long island city, queens: tank full, yimby empty

“just say f*gs Connie this is taking forever😤🍼😩”

Yeah, gosh so, it *is* “taking forever,” Nick Tagliaferro, because that’s a word I just don’t say: I do not use that slur.

I never have.

Which you already know I don’t do as my possibly uttering it is, to you, “taking forever.”

Weird flex that it looks like the hard reality of me never using the slur “f*gs” angers and frustrates you.


Why is that?

Why were you goading me to say a slur I never say and never use? No one should say or use that slur.

So then why were you so impatient about my never using it? Did you want me to say that slur? Is that why it was “taking forever” for you? Is that why you were so bothered?

Because isn’t it, in fact, a good thing that I don’t say “f*gs?”

Isn’t not saying “f*gs” kinda the goal on this planet?

You’re literally proving that I don’t use this language.

You’re also showing how invested you are in the false and strange hope that I would use this slur which combines with your telling disappointment and vexation that I don’t use it.

I see you, yimby: and my seeing you never “takes forever.”

I see your lie, I see your irrational consternation, I see your dishonesty, I see your agenda, I see your hand and I see that you are wrong.

I see you, yimby👋

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