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Birb App Nimbypilled: The Downsizing of Yimby at Twitter

November 13, 2022

It could have been one of these laid off Twitter contractors who had facilitated the suspension of my account back in January 2022.

weird flex that “real estate😤🍼😫” makes the list but not politics or economics or health

“Real estate,” of all pressing issues, had oddly sat right up at the top of the list of freshly-terminated contractor responsibility, alongside the much broader aspects of “content moderation” and “marketing:” why is that?

Why is (or was) real estate such a priority to Twitter?

Because pre-Musk Twitter was a yimby. The platform had been aggressively pushing content from the likes of Hayden Clarkin and Sam Deutsch while accounts like mine and Gay Shame’s were permanently banned for calling out the obvious yimby scams.

But internal promoting of the yimby agenda and propaganda seems to be markedly changing on Twitter now that these contractors are no longer being employed.

While the yimbys had hoped my suspension on Twitter had also meant my human death and the silencing of my voice everywhere on this planet, I had instead never stopped the simple act of just looking at the feathered friend site via the internet.

(it’s called googling, Einsteinbernic)

And I had witnessed how Twitter’s algorithm favored tweets by the real estate development lobby, very deliberately.


But in the past few days, I’ve been seeing a better balance of yimby/“nimby” content under the “More Tweets” feed. It’s like the gate has been unlocked with accounts like Kate Willett, Harlo Pippenger and Damien Goodmon finally being allowed to see the light of day in tweet rotation.

“Haaaalllllppppp me!!!!!!!😤🍼😫 Love, Hayden😭🥺

Change is afoot and I, for one, love to see it.

So do I think I may now be unsuspended?

I don’t know. But I do suspect one strategy of new Twitter CEO (and sole board member) Elon Musk will be to allow permanently banned accounts back on the platform for the potential revenue those reinstated accounts could bring. Newly unbanned accounts might even be encouraged to subscribe so to better protect their functionality.

I just might too

Will eight dollars finally free fuelgrannie?

We’ll just have to tweet and see.

“thumb looking whites”


One response to “Birb App Nimbypilled: The Downsizing of Yimby at Twitter”

  1. And yet today all of the sudden I am getting anti-car urbanist tweets being suggested more often to me. Not good Musk!

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