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“Ugh I ~*HAAAAAATE*~ today!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“She’s not real!!!!!!!! @fuelgrannie is a ~*paranoid*~ ~*anonymous*~ ~*crank*~!!!!! I need to mute her from my lyfe!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
(“This tweet of mine did not age well!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”)
“They’re gonna, like, call it Homophwitter!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Like, I mean, wtf?!?!?!?!?!”
“She’s, like, a, why, a homophobic yimby sock puppet!!!!!😤🍼😫”
Imma kick her in her neck, hard!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
(aka, not fuelgrannie 🤷‍♀️)

InnovationQNS: Another Worn Out Scheme

Oof, I knew exactly what we were in for the minute I saw Mitchie Taylor seated on the stage.

The presence of Urban Upbound’s notorious CEO at yesterday’s barely-advertised InnovationsQNS town hall could only mean one thing: this project is a scam and Big Sleazy is likely being compensated to promote said scam, as he had been with both Amazon HQ2LIC and YourLIC.

Mitchell Taylor, who owns a $2million home on Long Island, brings that sell out energy as he claims to represent the entire Queensbridge population while his history reflects an exploitation of that community for his own profit.

There’s also his repeated history of sexually harassing women.

And during the summer of 2020, as covid raged and people sought outdoor refuge, Taylor’s nonprofit security company infamously and conveniently profited when Gantry Plaza State Park, a public park, was used by the, ah, public while the wealthy inhabitants of the waterfront luxury towers whined and railed about too many unwelcomed humans visible from their lofty, shiny, windowed perches.

At yesterday’s town hall, as Taylor detailed a planned “community center” to “house neighborhood nonprofits” within the 27-story towers of InnovationQNS, I could not help but wonder that the only nonprofits which might end up using that space will be those umbrellaed under Taylor’s highly profitable Urban Upbound.

I also deeply resented how much Taylor was on his phone during the event: as ever and always, he has zero clue how he comes across.

Jamison Dovoll of Silverstein Properties; Mitchie textin; Tracey Appelbaum of BedRock Real Estate Partners; and Tracy Capune of Kaufman Astoria Studios

While we all watch him.


Scenes from #YimbyTown 2022

Spicy April snow and unflavored white people flake it out in Portland for YimbyTown 2022🥺😭

Don’t put your Foote in your mouth, Willy
(You too, Laura🙊)
“Halp Laura now!👏Halp Laura now!👏Halp Laura now!”
Gray mattering
Has, like, all the answers
Wait, like, how big?
“Yes in ~*your*~ backyard, okayyyy???😤🍼😫”
Murder cars, inc.
Whiteboard and white board
Cameraman so caucasian; that mayocrowd thoa
Thank goodness the whites are there to tell the first nations what to do. Again.
No but wait
Standing for gentrification
Murder infill, too
Hasn’t smiled this hurrrrd in years
Omg like totally
K but like
“Ew!!! Someone cover up that ugly sky and kill muh sunshine right now!!!! Racism!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
Stunning and brave, standing tall, mayonnaise
“Density is not supposed to solve the housing crisis!!!!!😤🍼😫”

(Laura, wut?)
Do a dollop of Daisy

(oh ok, Ben Thypin’s lawyer, Charley Dorsaneo👌)

(Who the hell is this guy?

it’s ok, Tony: I’ll publicize for you

(and they’re called “screenshots”)
screenshots > memes
“Nobody cares a yimby leader evicted black renters”
(Aka, cities hate unpopular yimby🙊)

Fuelgrannie: “A Universal Phenomenon”

I feelar meelar on this one🥺😭.

“How is it that ~*every*~ ~*single*~ ~*city*~ eventually develops a fuelgrannie? It’s like a universal phenomenon!!!!!😤🍼😫”

(Who’s gonna tell yim?🙊)

Gosh, could it be that “every single city😤🍼😫” is onto your yimby bullshit, Ceiling Gaze Boi? Gosh, maybe that’s the reason, I mean, like, who knows, right, but, like, maybe🥺😭.

“Eye contact?!?!?!?! Ha! Fie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
Aka, “a universal phenomenon”

Dan Meelar, king of terrible ideas
(It’s like he’s brand new to planet Earth🥺😭)
Dan’s dms are sad gold
“common courtesy!!!!😤🍼😫”
Photos I’ve taken? Huh, Danny: I think you have me confused with Casey Berkovitz

No, Dan, I just do screenshots of yimby avatars and create content about how all of you, like you yourself, are young white tech guys.

But here, curiously, is your pal Casey Berkovitz holding his cameraphone on me instead of public commenter (and his fellow OpenNY board member) Amelia Josephson during Manhattan Community Board 2’s infamous (“chaotic”) June 2021 meeting: I wonder if he had suspected that I was going to murder Josephson so maybe he had wanted to make sure he caught my vicious soon-to-happen crime on film.

I ended up, instead, calling Josephson a “shill,” because, you know, she’s the listed on the 990 form for a real estate development lobbying group so.

And my daring to call Josephson, a transplant from Alaska who haunts Landmark Preservation meetings for the sole purpose of disparaging architectural preservation and appreciation, a “paid shill” apparently *was* akin to physical violence, at least to OpenNY Executive Director, and highly paid shill himself, Will Thomas.

“She’s the nicest person in the world!!!😤🍼😫” Thomas whined to me, one month later, after CB2’s full board vote in July 2021 which almost unanimously voted against the rezoning of SoHo NoHo.

(And it very well may be that Amelia Josephson is the “nicest person in the world😤🍼😫” but she nonetheless still remains a real estate development shill.)

ONY’s Thomas was livid with me: “And stop retweeting us too!!!! Gawd!!!!😤🍼😫”

But phenomenons don’t stop.

With anything.

Even when they’re banned from Twitter.


Sylvia Li, the Liar of DCP

Residents of Lower Manhattan, as well as New Yorkers and observers from all over, do not criticize New York’s Department of City Planning’s senior planner Sylvia Li because she is Asian: they do so because Sylvia Li lied to them.

Li was recently nominated for the Ibo Balton award for “community planning” from the creepy Citizens Housing Planning Council (with its Jessica Katz infamy), for having brought “equitablescams to SoHo NoHo. Since my tweets about Li’s dishonesty are currently hidden, here are screenshots of them from over a year ago which demonstrate Li’s cruel dismissiveness towards downtown elderly residents, her blatant favoritism of Open New York members, none of whom live in the rezoned area, and her unabashed dishonesty.

City Planners paused the meeting for their own five-minute break less than half an hour into this sham meeting: why did they need to talk privately during this barely “public” event?

Sylvia Li laughingly referred to displacement while calling elderly New York City residents and their homes “relics:” she was insulting, dismissive and cruel

That’s why so many people have a problem with Sylvia Li, not because of her ethnicity
Sylvia Li wants to degrowth the artists and replace them with tech bros pretending to be artists
Sylvia Li hogged the call, rambling on endlessly, eating into public engagement time: and she did that on purpose
Pete Davies, a long time SoHo renter (not a homeowner👋🗣), calls out the years of lies told to the community by Sylvia Li
Sylvia Li is a cold cruel liar
Sylvia Li does not care about these residents: they are an impediment to her career growth
But guess who is given “privilege” and “priority?”

Open New York

Displacement is their jam
This was a sham and we all saw it
Shame on you, Sylvia Li
Submitted questions by the public for the October 2020 Zoom ULURP call, the initial of four such public engagement sessions during the height of a pre-vaccination global pandemic: “almost no support for the rezoning”

My requested question was #354 on DCP’s list, on page 38 of individual queries, so I didn’t get to ask it

Funnily enough, though, Open New York’s Will Thomas was called on to speak by Sylvia Li. And going forward, he was allowed to speak on every other call, too, despite his not being a resident of SoHo NoHo and despite hundreds of other people having signed up to comment and who were turned away, which is immediately suspicious and potentially corrupt because of the obvious cronyism

Again, it ain’t your ethnicity or race which your critics abhor, Sylvia Li: it’s your blatant favoritism and your dishonesty

We’ve never not seen it

People hate your lies, Sylvia Li, not your skin color.

But keep collecting your gratuitous, crony, clubby awards and pocketing our taxpayer funding as your six-figure salary: we will all remain watching you.

(Also: all these tweets of mine about Sylvia Li, as well as this very blog post itself, are still missing all that alleged racism which I supposedly express at all given moments: weird flex, huh?)

Because Sylvia Li is the liar of the DCP


The Brotherhood of the Traveling Baby Bottle Emoji😤🍼😩

They do all look alike and dang, is that baby bottle emoji their kryptonite.

yimby = “all look the same”
“haaallllpp me think of moar nonwhite men. because I can’t think of anyone else. (which is loudly saying the loud part out loud, again really loudly🥺😭)”
why do they *all* look like this?

all of them, always: why?
“no, you’re wrong because ackshually…”
“omg we don’t ‘all look alike,” just no stawp. jeebus: some of us are ~*old*~ and some of us ~*wear glasses*~; we’re a very diverse group”
“sometimes we wear hats!!!!!😤🍼😫”

These tweets of mine are from almost a full year ago: notice how the first three are emoji-free, that’s how old they are. And why yes indeedie: ~*all*~ yimbys do ~*look*~ ~*alike*~
“we’re such a diverse group of pasty white guys that one of us is even a llama, okay?!?? gawwwdd!!!”
“one of us has a sister!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“listen, we are ~*not*~ all white guys, we’re not, okay?!?!?!?! like, literally not, seriously: it just ~*looks*~ like we, so stawp saying we are because we are so not 😤🍼😫”
“suhppppppleye ahnd duhmahnnnddd!!!!! gawwdd!!!!😤🍼😫”
We already know all these faces, amirite? The Great White Male quilt
“seriously? do you even know how to read??!!??!?!?!😤🍼😫”
“sometimes we laugh, sometimes we sigh with joy at life’s little pleasures, like biking!!!!! ayyyyynd sometimes we take ironic selfies and really like how they turn out!!!!”
“we are incredibly diverse!!!!😤 like, a bunch of us have beards!!!!!!🍼 some of those beards are close shaven, ok, and some of the beards are quite long: because representation matterz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😫”
“in fact, some of us are very expressive with our incredible diverse ~*hair*~, ha! it’s like a thing, a follicle spicy take, if you will🥺😭”
Some are old, some are young, some wear hats, some have facial hair: and yet they are all the same
“it’s like we’re all from the same family, like we’re siblings or like first cousins or i dunno something like that, i dunno, i’m just spitballing here”

Quick aside: the guy in the large photo has described his inclusion in this ensemble as an “attack” by me. He thinks it’s an “attack” for me to have made note of how similar all these redheaded bearded bespectacled young white guys look. Wonder what he thinks of Ukraine, you know, like in comparison to his own horrifying experience of having surviving being “attacked.”

There is a reason why I use the baby bottle emoji, Chris Aho: thanks for demonstrating that😃😀😄

“but we are like very individual, you know, we’re unique, sure we’re *all* white and yeah ok we’re like *all* male, sure ok, but we’re like a rainbow, work with me, follow my thought: we’re a gradation of greatness, an ever-changing cascade of caucasianness, a field of dreams”
“if we were a pasta, we’d be fettuccine alfredo😤🍼😫”
“or like maybe a nice sauceless white pizza: and ‘white’ means ‘cheese only,’ ok, you presumptive racist!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“We are family, I got all my fettuccine with me, hey hey, we are family, get up everybody and sing”
“k but can i please speak to the manager, though? i mean, i don’t have a ~*real*~ problem per se, i’d just like to, you know, speak to someone in charge🥺😭”

The center guy here called me “abusive“ in the comments for my post about Mark Mollineaux.

“You blocked me!!!!!!😤 On Twitter!!!!!!!!!🍼 That’s, like, ~*literally*~ abuse!!!!!😫”
“u mad bro? calm down chill it’s not that serious, lmao😤🍼😫”
“lmao what? 😤🍼😫”
“variation of eyeglasses frame club: from soft gentle rectangles and crisp classic circulars to thoughtful square hybrids, we span the gamut, so like again, do not tell us that we are not ~*diverse*~: we are as unique as our eyewear, ok?!?!?!?!? gaawwwddd😤🍼😫”
(I mean)
“hey! sup!!!! ha!😃😀😄”
(yinse and yimpeat😤🍼😫”)
Stunning and brave mayonnaise
“ackshually, new construction is extremely green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“historical parking lot!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“ban cars but not amazon deliveries!!!!!!! or uber!!!!!!! or like lyft, too!!!!!!! but ban cars!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
(Legit cannot tell them apart)
“evan mast wrote this white paper in 2012: it’s the only research i have, ok, but it’s really really good!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“community gardens belong on top of private residential buildings, not on the earthly ground and in soil, you stupid boomer: no one cares about shadows but you, lmfao😤🍼😫!!!!!!!”
(oh snap look who it is🙊)

“if you ~*really*~ ~*cared*~ about new york city, you’d turn it into tokyo, you redundant battle axe!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
bowl after bowl of vanilla ice cream🥺😭
White tech bros wearing this many hats can only mean only one thing: massive, massive diversity
“lead paint caucus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“omg I swear!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
There is always moar💁‍♀️
Encore du endless white guys🥺😭
All of them, always
“She can tell we’re all white, like wtf!!!!!😤🍼😤”
“lots of early 30s white guys who work in tech”
“just took the screenshots”

coz this stuff writes itself👋
“I don’t know what’s going on!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Like, we don’t all ~*look*~ ~*alike*~, like, I really don’t understand what on earth is going on here🥺😭”
(ooops who’s gonna tell yim?🙊)
“You’re referring to me as a baby with an emoji. That’s, like, an insult!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
My bad, Jeff, because nothing says “triumph” quite like an emoji blowing smoke out of its nostrils in full spaz meltdown: how manly, powerful and magnificent

(so subtle you gotta bring your microscope, four eyes 🥺😭)
Someone haaaallllllppppp SpiderBland now!!!!🥺😭
Expedition White Males
“everybody!!!!! ratio!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
(yinse yand yepeat yedux)
“The white boy corner😤🍼😫”

(who’s gonna tell yim?)
It’s a mirror, Armand: to you, at least

“Never forget that observant excluding racist!!!😤🍼😫”
“(but only the white men smh!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫)”
“Don’t say her f*ll n*me, like, ever, okayyyy??? gawwddd!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Don’t say her name: she’s like Candyman and she’s gonna, like, kill us!!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
Why do they *all* look like this?

All of them, always: why?
(oh look, a block-happy yimby who works at Twitter: huh)
I can🙋‍♀️

I’m not dead, bois: neither is my thread.


Hayden Clarkin Ignorin

Hayden Clarkin, aka The Transit Guy (🔒) and The Transit Kingg, is the last person with whom I had interacted the night (early morning) my account was suspended.

Hayden tweeted about me yesterday but then quickly deleted what he had posted, too fast for me to grab a screenshot, just like he had immediately deleted all his tweets in the conversation he had been having with me on the morning of January 9, 2022, which has always seemed suspicious to me. It was 2:30am when the suspension occurred and this guy was instantly trying to scrub away any record which could be connected to him.

Deleting a tweet doesn’t delete the conversation, even one with a now suspended account.

And you’d think it would be yimby bragging rights to have interacted with such a reviled racist and homophobe as me right before my infamous and oft-reported account got suspended.

But instead, right after my accounts were locked, Hayden had deleted all his tweets with me.

Within five minutes.

He was right on top of it.

At 2:30 in the morning.


So when I saw him mentioning me in that now deleted tweet of his from yesterday, something about how he had wished I was “still here” to witness something he had wanted me to be aware of, my curiosity propelled me to email him.

Hayden had suggested that early morning back in January that he and I, as residents of Long Island City, get together over a cup of coffee to discuss our differences (always a good idea) so my email to him was to follow up on that suggestion.


He has yet to reply.

While I wait, here are screenshots from that final conversation, thanks to increased functionality which keeps sprouting up on my suspended account:

Hayden had cried in one of his quickly deleted tweets that he was merely a “part time CEO” of the nonprofit he had founded and was thus deeply struggling to pay his monthly rent of “thousands of dollars,” poor beleaguered angel
Hayden had told me I was “quite disgusting”

He had tweeted about me yesterday and now he’s ignoring my email.

Seems like Hayden’s hiding from me.

I wonder why….

why thoa?🥺😭 Huh, why’d you delete this tweet, Hayduhn? Or, like, this one, too?

Whykin, ClarkfinSharkthin?
(who’s gonna tell yim?🙊)
Always and ever

Weird flex to delete your entire timeline, Hayden Clarkin, (something I said?😬) but do go off.

Gosh, I do miss the Elvis pic but this one kinda slaps too, kingden kingkin🥺😭

Oh wow and your website with your 25-page portfolio and expansive nonprofit CEO résumé are now private? Huh. Tough to be the king, I guess.

Hard up Clarkin: we see you👋
“Next May, I will need a roomie!!! In my luxury tower studio!!!🥺😭”
“Gruel fannie is gonna be pissed!!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“dictate respinse😤🍼😫”

(one month later😐)
“I’ll need to move in a year, though!!! Haaaalllllpppp!!!!!😤🍼😫”