long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty

The HandGrannie’s Tale

Oh, so it isn’t just me making eldercide jokes at my own expense.

Even all the way over in Canada, my role is now being played by Margaret Atwood.

Taking it to “fuelgrannie level,” the author of *cough* The Handmaid’s Tale is no newby to housing debate as she calls out the frosty and inhumane yimby take on old people daring to stay alive and thus occupying the very homes the yimbys would like to live in, now, thank you very much.

Aging in place is perceived as selfish: old people demonstrating the sheer arrogant audacity of staying in their own homes and not moving out so to meet the immediate whims of impatient, apartment-hopping tech bros are seen as “an absolutely massive public policy problem.”

Unsurprisingly, Atwood’s impertinent “boomering” was met with the usual twisty yimby arguments for their proponents to lose their homes or, at least, for their lives to end. Because old people, “nimbzombies,” don’t belong in “housing discourse these days” as their “feelings are bad ones.”

And any old people who are afraid of inevitable displacement are ackshually racists: those saggy segregationists, in fact, deserve to lose their homes.

Let’s bomb them. C’mon it’s funny.

Despite having literally made my own self the butt of such a joke, I was nonetheless suspended for sarcasm about old people being killed.

I had tweeted almost the same thing as Margaret Atwood.

Because despite the fact that she and I live in completely different cities, we both well know the ways and words of yimbys.

I mean, we all do, don’t we, at this point?

We all know too the deliberate twisting of words, the crybabying victimhood and the pouting tantrums of yimby: “😤,” “🍼” and “😩.” I couldn’t have answered better myself.

Margaret Atwood spells out the “😤,” “🍼,” and “😩”

You have their number, Peg: keep haunting them.

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