Uh what on earth is a fuelgrannie?

I came up with fuelgrannie at the internet’s inception: as a privacy freak, the idea of putting my real name out there, as a username or even an email address, into the untested and unprotected public, global, mid-1990s ether, was anathema to me and seemed almost certainly unsafe; I knew I needed a nickname I would feel comfortable aging into, ergo the “grannie.” And grannie is kinda close to Connie so that’s why this moniker doesn’t end in “Y.”

And fuel is for the band Fuel: they were freaking awesome in the 1990s and they are still awesome now. But beyond that adored connection, I love how the word fuel also means supplying juice, power and energy.

This name is ridiculous on purpose and it is very me.

K but who exactly are you?

I am Connie Murray, a native born New Yorker: I’m a freelance writer based in Long Island City, Queens NY and my work has appeared in the New York Daily News, Edible Queens  and We Heart Astoria’s The Paper. My other blogs are QueensStomp, Medium and Tumblr. I am currently working on a book about Amazon’s HQ2 brief attempted and aborted foray into LIC depicting my adventures in standing up to that project (don’t blame AOC, blame the likes of me).

Comments and feedback are welcomed, even insults: lemme have it😤🍼😫

You can also email me at fuelgrannie@yahoo.com

9 thoughts on “FAQ

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