long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty

Blue Check Blocks

I am proud of every one of these.

I did not know who this noodlehead was until I discovered he had blocked me
ok, fräulein👌
Serge blocked me because of his Long Island City property values and also because his Pulitzer-prize-winning, investigative-New-York-Times-reporting rear end refused to acknowledge what a ghoul Amazon.com is
Brian is Amazon.com’s Global Public Policy head: he blocked me in February 2019 when HQ2LIC ran itself out of Queens
Roseanne was high on Ambien when she blocked me over Trump
I am not sure what I did to lose the eyeballs of three initials
Jeff Bezos’s replacement blocked me because I got the 411 on Scamazon
Ackshually, New York State Grand Old Party, I am *flattered*
James blocked me because he was dead wrong about New York City being “dead😤🍼😫” https://link.medium.com/aldrAklsRnb
Pink Steve, a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, blocked me for standing up to scammy yimby
Another block due to me standing up to scammy yimby
Yet another scammy yimby


“I hate nimbys!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
(I swear, Paula Jean🙊)

I can still see my account and all its content, including these blocked users, in read-only mode despite this suspension; I can even downvote tweets, oddly enough, so I’ve been enthusiastically clicking on that sad orange arrow.


As well, Twitter regularly asks me to confirm my phone number.

Twitter: you know it’s me. Call me maybe.

3 responses to “Blue Check Blocks”

  1. Eliza Orlins didn’t block you?


    1. no, she never did🤷‍♀️


      1. I’m surprised given her friendship with Aaron Carr and Sara Lind. I’m surprised at the support she had from those opposing gentrification despite many of her supporters being YIMBY and gentry.


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