long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty

“Find Her and Lynch This NIMBY!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”


So I’m suspended off your platform for joking about people wanting to kill me while this sock puppet calls for lynching other people, Twitter?



I mean, yeah, ok, I’m sure this account, @someonehastosa5 is “joking!!!!!😤🍼😫” the way yimbys habitually and nonironically do, like, oh I dunno, let’s say, like, Sam 1995 Douche, for example.

“These two pics are of, like, the exact same people!!!! Like, let’s evict them and then, like, watch them die on the street, bro, they so deserve it!!!!😤🍼😫”

But Lyncher is even more threatening than Quiz Boi.

Coz these yimby chaos-maker accounts just make stuff up, amirite, Twitter? They don’t, like, ~*mean*~ anything by their lies and violence, do they, right, Twitter?


And you basically let them: you allow it.

You kick me off but you let them say whatever they want.


And lynching is kind of extreme, Twitter: wonder if you know that.

I mean, you suspend me for joking about yimbys wanting to kill old people, like me.

Yet there are no consequences for this account which seethes with contempt and drips with violence and revenge fantasies.

This account wants to see other people suffer.

The account wants to see people killed.

(Wait, doesn’t “Get the f*ck out of our cities” = “NIMBY?” Hmmmsies🤔)



Declarations to “lynch” and to repeatedly “starve” other people and rooting for folks to be become bankrupt and thus homeless do not belong on Twitter.

Such tweets break your own Terms of Service, right, Twitter?

“death to NIMBYs!!😤🍼😫”

These tweets are not jokes: they’re not funny; they’re not “spicy;” they’re not “based;” they’re not “bangers.”

These are gratuitous and dangerous posts, catering to the mostly male, mostly young (and generally enraged) yimby population, the way pizzagate fake news was used to rile the least intelligent Trump supporters.

These violent false narratives shouldn’t be condoned or encouraged.

So what shall you do about those tweets, Twitter? While you keep me silent?

What, o, what shall you do?


An update:

I don’t think they’re dead as their account is still visible (might be currently temporarily locked, however) but at least they’re finally on Twitter’s radar which is long overdue.

Almost suspicious how much this account gets away with.





ok https://olawunmibrigue.com/2019/12/four-practical-ways-to-start-hearing-god-confidently/

(Why do I already know that account is a white guy with a bad body and a high paying job?🤔)

Update: finally suspended…

Somebody had to🤷‍♀️:


One response to ““Find Her and Lynch This NIMBY!!!!!!!😤🍼😫””

  1. This is how progressive minded people end up voting Republican. I’m a progressive voting straight GOP this year.


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