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Predatory Transients

November 8, 2022

Let’s be clear, Paul Chicago Williams and Ben Princeton Thypin: the criticism about transients is aimed directly at you two vultures and your toxic yimby cult but not at anyone else.

Certainly not at any other transients, which comprise the literal millions of people who have indeed moved to New York City in the last half century.

Those New Yorkers never complained about the best city in the world the way you two entitled brats do.

That’s the difference between those transients and you: they’re not predators but you both are.

No one is stupid here.

I was born and grew up in Manhattan: as a “downwardly mobile gentrifier😤🍼😫” (and apparent race traitor), I am myself a transient to Queens.

But I don’t complain about Queens. I never have.

Rather I am madly in love with, and ever inspired, by Queens; moving to the Borough of Enchantment decades ago changed my life and my very heart. I can’t even begin to relate to hating my immediate environment, and all the people in it, the way you yimbys do.

You, Paul and Ben, are the ones who seem to hate the cities and neighborhoods to where you move: you hate the history and architectural beauty of your new, and continually rotating, homes.

Unlike working class New York renters, metro area yimbys change homes frequently, sometimes annually, moving early and often: commitment-free living; housing as tapas.

And since you feel nothing for the areas in which you temporarily reside, you proceed to take issue with current long term residents, like they’re unfit, to the point where you put the word “community” in quotation marks to make a cruel and obvious attempt to discredit the other humans who are forced to share oxygen with you, as if those people shouldn’t exist.

Which is ironic, amirite?

You yimbys howl that your new neighbors don’t want new neighbors while you yourself are, in fact, a new neighbor: you somehow made it through the cracks!

So then why do you, new neighbor, hate the old neighbors so much? Why do you all consistently have such issues with all your neighbors and their community?

Why do you yimbys hate everyone who isn’t exactly like you?

Why can’t you conceptualize how unlikable, how inhumane and predatory, your very actions and words are?

There’s a reason why there’s only one yimby “group” in NYC: Open New York was founded and funded by you, steel heir Ben Carlos Thypin, and yet it, along with the yimby movement in this city, remain as roundly unpopular as ever.

Because all New Yorkers, native and transient alike, aren’t dumb.

We don’t buy your act.

We see you, predatory yimbys: we see you, predatory transients.

“Hahahaha I’m ~*trying*~ hahahahaha!!!!😃😀😄”
Any plan, Landlord Thypin?
why not, Sopredito?
It’s “hairy,” Yehuda: what else would it be?🥺😭

One response to “Predatory Transients”

  1. The difference with today’s transplants and the transplants of before and immigrants, is that immigrants want to make NYC and its environs home, many of the out of state transplants today are here for a phase. Let’s live in NYC for 2 years, go on all the dating app dates NYC has to offer, eat all the food NYC has to offer, and then leave. Urbanists want to ban cars but will turn on the movement to fight climate change when they can’t go home to see mommy and daddy because they’ve used up their carbon allowance.

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