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Premature Cougjaculation

May 2, 2022

I mean, I see where tashcoug was going with all this.


(ooops a deleted tweet: I wonder why?)

She had wanted to demonstrate that yimbys are not all white men.


(another deleted tweet, hmmmm)

And I wonder if she had expected some landslide response with dozens of pics of nonwhite and/or nonmale yimbys.

https://twitter.com/tashcoug/status/1520831580159180800?s=20&t=Kfa9Ul3NKre8BnZYlVcPkA (oooops: deleted!🙊)

As she continues to make her account private, while also erasing her own tweets (“for work😤🍼😫”), it’s still easy to see how cashboob nonetheless stumbled miserably here.

Because what resulted instead was pics showing less than ten such yimby individuals.


Even sloppy Laura Foote tried to help out tashlube but then ended up only yelping for assistance in thinking of moar names because she, wait for it, couldn’t think of anyone else.

“help me ~*think*~!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“I almost went to the hospital!!!!😤🍼😫”
(white women for white women [“😤🍼😩”])

I mean, the_watcher tried, too, last year.


They had promised “hundreds of tweets😤🍼😫” (gosh that sounds familiar) documenting perchance hundreds of diverse yimbys but then only produced photos of less than 20 people.

This year, they’re (huge shock!) also private.


The truth about privileged white male yimby screams much louder than any 10 selfies or 20 stock photos provided by two handfuls of Twitter accounts since that very truth hollers through these sole and few images: the overall representation of this group remains literally self-evident and any attempts to display otherwise fall woefully flat and end up backfiring on all of you.

While the rest of us watch.

(Plus: you *rent* all of your clothes(?!) yet you describe independent American homeowners as a “cartel???😤🍼😫”)

Maybe you yimbette gals just can’t help but confirm your critics as right because we still only see so many white men and so very few of you.

Not “erasing:” just pointing out how few women, nonbinary, trans and poc there are in yimby

because that’s, like, the truth👋



Ah yes, a fully realized vin blanc, with bold shades of Nolan, Carr and Thomas (plus is that a peppery hint of Smith coyly sprinkled in?)

A fine yimby specimen: sparkling uniform white and clean (“😤🍼😫”)
“women are nimbys men are yimbys I never know what I’m yapping about, proof my intelligence is fake😤🍼😫”
why thoa?🤷‍♀️
“my assumption!!!!!!😤🍼😫”

no, Yet Another White Guy, it’s because you yimbys (“X”) are basically all white dudes who look, well, like you: and that’s not a “fuck up,” that’s a logical conclusion 👋
(still “suh” white n male thoa😭🥺)
(already have, like over and over again, douchecube🤷‍♀️)

so asking for pics of nonwhite nonmale yimbys was “a single joke?”

but then why delete your all tweets about it, flashrube?

(and when will you delete this tweet, too?👋)

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