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Like, don’t you, like, get it?

Like, if you’re trying to have, like, a public kiki with MarketUrbanism, you’re going to be, like, perceived by the New York City renter class, some 70% of NYC residents, as, like, the enemy.

Because MarketUrbanism, aka Stephen J. Smith, is, like, literally employed by Open New York founder (and landlord of multiple buildings) Ben Carlos Thypin.

And Stevie Jay and Bennie Cee broker multimillion deals and also buy their own million dollar properties, for, like, fun: kinda like this “🤝” (hahaha, get it?) but, like, with much much much much more money.

So, like: why are you so chummy with these guys, Cea?

@ceaweaver 🤝 @MarketUrbanism + @SoBendito

See, ah, how that, like, works, Cea?

Don’t you understand what you look like when you give respect and priority to two literal real estate development vultures while you simultaneously shut down discourse with housing advocates who are attempting to get you to clarify your seemingly purposefully vague stances on housing?

You titter and giggle with MarketUrbanism and SoBendito right in front of all our faces. You amplify the bad guys while you try to shame and silence the good guys, the people who are literally, or perchance supposedly, on your very side.

“Good god!!!!!! Don’t you ever ever ever criticize me ever!!!!!!! You don’t ~*know*~ me but I’m your leader so stop observing what I do, gawd!!!!!😤🍼😫”

Like, wait… is it your side?

Are you even on the side of renters and tenants, Cea? Were you ever?

Or does DSA stand for “Don’t Say Anything?”

You rebuke Zeke Luger and Doreen Mohammed for daring to speak to you. No criticism of you is ever allowed or tolerated by you: you demonstrate a repeated pattern of pretending not to understand the criticism and then dismissing the critic.

We see ya, Cea 👋

Why is that, Cea? Maybe you deserve criticism. Maybe you should listen to criticism instead of shutting it down. Or gaslighting other people. In front of us all.

Cea. Like, don’t, like, do stuff like this

But, like, you’re the real victim, amirite?🥺😭: “pweeeeeese send hallllpppp!!!😥

Don’t you see what you look like?

“Like, like, um, ‘like,’ so um, like”

Don’t you see-a, Cea?

You need to open your eyes to Open New York or are you pretending that you do not fully know that Open New York is a real estate development lobbying initiative which pushes for harmful expensive scammy development.

Open New York is the enemy, Cea.

Stephen Jacob Smith is the enemy.

Benjamin Carlos Thypin is the enemy. And a landlord himself, many times over.

Everyone else knows this: why don’t you?

Unless you’re pretending not to know exactly what you are doing by supporting harmful yimby platforms, groups and voices, a plausible, popular yet nonetheless dystopian theory about you.

“Hey, ha, ooops, Open New York is awesome, hahahahaha, like, seriously!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

So, like, maybe prove that theory wrong: stop kissing up to Stephen, Ben and Open New York.

Because maybe that’s, oh I dunno, a bad look for someone who is allegedly fighting for tenant rights.

Because maybe, just maybe, all that sucking up makes you look like you’re not really fighting for tenant rights at all and that you are instead, like, fighting to protect the developer interests.

And you playing funster at my expense is Huge-Ma-level lazy: you keep revealing what your true alignments are. You are aligned with Open New York. You are aligned with Ben Carlos Thypin and Stephen Smith. You covet knowing real estate developers, landlords and their paid lobbyists while you dismiss housing advocates: it is an appalling betrayal to witness.

“I’m, like, joking: it’s, like, you know, a, like, ~*joke*~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Mask off, scrunchie on: we, like, see you, Cea.

You complain about how bad you are at what you do by begging for pity and validation publicly.

It is offensive for you to scoff at your own accountability: you had resented that people were onto your literal gaslighting so you then go and cry to your followers for them to soothe you and to encourage your toddle-esque whining for things to go exactly the way you want them to.

Do you not understand what you look like? Especially to the renters who need for you to be a strong, reliable leader: they see you instead as a whiney, over-privileged little white girl from Rochester who is regularly promoted by The Real Deal and evidently cares more about herself than the vulnerable people for whom she alleges to speak.

(“I can’t believe what you say because I Cea what you do” ~ James Baldwin, sorta)

Like, why did you never connect with any of the renters in Lower Manhattan who are worried about displacement? Why don’t you speak to them and learn about all the varied types of NYC housing in which they reside? Why are you so disconnected from real people in real situations and potential real crises? Are you here to learn, Cea, or to pretend that you have all the answers and that no one should ever demand accountability from you?

“I am, like, soooo bad at this: haaaaaalllllllppppppppp meeeeee!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Did you learn anything from that infamous stumble or nah, Cea?

“Nah!!!!! I learned nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Because it’s evident by your tweeting, your own whining, where your priorities lie: with you and with your high comfort threshold and not with the alleged advocacy you do.

When you cry about having endured a hard time (“😤🍼😩”) after literally gaslighting a NYCHA tenants association president and being called out for it, you reconfirm that you are no ally but are rather a self-important, self-pitying, self-fawning fop.

You cry for yourself. Publicly. So you can then temper-tantrum for the narratives you want to have. You. You are about you and you alone.

You are not about broadening your own knowledge or being introspective or taking accountability. Or even just explaining yourself in a cogent, clear and understandable manner: you appear deliberately incapable of that.

I don’t believe Good Cause is any good because so many crappy people support it and cannot properly defend it, let alone properly define it. And such a bill will likely eliminate even more stabilized homes in this city, a yimby agenda you should not be supporting.

I’ve said all along that I suspect you do this all on purpose: it’s all an act and you play dumb to try to win people over (it doesn’t work: we see you) so that you can then push a destructive agenda. You then whine for people to leave you alone when you are called out for obvious agenda-pushing.

Like a typical Aaron Carr– and Ben Thypin-worshipping yimby, you shut down discourse instead of encouraging it and engaging with others: this is why no one trusts you.

You whine and beg for validation when you are justifiably criticized, chthonic to behold: why can’t you take any criticism? You are in the wrong city if you can’t take what you deserve.

If it’s too hot in the NYC kitchen for you, Scruncherella, then get out: downzone yourself and your topknot.

“Haaaallllpppp!!!! Ugly old people are calling me fat and they can fuck off!!! Haaallppp!!!!😤🍼😩”
(bullet dodged 😅)
(for the whinerellas👋)
“the socialist upzoner is a problem” and we Cea it
No: “being in leadership” is energizing for those leaders who are telling the truth, Cea. Look at Volodymyr Zelenskyy: he may be tired as balls but he’s full of energy and doesn’t complain like, oh I dunno, some spoiled, overly privileged, trophy generation brat who cannot tolerate any deserved criticism or suspicion (cough and hello)

You are weighed down by the heaviness of your shame and your own choice to trick and connive. That’s why you’re so “emotionally taxed😤🍼😫,” Cea: because being a totally full of shit liar is exhausting, especially during that critical moment when you get publicly exposed for all your bullshit

So maybe stop doing it👋

If you don’t know “what😤 the f🍼” social housing “means😫,” then why are you promoting it so heavily?🤔

“gender is fake, just like meeeee!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Like, is this a, like, ad for both, like, Apple and Omny wrapped in, like, a pretend complaint so to, like, normalize the, like, hahaha, ~*alleged*~, like, dystopia which, like, doesn’t exist for people who earn, like, $5k a month, ha?!?!?!? Ooops!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Haaaaaallllllppppppp!!!! I’m a top NYC ‘housing advocate’ therefore no one should ever talk to me!!!!!! Like, ever!!!!! Especially on social media!!!! Seriously, like, leave me alone, I’m the ~*victim*~ here, okayyyyyyyyy?!?!?!? And for the record, I do ~*not*~ ~*have*~ cankles!!!!!! Gawd!!!!!😤🍼😫”
“Haaaaaaalllllppppppp meeeee!!!!🥺😭”
(lead by example, SeeYa👋)
“Haaaaalllllppppppp!!!! Me n muh friends are on a power trip and you guys can, like, see it!!!!! UGH!!!!!! Omg I hate it here… leave us alone: we’re the ~*leaders*~, okayyyy?!?!?!? We tell ~*you*~ what to do so stawp being meanz to us, we’re the ~*~*leaders*~*~, we run shit, not you plebes!!! Be thankful, you mean stupid assholes, have some ~*gratitude*~, you landlord clowns!!!! You’re welcome!!!!!! Haaallppppp!!!!😤🍼😫”

This blog post, about what a suspicious, untrustworthy and purposefully obtuse figure you are in the NYC housing landscape, is only 1600 words long, SleeYa.

And your recent tweet to your bff Open NY founder (and landlord himself) Ben Carlos Thypin only proves it right.

So cue the refrain: we see you, Cea 😐


“Find Her and Lynch This NIMBY!!!!!!!😤🍼😫”


So I’m suspended off your platform for joking about people wanting to kill me while this sock puppet calls for lynching other people, Twitter?


I mean, yeah, ok, I’m sure this account, @someonehastosa5 is “joking!!!!!😤🍼😫” the way yimbys habitually and nonironically do, like, oh I dunno, let’s say, like, Sam 1995 Douche, for example.

“These two pics are of, like, the exact same people!!!! Like, let’s evict them and then, like, watch them die on the street, bro, they so deserve it!!!!😤🍼😫”

But Lyncher is even more threatening than Quiz Boi.

Coz these yimby chaos-maker accounts just make stuff up, amirite, Twitter? They don’t, like, ~*mean*~ anything by their lies and violence, do they, right, Twitter?

“Wait till we find out where you live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

And you basically let them: you allow it.

You kick me off but you let them say whatever they want.


And lynching is kind of extreme, Twitter: wonder if you know that.

I mean, you suspend me for joking about yimbys wanting to kill old people, like me.

Yet there are no consequences for this account which seethes with contempt and drips with violence and revenge fantasies.

This account wants to see other people suffer.

The account wants to see people killed.

(Wait, doesn’t “Get the f*ck out of our cities” = “NIMBY?” Hmmmsies🤔)
ok nimby (“😤🍼😫”)
“I want to see you cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Declarations to “lynch” and to repeatedly “starve” other people and rooting for folks to be become bankrupt and thus homeless do not belong on Twitter.

Such tweets break your own Terms of Service, right, Twitter?

“death to NIMBYs!!😤🍼😫”

These tweets are not jokes: they’re not funny; they’re not “spicy;” they’re not “based;” they’re not “bangers.”

These are gratuitous and dangerous posts, catering to the mostly male, mostly young (and generally enraged) yimby population, the way pizzagate fake news was used to rile the least intelligent Trump supporters.

These violent false narratives shouldn’t be condoned or encouraged.

So what shall you do about those tweets, Twitter? While you keep me silent?

What, o, what shall you do?


An update:

I don’t think they’re dead as their account is still visible (might be currently temporarily locked, however) but at least they’re finally on Twitter’s radar which is long overdue.

Almost suspicious how much this account gets away with.




Mark Meanllineaux

Whewf, this young lobster-enjoyer is mean.

And by “mean,” I mean cruel mean, a deep and full malicious mean, not just mean mean.

Last night, sniffy Mark Mollineaux, a Stanford University radio DJ and podcaster, perchance even a student at the institution, mocked a man who struggles to care for his sick mother after the loss of his father, and her husband, because Mollineaux hates homeownership (“it’s bad!!!!😤🍼😩”).

Imagine being this angry and jealous of a person who lost one parent and must now be caretaker for the
surviving parent: what is the matter with your very soul, Mark Emptyneaux?
“Interesting that your dad died and your mom remains in desperate need: interesting ~*and*~ amusing, for me that is!!!!😤🍼😩”
(When you are fighting to keep your mother alive and in your family home after your father died and Mark Mollineaux wellackshuallys you for shits and giggles)
“Yes… ha ha ha… YES!!! Other people’s pain is ~*funny*~ to me, I ~*love*~ it when people hurt, it ~*feeds*~ me!!!!!!😤🍼😩”

Mollineaux had tweeted last eve about me being a “leading Lead Paint Cacucus [sic] theorist,” which is what drew my attention to his timeline; he is too ignorant to comprehend how racist the references to 1970s lead paint poisoning remain to this day.

But it was my witnessing him, once again, attempt to humiliate low- and middle-income American families who navigate the complicated world of managing mortgages and thoughtful planning for intergenerational housing security which inspired this blog post. Because Mollineaux is so typical of spiteful, malevolent and odious yimby: lying and bullying for kicks.

Dusty, tired yimby propaganda falsely stipulates that it’s “wealth😤🍼😩” which these not-rich families are “hoarding😤🍼😩” when in fact they are merely investing in housing security. These hardworking families have spent decades of careful strategizing, budgeting, sacrificing and law-abidance to give comfort to their now adult offspring only to then be home-shamed by some snarky, lobster-bib-wearing brat obsessed with “You’ve Got Mail” and who writes poems about pickling “vagrants.”

The account @TKintheSFC was heartlessly reamed by sad, mean, angry, overly-privileged lobster-inhaler Mark Mollineaux: if you have any extra cash to spare during this time, please consider donating to @TKintheSFC‘s family and their situation, they are far from their goal and could really use the help. Your act of kindness will also serve as a gentle “screw thou” to Smallineaux and yimby in general: this is a family who deserves support and love, not mocking and snark.

The photo of you posing like the arrogant asshat that you are, in that very lobster bib, is from the home page of your own website, Mark, so maybe, oh I dunno, change the lead pic of your site if you don’t want people referencing it