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A Visit From St Fuelgrannie

December 24, 2022

‘Twas a pre-Christmas night of Elon-related anxiety over Twitter suspensions, when all through the site, yimbys gritted their little angry white teeth with all of their might.

The empty glass towers were lined up with care in hopes that no tenants would ackshually ever live there.

But you know where everyone does live? On Twitter.

Even me.

I mean, you can’t see me or hear me, but I’m there.

(As you yimbys all well know.)

“I like to, like, ~*think*~😤🍼😫”

And I’m with you, yimbys: I’m waiting right along with you. The anticipation is, like, palpable.


Will I, notorious, homophobic, mentally ill and very unsaintly fuelgrannie, be allowed back onto Twitter? Especially now that all the yimbys who had worked at that social media platform have all been fired?

“she ‘threatened’ someone🥺😭”
(I mean, I threatened *checks notes* myself but do go off)

Will Santa finally free me? Will Elon unlock my account? Will I actually be back?

Omg the suspense is downzoning me.

But then again, it’s not like I can’t see Twitter.

Or comment here in this place, on my extremely unpopular and never seen blog, about what happens on Twitter: I mean this past year certainly substantiated that I still reside, full and undead, on that site.

And my horribly written, incredibly boring blog also substantiates how I have always articulated myself: weird flex that my own site isn’t rife with all the homophobia, bigotry and harassment which I had supposedly committed on Twitter.

How terrified all the yimbys must be to newly unwrap my blocked words and frozen content which will only reveal and confirm that they lie about everything, even me.

No wonder they’re all so grinchy.

see you under the tree, yimbee: I’m already there👋

10 responses to “A Visit From St Fuelgrannie”

  1. You need to be back on Twitter. One thing I will say that the discussion of resident parking permits which excludes workers who work in neighborhoods where they are proposed will play right into the hands of YIMBY’s. Residential Manhattan neighborhoods can’t have it both ways where they need the help of outer borough and suburban workers/business owners to defeat urbanists while pushing for resident only street parking which forces outer borough and suburban workers/business owners to use subpar public transit or pay ridiculously high parking garage rates once congestion pricing is implemented. The ONLY way you defeat YIMBY and the bike bros is with uniting with outer borough and suburban workers/business owners who have elected officials that are more in danger of losing their seats and are able to more openly speak out against groups like Open Plans and Open NY.

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    1. The war on cars rips off the mask on all these hypocrites. And all these hypocrites are why I got kicked off the platform in the first place. Here’s to fighting that hypocrisy no matter what the platform or forum


      1. The whole transportation discussion rips off the mask of a lot of people whether you’re truly a NIMBY or a YIMBY. Transportation is a topic that isn’t discussed as much as it should. It’s the only reason why Open Plans and Transportation Alternatives is able to get such a foothold in policymaking. I remember when they didn’t nearly have as much influence as they do now with social media.

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        1. They also get funding from developers.

          A dirty little not-so-secret secret is that all the TransAlt folk own and use cars.

          And Open Plans hired Sara Lind of Quinn Mootz fame: can’t get much lower than those two https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9487039/amp/Campaign-manager-Democrat-NYC-council-candidate-brands-Upper-West-white-Jewish.html


  2. I’ll also point out that I have encountered people who are more moderate and conservative that even though they’re technically right on certain issues, their REACTION to people different than them being in a certain area is such a bad look that it makes Open NY, Aaron Carr etc. look right. It’s like when you get bullied at school (yes the bike YIMBY folks are bullies) and you react to the bully the wrong way, the bully ends up the one being right in the eyes of people. That’s what might happen when they push for resident only street parking in Manhattan. Because if people can’t or don’t want to drive due to subpar public transit, not just MTA cutting service between the outer boroughs, but NJ Transit service is horrible, LIRR is the WORST run of the MTA agencies, you’ll play right into the hands of those who want more density in Manhattan. A significant driver of gentrification in Manhattan, Western Queens and parts of Brooklyn are NJ, Hudson Valley, CT and Long Island residents who could live at home if they are able to, but don’t want to deal with the LIRR, NJ Transit etc. Ample street parking and good public transit that work hand in hand as well as Manhattan residents, outer borough residents and suburban residents uniting against the removal of parking is the best weapon against YIMBY and urbanists

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    1. All of this👆

      Aaron Carr is literally that person: he grew up on Long Island. Ben Carlos Thypin too, who grew up in Princeton. Will these two rich transient bros even be here in NYC ten years from now? Probably not: they’ll likely be back in a burb


      1. If you ever use the LIRR, especially before COVID, you’d have the regular riders who sit in the same seats, stand on the same spot on the platform, park at the same parking spots bemoan the “unwanted” people (a good amount are younger people with no kids) who would be on the train, even to the point of harassment and bullying them to vacate their seats. Their mindset is that younger people with no kids shouldn’t be on “their” train and taking up “their” resources, they should be living the Sex and the City lifestyle in NYC. Some of the construction trades guys on the LIRR have been known to assault “unwanted” LIRR riders and there’s nothing that can be done because unlike the subway where its a random person who’s is likely homeless or with mental health issues doing the violence, you call MTAPD, that’s asking for trouble, especially if you have to take the train at that time and see the assailant again every time you take the train at that time, something that isn’t a concern on the subway. If you’re alone on the LIRR and one of these blue collar guys assault you, they have other friends and they can gaslight a cop to believe THEIR story and the one complaining to the police about an assault can get in trouble.

        This mindset, behavior + the Manhattanites not wanting suburban/outer borough residents taking parking in the neighborhood is the biggest gift that Aaron Carr and Ben Thypin can ask for. Get this, related groups like Riders Alliance are indifferent to express bus service being cut in the outer boroughs in the proposed borough bus redesigns ongoing now.

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        1. I am not surprised to read this about Special Club LIRR but it’s still shocking and remains abhorrent behavior. And you are so right to say this is all a gift to the developers. Private Sam Deutsch lives in Boston (a Harvard student) while his bio’s sole text is “Upzone Long Island:” red red flag


  3. I’ll also point out LIRR employees tell riders who complain about the service to go drive and their management and planners have been known to troll riders online.

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    1. Oh. So they act like yimbys: that tracks


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