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Mark Meanllineaux

Whewf, this young lobster-enjoyer is mean.

And by “mean,” I mean cruel mean, a deep and full malicious mean, not just mean mean.

Last night, sniffy Mark Mollineaux, a Stanford University radio DJ and podcaster, perchance even a student at the institution, mocked a man who struggles to care for his sick mother after the loss of his father, and her husband, because Mollineaux hates homeownership (“it’s bad!!!!😤🍼😩”).

Imagine being this angry and jealous of a person who lost one parent and must now be caretaker for the
surviving parent: what is the matter with your very soul, Mark Emptyneaux?
“Interesting that your dad died and your mom remains in desperate need: interesting ~*and*~ amusing, for me that is!!!!😤🍼😩”
(When you are fighting to keep your mother alive and in your family home after your father died and Mark Mollineaux wellackshuallys you for shits and giggles)
“Yes… ha ha ha… YES!!! Other people’s pain is ~*funny*~ to me, I ~*love*~ it when people hurt, it ~*feeds*~ me!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Mollineaux had tweeted last eve about me being a “leading Lead Paint Cacucus [sic] theorist,” which is what drew my attention to his timeline; he is too ignorant to comprehend how racist the references to 1970s lead paint poisoning remain to this day.

But it was my witnessing him, once again, attempt to humiliate low- and middle-income American families who navigate the complicated world of managing mortgages and thoughtful planning for intergenerational housing security which inspired this blog post. Because Mollineaux is so typical of spiteful, malevolent and odious yimby: lying and bullying for kicks.

Dusty, tired yimby propaganda falsely stipulates that it’s “wealth😤🍼😩” which these not-rich families are “hoarding😤🍼😩” when in fact they are merely investing in housing security. These hardworking families have spent decades of careful strategizing, budgeting, sacrificing and law-abidance to give comfort to their now adult offspring only to then be home-shamed by some snarky, lobster-bib-wearing brat obsessed with “You’ve Got Mail” and who writes poems about pickling “vagrants.”

The account @TKintheSFC was heartlessly reamed by sad, mean, angry, overly-privileged lobster-inhaler Mark Mollineaux: if you have any extra cash to spare during this time, please consider donating to @TKintheSFC‘s family and their situation, they are far from their goal and could really use the help. Your act of kindness will also serve as a gentle “screw thou” to Smallineaux and yimby in general: this is a family who deserves support and love, not mocking and snark.

The photo of you posing like the arrogant asshat that you are, in that very lobster bib, is from the home page of your own website, Mark, so maybe, oh I dunno, change the lead pic of your site if you don’t want people referencing it




11 responses to “Mark Meanllineaux”

  1. What’s your take on Ryder Kessler.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ryder Kessler is a yimby propagandist, inexperienced at public service and proud member of OpenNY: vote Glick!


  2. Mark Mollineaux Avatar
    Mark Mollineaux

    You’re the mean one; back before you were banned on twitter (#FreeFuelGrannie), you had me blocked


    1. Oh Mark, your poor lamb, that must have been excruciating, painful and humiliating for you


      1. Mark Mollineaux Avatar
        Mark Mollineaux

        It absolutely was, thank you for the compassion


        1. Tender dick white Mark (“😤🍼😫”)


  3. Andrew Menotti Avatar
    Andrew Menotti

    Fuel, You literally were banned on Twitter for being abusive. You blocked me and I never interacted with your account once.


    1. “Tender dick white man” and “magat” aren’t “abusive” unless one just happens to be a tender dick white male magat, Andrew 👋https://fuelgrannie.com/2022/02/07/tender-dick-white-suspension/


  4. […] center guy here called me “abusive“ in the comments for my post about Mark […]


    1. no sir but I bet you are👋


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