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A Softer Sam?

August 23, 2022

Could it be?

Has true love melted the cold, small, snarky heart of Scam Deutsch?

A day after proposing (in Grand Central Station, of all places, like the transit-king-who-just-dropped-his-crown that he is), Sam ackshually apologized “for being so aggressive” to Bronx Congressman Ritchie Torres.

It’s about time and good for you, Sam: I’ve never seen you take responsibility like this. I wonder if putting a ring on it has given you a broadened empathy.

As a highly privileged white man who won six figures on Jeopardy as a teen and who then went on to intern at a United States senator’s office and who now, unironically, attends Harvard Business School, you may not have the most full perspective to broadly judge those less financially fortunate than you.

So it is rare and amazing to see you at least take one step of good faith to express remorse to a gay Afro-Latino man who represents an area of New York City where I deeply suspect your knowledge is extremely limited.

I wonder if you comprehend how far that borough is from Midtown Manhattan and that public transit buses serve the Bronx’s population more than subways because of the area’s unique hilly and verdant terrain. It’s a gorgeous, vibrant place: you should go.

I also wonder if your data sourcing ever includes statistics on used cars because so many low and working income people don’t buy or use new cars. In many cases, families or groups of friends share the use of one old but sturdy car so the annual cost is absorbed by more than one individual wallet.

I also wonder if you understand that a fair number of New Yorkers who receive public assistance also drive cars, the use of which is reported to the NYC Human Resources Administration. It’s neither true nor fair to state that only rich people drive cars in New York City, especially in areas outside of Manhattan; in fact, it’s reductive and obtuse.

I thought you were smarter than that.

Congestion pricing will hurt many low income workers: that is a cold hard fact which you angrily ignore. Your ignorance is stunning and obvious to everyone but you.

So perchance this commitment to lifelong love might also increase your curiosity and thirst for the entire truth, not just this tired pattern of yours to solely employ conjectural yimby propaganda, especially about places where you clearly have zero knowledge.

Somewhere in your own heart, you already know that you have not one answer about the Bronx or its 1.5 million residents. Beyond any random trip to Yankee Stadium, you have clearly never been there.

May your beautiful romance inspire a search for full and complete information about a topic, not just the stilted and limited presumptions you regularly employ, because your cruelty remains unbearable. You’ve harmed people, you’ve slandered them and maybe now is the perfect time to stop.

Witnessing your respect to Congressman Torres was a nice start.

More of that please.

Guys who don’t hate cars. And Sam.
full metal fuelgrannie: haaallllpppp!!!!😤🍼😫
“Congestion pricing for thee but not for me and muh citibike, haaaaallllpppp!!!😤🍼😫”

2 responses to “A Softer Sam?”

  1. Sam the virgin urbanist Avatar
    Sam the virgin urbanist

    Sam actually is dating someone rather than looking at tall building and bike porn. David Friedlander was the one who got a couch sesh with Laura Foote not Sam the virgin urbanist.


  2. Congestion pricing is bullshit. In an environment when the outer boros and even parts of New Jersey, Nassu and Westchester County have WORSE traffic than the CBD of Manhattan, we have to question what the real plan is with congestion pricing, especially how the MTA planned to gut express bus service between the Bronx and Manhattan in 2019 mere weeks after congestion pricing passed as well as how MTA is planning to gut express bus service between Queens and Manhattan in the Queens bus redesign as well as eliminate all bus service between Astoria and Manhattan. What’s really going on here? This is the best we can do with 24/7 congestion pricing. At least the Bloomberg plan only charged a fee Monday through Friday 6 AM to 6 PM and proposed vastly improved bus service into Manhattan from the outer boros, such as new express bus routes and the Q69 on 21st Street being extended into Manhattan. This is about turning Manhattan into the metaphoric gated community that urbanists claim to be fighting against in the soho rezoning.


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