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Citizen Kate

My ghoulish dead spirit has been upzoned: based!

Like the “venom symbiote” I have apparently become, I now find myself presently inhabiting the physical shell (ah, my “new host”) of Netflix comedian Kate Willett and, as a parasite, let me tell you it feels amazing to finally have some tits.


(Trading in my “nimby brain😤🍼😩” for some better body parts.)

oh poor deluded Yehuded: I’m only “banished” presently on Twitter where, for the meantime, my satanic spirit shall seethe inside Kate’s soul
our new fuelgrannie!!!!!😤🍼😫”

And, as ever, the yimbys are not pleased.

(because that’s not sugar in your KoolAid, Autumn🤷‍♀️)

After all, a renewed frenzy about fuelgrannie is the last thing yimbys want to stoke.

Pwwwweeeeeeaaaaase don’t look at her blog, bro!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”

“my life is flashing before my eyes!!!!!😤🍼😫”
Everybody out of NYC, NOW!!!!!!! ~*I*~ said so!!!!
Say muh name, say muh name👋
Today we are all fuelgrannie
“Cameo?” Or living inside the many mansions of that expansive Harvard head for free?🙊
I remember when you told me to “get the bullet”
“completely unhinged!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😩”
Gosh maybe I can help, Ben🥺😭

Now that I am newly Kate, I can learn all over again about shady funder group New Leaders Council aligned to its shifty, dishonest “capstone” Aaron Carr and his profitable nonprofit Housing Rights Initiative; Carr’s and NLC’s benefactor Mitchell Draizin; and even brush up on a little bit on background of the creation of that self-funded vanity project, lobbying group Open New York, back in 2015, by that very mighty landlord himself, Ben Carlos Thypin.

Kate, also a housing advocate on both US coasts, had already known to follow that money, so now that she is me, she’ll be running down those trails, quite a few of which lead to the aforementioned Mitchell Draizin, Master Thypin and the latter’s wealthy family.

There are not a ton of dots so it’s pretty easy to connect them.

(oh snap, Open New York founder and steel heir Ben Carlos Thypin: hope Kate doesn’t, like, you know, read my blog or anything🙊)
Hi Paul: you’re full of shit and we all know it👋

And Kate, ah I mean ~*me*~, understands how loose and thin yimby propaganda remains, around a literal straw man.

We see you, CA Yimby👋

Having Edgared Kate Willett’s very skin (“sugar ~*and*~ water“), there’s no telling how much havoc I might cause.

Like figuring out that yimbyism doesn’t deliver on any of its “promises.”

And, like, where all that money comes from.

Also the direct and deliberate threat on public housing.

Or witnessing obvious hypocrisy.

And seeing it all line up.

Like all of us have.

I am Kate and we are all fuelgrannie now.

(Until I infect another host….)

Yimby Stomach

If you are incapable of directly telling me that I have a “nimby brain,” Open New York member Adam Fisher Cox, perchance your fear of discourse reveals less proof of my “nimby brain” than it demonstrates solid evidence of your yimby stomach.

After all, you and I were both on that same June 1, 2022, Queens Community Board 1 Land Use Committee Zoom call last week so then why did you take a screenshot of my words, while also carefully editing out my name (a telling choice), instead of just engaging with me?

Why didn’t you just respond, in real time, at the moment it was happening, to my comment?

Whatever your reason may be, it is your reason, your logic and your choice: it has nothing to do with me or any of my body parts.

You are a board member of the community board so why not talk to a, oh I dunno, member of the community. You know, the community you represent.

Why not directly engage? Isn’t that the whole point of serving on a community board in the first place?

Or does the thought of direct discourse with my “nimby brain” make your yimby tummy ache?

And yes, for sure, Mr. Cox, I am against “big bad development,” because, you know, it’s bad and harmful and gratuitous and only serves the greedy developers with tax abatements which never, ah, trickle down so to thereby offer any “filtered” benefit to any tenants. Ever.

And dog parks are a repeated and thus obvious luxury development amenity dog whistle to this already informed community (HQ2, annnone?) which knows all too well what trinkets these developments promote so to purposefully distract from the lack of affordable housing provided.

As a district resident for almost a quarter of a century, I would encourage you to be open to what you may not know so that you could actually learn about the low earners in your own district, especially about the 25% who live at or below the poverty level within the five census tracts of the proposed InnovationQNS site.

Your public résumé, including a stint at the Wall Street Journal, makes me highly suspect you are not a low earner.

Plus, since you are new to this community board, as well as maybe even being new to the Astoria and Long Island City yourself, you may not fully understand the needs of this community’s majority, who are not high earners. You may also see dog parks as a priority over deeply affordable housing; the latter being an amenity wealthy people covet more than their lower earning neighbors.

And I wonder, too, Mr. Cox, if this community board, my community board, is aware of Open New York’s agenda to abolish, well, community boards.

And that yimby agenda just might be why you had sought out to serve on the community board in the first place.

Why not be transparent with your own intentions?

Is your silence due to that nervous belly of yours?

Or is it something else?

It’s important for QCB1 to fathom your and your group’s disdain of community boards.

While it is certainly fair for you to seek out and be appointed to a community board seat, it is conversely also fair for this community board to be aware of the yimby collective opinion of community boards and your determined wish to eliminate them from the housing discourse landscape.


You need to publicly acknowledge your conflict of interest, Mr. Cox, in serving on an entity you seek to destroy.

Because the community has to stomach you just like you have to stomach us.

yimby stomach