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“Let’s Kill All the Old People Especially the Weirdos”

Whelp, it happened again.

My Twitter account has been suspended, once more, as it had been back in October 2019, but this time is different as Twitter has suspended both of my accounts, @fuelgrannie and @QueensStomp.

While it remains disconcerting not to have a voice on the Twitter platform, I still have a voice on this website, my own platform, so I am gratedful for this space and also appreciative of how much activity this site is getting today. My piece about my first suspension has received more views today alone that it did for the entire year of 2021.

Unlike in October 2019, when Twitter could not provide any direct explanation for why my account was suspended (a likely targeted, coordinated attack by New York City yimby group Open New York as I detailed in a blog post back then), it was my reply last night to an account I had never seen before which ended up resulting in my suspension.

The account, @Ya3il8200, had tweeted, “struggling to see the difference between this weirdo [me] and an owner class nimby boomer [University of Pennsylvania professor @ValerieRoss14] who thinks nothing needs to change because they were able to buy their house for $50,000 back in the jurassic era,” and I responded with, “you’re right, janice: let’s kill all the old people especially the weirdos” to point out this account’s ageism, one of the more consistent themes in yimby engagement.

This was not a call to kill old people like me or weirdos like me: this was no physical threat but rather was a challenge to the inappropriate use of the “nimby boomer” and “jurassic era,” phrases which reflect the discrimination, intolerance and underlying violence against older people which I so often receive. I have been told to “not wake up” and to “get the bullet” on Twitter along with countless calls over the years for me to “take” my “medication,” “change” my “diapers” and “take a nap,” as efforts to silence my words and diminish my voice and personhood.

I am disappointed that Twitter could not discern the nuance of my reply or perceive the ageism which persisted in @Ya3il8200’s subsequent retort, “I promise you will get over the loss of the parking lot where that scoundrel Richard ‘Dick’ Rogers fingerblasted you after your senior prom in 1957.”

My school did not hold proms, nor was it attended by boys, so poor ol Dick Rogers, an imaginary person in @Ya3il8200’s mind, really missed out.

I’ve submitted appeals for the suspension of each of my Twitter accounts and I look forward to resolving this issue in a fair and reasonable manner as my engagement did not warrant a suspension.

So here’s to keeping the old people alive and vocal in this effort to stand up to abusive yimbys. This jurassic-era weirdo will always fight for my voice: as long as my old, wrinkled, redundant body has air in my saggy, well worn lungs, I’ll be keeping my mouth open.

No matter what the forum.

9 responses to ““Let’s Kill All the Old People Especially the Weirdos””

  1. Wow, that was pretty nasty on Ya3il8200’s part. Ageism, sexism and good old name-calling all in a couple of tweets. Efficient! I hope you will get back on twitter somehow. You keep YIMBYs and other pro-development types like me honest (well, I am honest anyway, but do I think how Fuelgrannie might take things when I tweet, so that’s to the good).


    1. you are honest, I do appreciate your take, always, Scott. And what a huge compliment that you think of my reaction when you tweet and indeed, both you and I keep the developers honest because we each raise awareness about the many forms of scammy housing. Here’s to the fight to keep the truth in the front row, thank you

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  2. You can report her tweets for handle @Ya3il8200 . I found the graphic pictures on her Twitter page troubling and some of the tweets hateful and discriminatory. The “pile on” after a bait and switch is a common tactic as is the use of ghost accounts to troll people. Go through her tweets and report them according to any violations you see of Twitter guidelines. I found several that appeared to violate the guidelines. It amazes how much crap I see on Twitter that is allowed to occur that is racist, ageist, and sexist, and threatens violence. And Twitter does little if anything.


    1. thanks for this! and i agree she is a pretty sour account. i appreciate the support and i appreciate you visiting my blog!


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