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Tiny Based, not Huge Ma

Based, broski.

So is the role of original Open New York candidate, Justin Potter, now being played by you, TurboRelaxed?

You must remember Justin Potter, right? He was that 2019 pro-Amazon yimbot wallflower senatorial seat “hopeful😤🍼😫” who had barely campaigned in Queens District 12 before handing his efforts over to former garbage manager Iggy Terranova who ran the anti-Mike-Gianaris race into a Black Lives Matter brick wall.

You’re a Justin Potter, Huge.

You never met with anyone in your district. I mean, as you know better than I, people did reach out to you to talk, to network, to try and get more information from you about your platform and your responses to them were tepid at best and dismissive and condescending at worst.

We all can appreciate the yimby slack chat (that tiny, self-congratulatory, downzoned bubble of testosterone-deluded non-reality) may have dirt-soil-sprouted a microscopic hard-on for you but in what was your district, the district which is right next to mine, voters remained fantastically unimpressed by your arrogance, your stiltedness, your coldness and your lack of public service experience.

And your need to take a thwack at me as you exit your joke of a campaign (but way to pocket a hundo thou, dude: spice-o-riffic take and totalmundo “based, king😤🍼😩”) merely confirms that you are just as mediocre and unexceptional as the homogeneous group of bros which spawned you, Open New York.

So, your early escape out of a campaign where you did almost nothing is no surprise to me.

And you could have still run, Huge: during a redistricting cycle, you don’t have to even live in the district to run for its assembly seat.

So why didn’t you?

Why not just run?

You had collected so much money in donations.

You had the savior brand of TurboVax under your belt.

You could have won, regardless of the redistricting: you could have won.

If you had tried, even a little bit.

But you didn’t.

Where you put your effort, instead, was making a joke about me: that’s where you “try,” Huge. And that effort, your small parting shart to me, of all constituents and voters, of all real, loud and vocal Queens residents, shows who you are and reveals your ever-present sense of self-entitlement and your inherent laziness.

So what are you going to do with the $100K you raised? You should return that money to your donors: it’s like you tricked them by taking funds from them in the first place, given how quickly you just gave up on your race.

And it’s not like you need that $100K in donor money, TechBoi: do the right thing and give it back.

So good riddance, Small Flaw: thanks for making all of this even more easy for the people who see right through the yimby bullshit and the snarky obvious Open New York propaganda. Thank you for making us voters right, again and as always.

And I don’t need you to #freefuelgrannie: you’re too inactive, too reticent, too timid. You’re of no use to me, booboo.

I got this.


Stop being me, IP address
Huge lazy

7 responses to “Tiny Based, not Huge Ma”

  1. Wellington Marcial Avatar
    Wellington Marcial

    What’s your take on the latest Sara Lind drama unfolding on Twitter? What’s your take on the hot gossip?

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    1. Sara blames me for her being “forced off” Twitter last year and her former campaign manager, the ridiculous Quinn Mootz, remains obsessed with me: weird flex that Lind has now made her Twitter account private; she struggles to connect to anyone outside of her tiny, strange, self-entitled bubble https://twitter.com/RomanticPretty/status/1489819593275232260?s=20&t=mzscl50Rv8RRQfTu763pdQ


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  3. […] you playing funster at my expense is Huge-Ma-level lazy: you keep revealing what your true alignments are. You are aligned with Open New York. You are […]


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