long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty

“Fuelgrannie Needs To Stop”

July 21, 2022

Nope, Armand: can’t stop, won’t stop.

And to specifically clarify, my infamous white boi quilt never disparaged how all you guys look.

Rather, my now hidden thread had depicted how all of you resemble each other, how you are all multiple yet similar versions of the same snippy, condescending tech bro with the same harmful neoliberal centrist views on housing, economics and urban development.

Whether you like it or not, you’re all the same.

And I suspect the nerve my thread had touched blatantly reflected the hard truth of your collective lack of introspection: you yimbys don’t fully see yourselves thus you had, absurdly, found it insulting to be equated with each other.

But you’re all the same.

Your own mirror betrayed the fantasy narrative you all hold about yourselves, that you are all kings who dropped their crowns, oh you mighty lords who rule this world simply because you say so.

It was telling how enraged you yimbys, already notorious for your bad faith engagement, had become over my linked tweets: looking at your own reflection, facing how you are all perceived by your critics, became unbearable.

And Squash’s laughable attempt to demonstrate a fantasized plethora of yimby women and yimby people of color also deserved the scrutiny it received: less than a dozen non male and non white yimble responses trickled in, proving that you yimbys are, in fact, mostly young white men.

None of you can escape the truth the rest of us see.

Which infuriates all of you.

You’re mad at the truth.

And my thread had almost instantly evolved to where I was literally direct-quoting what you all said to me, the same propaganda over and over, repetitive and still always wrong.

The thread become as much about what your words were as it was about how you all, well, look alike.

Again: you are all the same.

once a douche
always a douche


So as long as you yimbys keep going with your lies and your dogpiling and your support of predatory gratuitous development, I’m never going to stop calling it out.

In fact, me and my Sam Derangement Syndrome are just getting started.

“It’s impossible for me to spend less time on here!!!!!!! I need to stop!!!!!!😤🍼😫”

One response to ““Fuelgrannie Needs To Stop””

  1. Robert F. Spire Avatar
    Robert F. Spire

    Sam just seems like a virgin chasing clout.

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