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Connect the Dot Dot Dots

Total Ellipsis of the Heart… A Penelope Found Out

Penelope Eleni Gaitanis Katsaras, aka @PenelopeEleni, @LoveAllLoveAll_and @MakeArt15, and formerly @WonnderrWommann, @HestiaofQueens and @plane_astrolabe: it has always been easy to tell that all these accounts are you.

For all these profiles, it is evident that the content is crafted by a lone architect; there are consistent, repeated (many times verbatim) narrative, phrasing, and, perhaps most informatively, punctuation use.

Despite these visible, frequent and obvious regularities appearing in all of the accounts, you have nonetheless defiantly denied ownership on multiple social media platforms: perchance because you cannot believe that people were able to connect the very few dots to be able to figure it out, thereby figuring you out.

My aim here, serving as an alternate to tweeting at you directly, is to help break down these dots as I cannot engage with you anymore on Twitter via your most recent incarnation @MakeArt15. I reported you for not only creating an account with the sole purpose of “talking to” me but also because you had tweeted you were going to report every tweet I post. I had to block you: you did not leave me much of a choice.

I wonder if you understand what it looks like for you to have all these different accounts and for the way you behave on all these accounts. I suspect you possess neither the introspection to perceive how you might be coming across nor the foresight to contemplate any consequences despite the inevitable, and now current, arrival of the latter.

And this is not my treatise to implore you to change: it is not my place to tell you what to do and how to be; I doubt you have much inclination to behave any differently, certainly not via my prompting.

Rather, this is my witnessing of what I have seen you do and how you have treated me: this is a documentation of your actions and patterns. You seem to be more angry at people for having found out that these accounts are all you than you are angry at yourself for your clumsy management of this discernible farce.

The truth matters. It matters that Amazon is not honest and it matters that its supporters are equally dishonest. And this isn’t about using a pseudonym on social media: I use one. It is not a lie to employ a self-styled moniker as a Twitter handle; I have no issue with you or anyone else doing that. The issue I have had with you all along, Penelope, is your lack of truthfulness in your content. I just happened to have found out your real identity while I was reporting on the dishonesty in your timeline.

I figured out who you were back in March/April 2019: I knew your name from discussions last spring after a Queens Council of the Arts event (and you are a recipient of a QCA grant ) where the name Penelope came up as a vociferous attendee who persistently expressed how upset she was about the demise of HQ2LIC to a roomful of people who disagreed with her and were struck by her odd argument of Amazon being a savior. This Penelope impressed repeatedly that she was an artist, a teacher and a parent, curiously the same three descriptors you persistently ascribe to yourself on all of your Twitter accounts. When presented with trepidation about the HQ2 deal, this Penelope had argued back that Amazon was going to rebuild the MTA and NYCHA housing. She had no sources and told people that all her information could be found “in the deal, just read it,” when, in fact, none of what Penelope had said was in the memorandum of understanding.

At this QCA event, Penelope had stood out.

Around that same time, I had already become acquainted with your @WonnderrWommann incarnation as we had started engaging directly and/or peripherally soon after the 2019 Valentine’s Day announcement of the Amazon HQ2 pullout: you had been posting Amazon propaganda which I had then been refuting. What you posted was so grossly incorrect: Amazon was going to repair the subway system; Amazon was going to eradicate poverty in New York City and “hire the children of the undocumented;” Amazon deserved no criticism and everyone loved it.

You consistently condescendingly referred to NYCHA housing as “the projects;” you bemoaned a Queens with “bodegas and dollar pizza” while yearning for more of a corporate presence and thereby exposing a surface materialism which betrays your own selfish interests. I appreciate you want a sanitized, Manhattan-esque version of Queens so your children can enjoy designer birthday cakes and private piano lessons but that’s not everyone’s dream for our Borough of Enchantment. You speak only for yourself with these wishes.

Your engagement with me had been aggressive, not that I mind at all, but acting in such a manner drew attention to yourself. You were disagreeable and demanding: one morning you even snapped at me to get off Twitter and go make pancakes. It’s hypocritical and foolish to use Twitter to tell another user to get off Twitter: take your own advice, whackadoodle. And it is no cogent argument in terms of your Amazon stance: trying to silence another person does not make what they are saying any less true.

You also habitually referred to yourself as not being human, as being above others, as having superpowers, as being all-knowing and better. It is a laughable way for an individual to present themselves on social media. It’s one thing for the Twitter @Steak-Umm account, who is no more a bunch of ready-to-cook meat slices than you are a Greek goddess, to represent its brand because it is not pretending to be something it is not nor is it spouting false propaganda. The problem I have always had with you is that you have not been honest while hiding behind what is essentially a catfish personality.

And your patterns gave you away: you asked “huh” a lot; you referenced people’s usernames frequently; and, when presented with inarguable truth, you would tell people you were suddenly very busy and didn’t have time for them.

And you used dots constantly: the humble ellipsis peppered your content.

The simple ellipsis and your excessive use of it ended up becoming your own Achilles tendon. Two Greek terms readily revealing one Greek lady trying to hide behind a persona.

You were patronizing yet predictable: an account pretending to be a god, who wanted to fight, expected to dominate and wasn’t shy with the insults or shade. When you started calling me “Connie” repeatedly, I saw your intention to attempt to shame me by revealing my identity, a detail I never hid. There was such a snideness to your tone with me, especially in the repetitive use of my name: a palpable and gratuitous passive aggression followed by those dots.

It backfired on you as I called your bluff: I not only didn’t care that you knew my given name, I was thrilled that you did. It seemed you did not expect that reaction from me; you were surprised that I reveled in being “revealed,” that I am publicly active in my community and that I don’t lie or pretend on social media (or in real life, for that matter). I think you were stunned that I didn’t melt down or deny my own name or block you: funnily enough, these were all actions you ended up taking very quickly, not me.

So, I played then your game back on you. I called you “penelope.”

Unsurprisingly, soon after you blocked me which you announced on Twitter with a smiley face, a tweet you then deleted but not before I had been able to take a screenshot of it. I suspect you blocked me because, like Amazon, you didn’t like that I knew the truth about you.

Your patterns of behavior have remained constant: you’ve deleted a lot of your tweets; you’ve rage tweeted; and you’ve pointedly use other people’s names followed by those three dots, ellipsis ad nauseam. Dot dot dot.

And you never found fault with Amazon. You never informed yourself about what kind of organization it is: instead, you blamed politicians. You singled out one junior congresswoman, in particular: one who had zero involvement in any aspect of Amazon HQ2 other than criticizing the shady deal, along with millions of other people.

The convenient targeting of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is extraordinarily obtuse: AOC is your district’s congressperson so you would know better than anyone that she does not represent Long Island City, the district where HQ2 had been planned to be.

HQ2 wasn’t even going to be in her district. It is fake news for Amazon to blame AOC and it is fake news for you to blame her, too.

AOC had nothing to do with any HQ2 deal negotiations. AOC had been sworn in six weeks before Amazon pulled out of Queens. AOC did nothing to affect the HQ2 project: she was involved in no way.

It is a lie to say she is responsible, let alone solely responsible, for a mess Amazon made all by itself.

And yet you blamed her anyway over and over, all while pretending to be a deity.

But it was when you linked a petition to bring Amazon HQ2 back to Queens that you officially revealed who you were: the site’s welcoming pop-up revealed your name. This is the most critical proof in this whole “mystery” and what ultimately sealed your fate: Penelope Katsaras was inextricably tied to your many burner accounts because of that one link.

The dots, the ellipses, betrayed your habits but it was that pop-up which proved it.

Dot dot dot: it’s you, Penelope.

I don’t think you will ever change. I don’t think you will ever learn anything. But you are now found out, something with which you must live. One’s reputation defines who one is. Your reputation is that you create personas, lie about it, and then get found out by your very own actions.

You’re a liar; not a very smart one at that.

I do not wish ill on you nor have I ever expressed that to you. I wish you no karma for your actions other than the karma of truth. You have lied about who you are and you have continued to push untrue propaganda about Amazon. Your family history, your education and your work experience, no matter how exemplary, have nothing to do with your behavior on social media and do not excuse or erase your dishonesty.

So, if you are really serious about getting a cup of coffee, I am always down for an in-person confab; I wonder if you would truly want to take me up on it, despite it being your own offer. I nonetheless suspect that you most likely would not want to listen to anything I have to say and would prefer to yell at me, interrupt me, bark goodbye to me repeatedly while continually circling back and dictating, “And another thing!”

And if that is what you would like to do: not listen to me, yell at me, tell me what’s wrong with me, interrupt me, laugh at me and scream…

Guess what, angelface? I am ackshually up for it.

I would love to meet you.

I’ve met with Justin Potter several times; I’ve introduced myself in person to Michael Lambert; and I have a rapport with a few people at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. I always get something out of meeting with an adversary; sometimes a unique rapport can even be forged.

I’ve said this to Justin Potter: I never expect to win most of the battles I fight but I am still compelled to fight them and to at least try; I enjoy knowing the players in these fights, interacting with them and hopefully learning from them.

The fight is important because the effort counts. Standing up for something generally falls on a lot of deaf ears but taking a stand, even when ignored, still has value. It is still always worth it for me to fight for what I believe in, no matter how much I get criticized for it or how “stupid” and “crazy” I may appear to others.

I found out to my huge surprise that, occasionally, fighting works. The Amazon pullout demonstrated that fighting can be effective, that criticism of a shady deal and even shadier company can actually be heard.

I have never understood your steadfast disregard of all the cogent and proven criticism of Amazon. I appreciate you only saw the alleged good in Amazon but that doesn’t mean that corruption doesn’t live and breathe like a choking weed in that corporation.

You may never see that or even want to see that; and I know I will never see Amazon your way because your information about it is not correct. Still I think it’s always useful for people who disagree to meet: it’s always meaningful to spend time with another person who doesn’t share one’s own views; a lot can be gained and a lot could be squashed.

It’s a good idea…

I’d love to do it…

5 responses to “Connect the Dot Dot Dots”

  1. What are you smoking?… You spent your days and time to play a private investigator and write “books” for other people? …..unless someone is paying you to write this stuff!
    Since the scuttling of the Amazon deal New York is going down the tubes…but you socialists and communists dream of bringing a system back, to New York of all places, that historically failed and destroyed the lives of 3 generations in the ex. soviet union….you are doing a great job for the time being of keeping good jobs from the low and middle-class Queens residents, you want all the criminals out in the streets, you want upheaval and chaos because you think it will create a revolution ….you want to destroy the schools and our neighborhoods because the left hates people and their wellbeing …maybe because you are below average and lazy and whatever else and you are jealous about other people who work hard and get ahead in their lives.
    I never bothered about politics -and I am not registered with any party but my wife is a life long democrat and her family too, on the left but with common sense…and no my wife doesn’t work for Amazon! – and never voted but you the socialists/communists of queens made me change and now I will register as democrat and vote on every election against AOC and Giannaris, and Ramos and their cohorts and I tell all my friends to vote too…and I will give the little money I can to any candidate that opposes them.
    I have no hope that you can see someone else’s viewpoint much less to respect it…because you would have noticed that the majority of New Yorkers supported the Amazon deal…but then again you have to believe in democracy and you and your group doesn’t believe in democracy as you represent the “red” fascism!
    We had enough of you and “we, the average joneses” are mad as hell with your politics and aggressive minority views that managed to hijack the “local politicians” and you will “see” us in the polls. No, we don’t spend all day on social media cyberbullying anyone who has opposite politicals views and try to silence common sense, we are working for a living!
    This is Penelope’s husband and I never follow or have any accounts of social media and obviously I do not post “treatises” and run investigations and it makes no sense for me to post to write-ups of zealots because it’s a waste of time ….but I had to respond because you made it personal …you certainly need help, God help you!


    1. I’m glad you wrote, Anthony and I welcome your wife Penelope to respond as well. Although I appreciate you standing up for her, you are more defending a conservative viewpoint instead of responding to her direct actions which is what my post addressed.

      I am not part of a “group;” I act as an individual and I would appreciate you not telling me what I think and feel. As well, I don’t understand what this has to do with my being able to discern that all Penelope’s catfish accounts are, in fact, her.

      I never said your wife worked at Amazon: she had engaged in an email conversation with John Schoettler, Amazon’s real estate head, which she herself had tweeted about. I spoke of her rapport with an executive who wouldn’t meet with the Long Island City public at large but would indulge her email: *that* was the connection of which I wrote. Your wife has since deleted her tweets about her emails with Schoettler but my still-posted responses, as well as screenshots I took of her deleted tweets, tell the story of Amazon playing favorites with its few pet favorite fans while ignoring the Western Queens constituency as a whole.

      Your wife’s behavior towards me has been personal, too, which is why I wrote the post in the first place and no one paid me to post it.

      I wrote it after your wife created the @MakeArt15 account which stated that its the sole purpose was to go after me (although the bio has subsequently been scrubbed clean, including that sentence). Penelope defiantly declared that she would keep creating accounts if I dared to block the @MakeArt15 account, too. She was aggressive and persistent and made incorrect speculations about my family. That is certainly personal for me: I hope you can understand that goes both ways, especially given how your wife conducts herself.

      I hope you can grasp, on behalf of everyone who deals with Penelope on social media, that your wife’s proven, even self-admitted, habit is to create catfish accounts: the people who are on the receiving end of your wife’s communication have rights, too, in this arena. I don’t think either of you have considered how your wife’s behavior looks to other people, let alone how it affects the people she catfishes.

      Penelope pretends to be entities which are not her. She then uses these entities to promote information which is not correct and she melts down when she is confronted. These are her actions: I have seen her do this numerous times in the past year and a half. Many other people, both local and outside NYC, have also witnessed these exploits. This didn’t happened in a vacuum.

      I suspect your wife is ashamed of what she has done but that is on her. It is not my fault that I was on the receiving end of what essentially is a scam that she perpetuates. I hope you can appreciate that I have feelings of resentment, anger and frustration by what she has done. Penelope is not a victim here: she is the architect of falsehood which many people, including me, were able to see through. She has to take responsibility for her role in all this: she brought all of this onto herself. She’s furious with me that I (easily) figured it out instead of being angry at herself for having started it all.

      And she’s still doing it: Penelope still has multiple accounts where she keeps changing the handle names and archiving the tweets in an attempt to hide them; she’s now deleted some tweets to which I have drawn attention in my post, which is telling. It is her prerogative to do so and yet such action is still witnessed: this is typical of her behavior. She is always trying to hide what she does.

      The intent of my post was to reveal and examine her behavior of creating these multiple accounts on social media and her subsequent denying that these accounts are her. It’s intriguing that you write to me and not Penelope herself, but it is typical of her to avoid. She avoids a lot. It seems to be difficult for her to ever face the consequences of her actions.

      Penelope as her various Twitter personas, @LoveAllLoveAll_ (formerly @WonnderrWommann, @HestiaofQueens and @plane_astrolabe), @MakeArt15 and @PenelopeEleni, has shared information about Amazon and about the HQ2 deal which was not correct and many times was purposefully not truthful.

      Those were my two issues with her. Aside from her condescending tone with me, to which I certainly reacted and gave back to her, it was Penelope’s fanciful lies while hiding behind a “goddess” façade which most garnered my reaction.

      As is her right with her own engagement on social media, your wife was aggressive towards me, mocking of me and blocked me after two months of discourse; notably, she blocked me after I had pieced together who she was which I suspect angered your wife. While she relished calling me my first name, Connie, along with her infamous and give-away dots…, she was peeved that I, in turn, knew the secret she had been wanting to keep, that she was Penelope.

      She came for me often, which again is her prerogative, but then she couldn’t take what she had been dishing out. She always expects to be perceived as correct and all-knowing (she’s a Greek goddess, after all) but then she becomes livid and reactive when people don’t buy her act and call out her lies.

      Penelope’s condescending and aggressive form of engagement got her in trouble on Facebook, where she had also been accused of being the then-called @HestiaofQueens account, which was so obviously her to so many other people in this community, even nationally. It certainly wasn’t just me who noticed it: again, your wife’s own behavior, patterns and words are what gave her away. All I did was lay out my case on why I knew these accounts all link back to her.

      As is her right unfortunately on Twitter, Penelope has also lied about what I have said to her by twisting my words: she has posted incorrect information about my family; she’s falsely accused me of being transphobic right after she engaged in a conversation where she wondered if I had been born “a boy.”

      I suspect when she’s in the moment, this kind of abusive, aggressive behavior makes her feel good and vindicated but then when she is faced with what she did, she gets embarrassed and angry and pretends she didn’t do it, like a guilty, pissy child.

      I believe it’s difficult for Penelope to live with what she’s done after it doesn’t work out the way she wants it to. She can be very combative, engaging in arguments for hours. She gets frustrated easily, she has trouble substantiating what she alleges and she can be aggressive when she’s called out: she’s not an innocent, helpless little lamb in this situation. But I suspect it’s challenging for her to turn an introspective eye on herself; I don’t think she ever does that. Instead she points a finger at everyone else around her for her own actions.

      She’s doing that with me now: you’re writing me, not her.

      I stand by my actions and my words with your wife. I stand by how I reacted to her, too: I was on the receiving end of what she did. I hope both of you can comprehend that: she is an instigator, not a victim.

      And sir, I would counter the argument that everyone in Western Queens feels the way you and your wife feel about Amazon as a company or about how it would have truly served our area and its residents. If your sourcing for the claim that the “majority of New Yorkers supported the Amazon” are those three small-population, statewide and Amazon-sponsored polls, I have long argued those polls were not truly reflective of how this community felt. I wonder if you or your wife went to any of the public engagement meetings: I did and they were all overwhelmingly anti-Amazon.

      And Amazon quit. It quit because of neighborhood pushback: Western Queens roundly rejected the idea of a free landgrab to a cruel monopoly. If it was that popular an idea, then why did it quit? No one wanted it: local pro-Amazon is not the majority.

      The polls just showed that. Iggy Terranova, who along with his campaign manager, is a racist and a fascist and not that many people in district 12 voted for him. Iggy earned one ballot to every three earned by Senator Gianaris: maybe you and your friends are more in the minority than you would like to face.

      The rest of us, your other neighbors, understand and respect that you and your wife do not want to lose any of your comfort and we do not seek to take any of that away from you; but we do seek to tax corporations, millionaires and billionaires. That includes your precious Amazon. We seek fairness for all of us, not just people like you. We don’t have anywhere near the comfort you enjoy. This world isn’t just about what you, the self-proclaimed “average Joneses,” want: it has to be about what all of us want, not just the people whom the system serve best.

      I hope Penelope and you can continue to keep your minds and even your hearts open to who else is around you, in your immediate neighborhood as well as in all of Queens and New York City, how we all are affected by this world and that we seek equality on all levels. We are voting in politicians who share this vision and we seek to manage abusive corporations, especially Amazon. We are getting louder with every election and I hope you can remain open to who we are instead of accusing us of ruining everything for you. Maybe you haven’t completely fathomed how unfair it is for other people: your wife, in her many Twitter incarnations, has indicated time and again that she doesn’t really care that Amazon is abusive, she cares more about the money it generates.

      I appreciate your observation that I need help, sir, as well as your wish for God to help me. I hope in turn that Penelope can look at herself, what she has created and finally take responsibility for what she has done. She has done this publicly, she’s done it to more than me and all the consequences she has done to her own self.

      I am just one person she went after. And it’s my right to stand up for myself and report what I figured out about her. My information has been confirming and relieving to other people who have similarly wrangled with her.

      Catfish burner accounts are a lie. And if Penelope has so much troubling suffering from the results of her lies, maybe she should stop catfishing so much. That might solve a lot of her chagrin and shame in all this.

      Thank you for reaching out and I wish both you and your wife well.


      1. Nancy Pelosi's Cunt Avatar
        Nancy Pelosi’s Cunt

        You need a fist up your disgusting cunt and putrid ass!!


  2. […] about as fair play which, irony of ironies, some see as a doxing of me. As had happened back in 2019 when I was accused of being a “billionaire’s niece,” I am once again being accused of being secretly wealthy and scamming the system by living in a […]


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