the connected dots don’t lie.

      As well, Aaron Carr earns so much money as the CEO at his own “nonprofit” that he donates thousands of dollars to OpenNY-endorsed candidates as he and Ben Thypin attempt a yimby political power grab, which entails both getting their own endorsed candidates into office while they also attempt to disable community boards and community input at large.

      But we see them, we know what they’re doing and we call them out: their greatest enemy is our open mouth.


      1. ADR

        I know about Mitchell Draizin including how he’s on the board of governors of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club who endorsed Ryder Kessler over Glick. Jim Owles asked candidates on their endorsement questionnaire about whether they’d take real estate contributions but have a real estate investor on their board of governors, Mitchell Draizin. Its either hypocrisy or wanting to replace one group of real estate interests with themselves. Real estate is a shark business and that theory cannot be discounted.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. fuelgrannie Post author

        I look at any Jim Owles endorsement with a side eye for this very reason (Émilia Decaudin *cough*). And Mitchell Draizin is also aligned with the board of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) so there’s yet another red flag🚩.


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